In this video I’m going to share the number one Facebook ad secret in 2018 and there’s a lot I got a lot of different tips for you in this video and some different ideas for you to try out. So number one maybe Instagram ads if you haven’t done that yet I think 2018 is the time for Instagram ads if you haven’t done a look-alike audience yet it’s time to try that out and if you haven’t done messenger ads well messenger ads are here it’s time to test them out and here’s the secret the number one seeker actually probably for every year but we’ll say it again for 2018 it’s test out all these things you don’t know what’s gonna work for you until you try it out just because it works for someone or it doesn’t work for someone doesn’t mean it will or won’t work for you the only way to know is by trying it.

I can give you a ton of secrets here for Facebook ads but my number one secret I think for 2018 is things haven’t changed it’s still the same process you have to test it out see what will work I’d say on top of that targeting doing the right doing the right audience finding the correct audience to target very very important that’s always going to be the number one tip for Facebook ads next up is ad copy look if you haven’t recently looked at the ad copy go on Facebook scroll around and see what ad copy catches your attention you can also type in best Facebook ads of 2017 and try to trigger some things in your brain of how you can make better ad copy. So what is my number one secret for 2018 Facebook ads 100% is to test out different things different campaigns different strategies see what ends up working for you learn from that data and reproduce it over and over again I did do a seven secrets video you can click up here I’ll play it up here seven secrets to Facebook ads video that went super it’s my most popular video you can check it out by clicking up here on top of that I do have a Facebook Ads course specifically targeted at beginners I’ll put a link up here and down below in this shown up.

If you’re interested in learning Facebook ads I highly recommend checking out that course it comes with a free 30-minute one-on-one consultation with myself as well to help you set up your Facebook Ads but ultimately guys you know just make sure you test out different things I have a I got a lot of things apparently I got a free checklist too for Facebook ads you can click up here it’s in my ecommerce success pack and that checklist goes over everything you need to do to make sure that your Facebook Ads are set up properly. So if you haven’t checked that out yet click up here and you can get that. So that’s pretty much it subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t yet and if you have any questions please leave a comment down below thank you. So much for watching this video and I hope it was helpful

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