How to Edit and Upload a Podcast to Libsyn using Audacity

On this video, I am going to show you how to edit podcasts, how to download Audacity and how to make it so that you can export it to MP3s. A lot of people get hung up on exporting MP3s so I am going to show you the whole process. This is a new computer, so I do not even have Audacity so we are going to have to start from scratch which is perfect. Let’s just go ahead and type in Audacity and go to the Download and the Installer.


This should just take a second. Let’s go ahead and open that up. It is a little bit tricky actually importing the MP3s. I am going to show you the process. “Next, Next, Next, Desktop, Install.” Pretty straight forward. I am sure you know how to do this. Audacity is like the best free software you can use. Next, Launch Audacity. So, you should get this window here. I have multiple monitors so on my desktop. I have the file that I want to edit so I am just going to drag that in. Or, of course, you could just open up a Windows Finder and a Windows Explorer menu. Take it and drag it on in. This should only take a second. There we go. So, the next step is editing. I like to have it start recording before I actually want the podcast episode to start. And the same thing – a lot of the times I have to edit the actual – What you have to do is find the point where you where you want it to start. It is probably around here somewhere. I am going to take a moment to listen. I am going to listen in just a moment and figure it out. But, (more…)

AdWords Tutorial and Overview for Your Online Store

In this module we are going to talk about AdWords. AdWords is one of my favorite ways to get traffic to my website. It is what I have used with a lot of success for my website. We will talk about why in this lesson. This general module is all going to be about AdWords. I am really pumped about it. So, why use AdWords you might be asking yourself? The reason is “instant traffic.” There are very few if no other source of hidden traffic that provides instant traffic like AdWords or other forms of TPC do. You will want to use AdWords of you want instant traffic to your website. SEO by comparison takes a long time. If you use SEO it takes a long time for the momentum. Social media takes a long time for the momentum. Paid ads, AdWords – instantaneous.

The next reason is that you can get people who are ready to buy. The problem with some SEOs and a lot of social media traffic, especially social media, is that they are not ready to buy. They are just sort of browsing. You get the window shoppers. But with PPC, and specifically AdWords, you will get people who are ready to buy get them right from the point that they search something in Google to your website.

Another reason is you can figure out what works. There are so many reasons why you might want to use AdWords. One is that you can test it. You can see does this work? And what kind of messages do you want to give to your audience. What kind of messages work with your audience. What I mean by that is you can pick what is on the ads in AdWords. We will talk about what AdWords are in just (more…)

eCommerce Inspirations: 6 Ways Large eCommerce Sites Convert Millions of Customers

Few things are more frustrating for an online retailer than realizing that their traffic isn’t converting. How do larger eCommerce stores manage to get so many conversions?

Many marketers will tell you that the answer is simple; big stores have bigger marketing budgets. While that is certainly true, there are some conversion tactics that these large eCommerce stores use that you can adopt as well.

Ready for some eCommerce inspiration? Here are six key strategies that large eCommerce sites use to attract and convert millions of customers:

  1. They Build Customer Trust

If you want shoppers to buy from your online store, it’s essential that you build their trust. A customer isn’t going to make a purchase or willingly give away their information if they don’t think your store is trustworthy.

Large eCommerce sites know this, which is why most them won’t be seen without the following on their site:

Trust signals: Most online shoppers look for visual cues to tell them whether your site is trustworthy. If you look at any of your favorite big name brands, they will have trust signals all over their site to help reassure consumers.

Reputable payment options: PayPal is a reputable payment option, but you should give your customers more than one option. Stripe,, and Google Wallet are all options to consider.

Online reviews and testimonials: Statistics show that 88 percent of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Make sure that your reviews and testimonials are current so that they will inspire trust in your customers.

2. They Constantly Test Their Site

Big online retailers all have digital marketing tools that help them maximize their eCommerce site’s performance. In today’s competitive online space, you need to be taking advantage of data and testing tools if you want your eCommerce site to reach its full potential.

This doesn’t mean that you need (more…)