7 More Social Media Marketing Platforms for Your Business

We have already discussed the 5 Major Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all those big stuff out there. On these video and article, we will be talking about more Social Media Platforms that you can use to market your business. They may still be starting up but it will be very useful if you set one up one now for your eCommerce.

 So here they are:

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is the hottest new thing in town. It is an application which allows you to upload images or videos and disappears after few seconds a person is viewing it. Snapchat, though, does not have an organic discovery since it doesn’t have hashtags, therefore, you cannot find people or businesses. The thing about Snapchat is you can produce daily stories that excites and engage audiences. You can use it as well to have access to live events or upload your own live event because it’s a real time social media platform. Promotions or social media giveaways will work as well as people will be constantly checking your account.


  1. Vine

Vine is a 6-second video sharing service where you can share your looping videos through social networking sites (including Twitter and Facebook), and you can embed it on your website. It became popular because of its simplicity. Majority of the users are the young ones. Since it is short and funny, you can make something fun or even crazy to get a laugh from your followers and customers.


  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking tool that professionals use.  Majority of the users are men. This site though is more helpful to Business-to-business (B2B) commerce transactions. Businesses will have direct access to consumers that they can easily market with images, status updates and other formal posts.


4. Reddit

Reddit is a social media and discussion website. It (more…)

7 Secrets to Successful Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a marketer’s dream. It is one great place to meet just about any person who represents your target demographic, making it the most ideal place to spend your effort and your money on advertising your ecommerce website.

Here are the 7 Secrets to Successful Facebook Ads:

1. Highly Targeted Interest Targeting
2. Remarketing
3. Upload Email Lists
4. Look Alike Audiences
5. Lead Ads
6. Video Views
7. Create Social Proof

Why Facebook Ads?

At first, Google Adwords was so cheap and so affordable. But, as it gained popularity to online marketers Google Adwords became expensive. Today, Facebook ads are still cheap so marketers have to take advantage of it now while it is still cheap.

Highly Targeted Interest Targeting

Facebook advertising enables you to target very specific people, very specific demographic. Through Highly Targeted Interest Targeting, Facebook allows you to narrow down further your target audience, so narrowed that it will definitely help you target the ones that exactly represent your target market. For example, in my company Bdancewear.com, I am targeting women as my target audience. With Facebook ads I am able to narrow it down to women in the U.S., with an income of more than $50000 a year, who belongs to a specific age range, who has a daughter and who likes my competitors’ sites. This way, I can have exactly the group of people who will most likely buy from my ecommerce store.

This is exactly what people have been dreaming about since marketing first started. You are able to target those people that are potentially interested to your product.


This is another powerful tool that targets those who have been to your site but were not able to purchase anything. Through Facebook remarketing they are able to see your ad on their Facebook account and when they click it they’ll be taken back to your website (more…)

5 Best Platforms for Social Media Marketing For Your Business

For us to market our business, we need to interact with people so we can outreach to expand our business. Nowadays, people spend a lot of their time on Social Media. There are tons of social media platforms that you can use but these are the 5 best platforms for Social Media Marketing for your Business.

  1. Facebook

We all know Facebook, this is obviously the most well known social media platform. Everyone uses Facebook, no matter what age, or what the status is. It is basically the King of All Social Media sites. With growing billion users that connect every day, it is best to market your business with this social media site. And since images and videos do well on Facebook, make sure to include them on your post. Though the organic reach is low, you need to have a Facebook page for your online store to increase your market and increase your sales as well.

You can check out my video below about more tips and techniques on how to market on Facebook:

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is another useful social media platform in marketing your products. In this site, people pin the things that they like, their interests and put it on their board. If your business is more on products, it is best to use this site. It is also good for DIY’s because it’s more like a catalogue. Like any other social media platform, friends, strongly women, can like, share and pin their friend’s board or platform which is best for marketing your business because it can spread very fast. Once a user clicks the link, you can direct them over to your site, or you can do an email capture so you can share with them similar things about what they pinned and that’s marketing your business at the (more…)

Why You Need to Be Doing Email Marketing For Your Ecommerce Business

In this video and article we will talk about why you need to be doing email marketing for your ecommerce business and why you need to be spending a lot of time to it.

Why Email Marketing Is So Important

1. High ROI

This is one of the best ROI platforms you can probably use your money for. Come to think about it. With Adwords, you might get only 4x or 5x ROI. But, with email marketing you can get as much as 75x ROI which means for every dollar you sent, you will be able to get as much as 75 dollars back.

2. Convert New Customers

This might not come as a surprise to most of online marketers. But, let me tell you one of the best things about email marketing. For example in my website Bdancewear.com, people sign up to our free “Dance Costume DIY Guide”. This means that if they sign up to our DIY Dance Guide, probably they are also interested in dance costumes. So, once they sign up to our free guide, they will give out their email addresses. Now, as part of my email marketing campaign my next goal is to turn these people into actual paying customers.

3. Get repeat purchases

This is another reason why email marketing is so awesome. Email marketing allows you to let your customers who bought from you once, to buy from you again and again. What I do with my website is that after a week from the day they bought from us, we send them an email about us, giving them value in emails. As a result, we find most of them buying again from us.

Why Email Marketing is So Great

In fact, Facebook ads and email marketing seem to be the most important things to be explored and mastered right now. With the (more…)

Why You Need to Be Running Facebook Ads for Your Ecommerce Business

There are a lot of reasons why you should be running ads on Facebook.

The First Two Major Reasons why you should be running Facebook ads:

1. There are 1.6 Billion people on Facebook.

This means your target demographic is probably on Facebook.

2. Facebook is the 2nd largest website in the United States

What does this mean to you? Well, if you are a smart marketer you probably are advertising in the first largest website- Google, by using Adwords. But Facebook is the second largest one so you probably should be running ads on it as well. If you’re still not convinced, let me tell you a few success stories. Here are some reasons why you should be running Facebook ads.

Me Undies
They made tons of money on Facebook ads. They did retargeting which means that when people go to their website and then they do not buy something but when they go to their Facebook page they will see an advertisement for Me Undies website. This works great because just imagine if everyone was thinking about buying but they were not really convinced and when they see your ad on their Facebook feed and find themselves clicking on it, they will be taken back to your website and finally buy something, it’s a good reminder. It is probably some of the cheapest traffic you can get to your website – retargeting traffic.

Blue Steel Jewelry
This company uses Facebook Pixel to do remarketing and create “look alike audiences “.

The Ridge Wallet
This company did something pretty amazing. They increase their sales for 30 per cent and got 9x ROI for every dollar spent. This means that for every dollar they spent, they were able to get 9 dollar back for revenue.

But, these are not the only companies who became successful because of running Facebook ads. In fact, there (more…)

How to Customize Your Transactional Emails for More Sales

In this video and article I will be teaching you some tips on how you can customize your transactional/automated emails. When someone buys from you, that customer automatically receives an email which says “Thank You for the Order”. There is a lot of work that can be done to making this email more specific.

How do you customize these emails so you can make more sales in the long run?

Don’t let the funnel end.

In your thank you email, you should have links to your social media. This is one way to encourage your people not to stop there. Most ecommerce stores think that when someone buys from you it is over and your job as an ecommerce store owner is over. This is completely wrong. That someone who has bought from you is the most valuable customer or the most valuable potential that you have.

Now there are two different mindsets that people in ecommerce have. The first type of person is a hunter who likes to go out so he could get new customer constantly. The other type of person has the mindset of a farmer who likes to look at the customers that he already has and help them come back and purchase again. So, let us think about it. It takes a lot of work to get new customers constantly. But, if you could somehow convince some of those customers that have already bought from you to come back to you or convince them to tell their friends that they bought from you that is when the business becomes big. Think of the most big businesses you know. It is because they are able to keep the customers coming back to them again and again or because they are so good they are able to convince their customers to tell (more…)

How to Increase Sales through Email Capture

Today I am going to share to you some tips and tricks on how you can use email capture to make you more money on your ecommerce website.


Before we talk in-depth about email capture, here are some things that I would like you to keep in mind:

People don’t buy on their first visit.

They want to come back and they want to get familiar with it. But, obviously that is not always the case. Some people do buy on their first visit but majority of people do not. So, those people that come to your site, and they leave they may never come back again. But, one of the benefits of having email capture is that you can make them come back because they give you their email in exchange for something like a checklist or a DIY guide, etc.

You’ve got to give to get.

No one wants to give away their email for nothing. They want to give it away in exchange for something like a gift, a 10 percent off, a pdf. Basically, you have to give away something to get something which is their email. Now, you do not have to do anything so crazy.

In my Bdancewear.com website, you can see there a scroll box which pops up when someone scrolls down in my website. What I am trying to say is that if you are in my website, which sells dance clothing, then you probably are interested in dance costumes. What we do is that we offer a guide on how you can DIY your own dance costumes.

The trick here is that in our DIY guide, it uses our clothing, our base pieces but it will show you how you can take our base pieces and make them into amazing dance costumes. So, 95 percent of people that come (more…)

The #1 Category Page Improvement To Optimize Sales

Now let us talk about Category Pages and how you can optimize it to make you more money in your online store.

Your category page may be different but the tips will be the same.

But, before anything else I must tell you that category pages only have one job.

For example, in my Bdancewear .com online store someone might click on dance shorts, now we want to figure out which type of dance shorts they want. Now, the job of category page is only one thing- to help people find the product.

A lot of people think that the job of their category page is something different. No. The only job of the category page is to help people figure out what product they want to get. Basically, the only job of the category page is to get them to the product page, the correct product page.
So, here are some tips that I want to share to you regarding optimizing your category page.

Make it easy to navigate.

There are websites whose category page will only make you more confused. You should make them as easy as possible to navigate. In my website Bdancewear.com, you will see that in my category page I tried to simplify things. If you have watched my previous videos you will know that one of my principles is that “Don’t make me think”. The same goes true to a category page.

If you make me the customer who still needs to do a lot of thinking, then you will have chances of losing me as the customer. It should be as easy as possible. It should be so easy that even a fifth grader can do it without question. So, don’t make people think too much.

Make it easy to find the correct product.

There are many ways to do this. One way is (more…)

5 Tips on What to Post for Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat – they are all free platforms that everyone uses to create share or exchange information, interests whether personal, career or business in virtual communities and networks. These social platforms are highly interactive and people (no matter what age level they are, uses social media.) Almost every hour of everyday, people try to open their social media accounts. Why not use it to your advantage and market your products through these platforms?

Here are 5 tips tricks, and hints on what to post for Social Media Marketing.


1. Native Looking Content

If you wanted to make a skyrocketed sales for your business, your ad should not look like an ad. As a social media user myself, I will surely get pass an ad because that will take a lot of my time and doesn’t look like it’s interesting. But, if you want people to be engaging with your content, make it look like it belongs and is native to the platform. As per a quote from the Pinterest team: “Don’t just show people your hiking boots, show them what they can do with your hiking boots.” Why not post something like a DIY or How To’s that way it will be more interesting to the market than directly podting your product.

2. Look At Competitors

Being aware of what your competitors offer and post can help you to make your products and services better. Since these competitors are more established and obviously bigger, they have already spent money on research and development for better marketing. By looking at them, you can have new ideas and you can have techniques on how you can improve on your own initiatives.

3. Similar Sites

Since you have been checking on other competitors and bigger companies, you will probably post something related to what they are posting, on (more…)

How to Improve The 5 Most Undervalued Pages of Your Ecommerce Store

These are pages that many people do not pay a lot of attention to but they should. In this video and article I will tell you some helpful tips on how you can fix these pages so you can make more money while making your site look more professional.

First, let me tell you the general principle about all these.

You’re a small business, so own up to it. You are human and not a faceless company and people like to buy from other people. We may go to Wal-Mart because it is cheap there but a lot of times we often find ourselves choosing to spend more money just to be able to support that local business that we like. And this is what you are. You are that person who owns a local business that people would rather spend more money to go buy from.

Make a connection. We all like buying from other people especially to those people we like. So, your goal for all these pages is to actually make a connection with your customers, with the people that visit your website.
Make an impact. – When people come to your website, they should be blown away with how perfect your site is for them. For my website, Bdancewear.com my goal is to make people feel that my website is built exactly for them. The same point should also be applied to your website as well so when people come to your website it should make an impact and it should create a connection to them.

What are these 5 most undervalued pages of your ecommerce store?

1. About Us Page – this page is very critical because it tells people about your store. It should have a picture or a video on it. It should also have a story that connects. It (more…)