#1 Adwords Success Secret


In this video we’re gonna talk about the number one Adwords success secret my name is Travis and I’ve had a lot of success with Adwords in fact I built a multi-million dollar revenue company based on Adwords and I’ve helped people over and over again start their own Adwords and I see over and over again the same thing that leads to success and it’s not surprising it’s number one is picking good keywords but what kind of keywords should you be picking you should be picking keywords to bid on that have by intent now my assumption in this video is that you’re selling some kind of a product or a service and if you’re doing that you want to make sure the keywords that you’re bidding on are things people are typing in when they’re about to purchase an item. So let me give you an example of a good keyword in a bad keyword.

Let’s solve a bad keyword a bad keyword might be dance shorts and this is in this is the business one of the businesses I started the dance clothing business. So dance shorts it seems on the surface like a good keyword and it’s alright it’s not the worst keyword out there but let’s put it in perspective when someone is searching for dance shorts they’re not necessarily ready to buy yet on the flip side if someone is searching for ivory dance shorts they’re much more likely interested in purchasing because they’re looking for a specific color they already know what they want when they’re just looking for dance shorts they might not be ready to buy yet they’re still in the research phase you want to hit people with Adwords when they’re ready to buy now that’s not the only success secret but to me that’s the number one thing is doing proper keyword research now with Adwords you have different options you can do a broad match or you can do a phrase match or an exact match and I’ll talk about in a different video what those are if you’re not sure you can click up here and check that out but if you’re doing a broad match or a phrase match you need to make sure you add negative keywords. So an example of a broad match search is if someone’s searching for dance shorts it could be there searching for dance shorts and they’re adding a bunch of other words in there you want to add negative keywords. So that you’re only showing up for results that actually matter to you.

Adding negative keywords picking the proper keywords both very important but then the last little success secret is actually ad copy having good quality ad copy now you that ad copy to pertain to each individual search keyword that you’re doing. So for instance if you’re bidding on ivory Dan shorts once again you don’t want to show them a generic dance shorts ad you want the word ivory to be in the ad itself and when they click on it this is important to the landing page and have something to do with ivory dance shorts if you take them to that landing page where they can’t find any ivory dance shorts then they’re not gonna they’re gonna hit the back button and go you just wasted adult-like and you don’t want to waste it all.

The number one Adwords success secret is picking the proper keywords by intent keywords. So that is the most important thing and then of course number two is adding negative keywords and number three is doing proper ad copy. So if you’re interested in knowing more information about this I do have an Adwords and product listing ads course you can click up here to find more information about that and on top of that I also do have an Adwords success pack which you can click up here it includes a checklist for setting up both Adwords and product listing ads. So if you’ve ever wanted to do this and you’re about to do it don’t start without getting the checklist because there’s probably something you’re gonna forget about for instance you can set the time that your Adwords go up in the location where your Adwords are actually your ads are actually being displayed which is very helpful and it’ll save you a ton of money. So you get that free checklist up here in the Adwords success pack and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and click the button down here to do that last but not least you have any questions please leave it in the comment section down below I answer every single one thank you for watching this video.

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