Advanced Online Store Set Up Action Items

All right now it’s time for my favorite part action items so the first action item. I have for you is to customize all your support pages that about Us page the Contact Us page all those different pages go in and do it in it remember it doesn’t have to be perfect and this is something I want to stress as much as I can just put something up and then you can forget about it for a little while and come back later and fix it when you have more time the about Us page that I currently have on my website I made it because I was really frustrated and I didn’t have in about Us page so I just put up something really quick then I went back in and I changed some of the wording and added a video so it’s an iterative process so don’t worry if it’s not perfect find some old Facebook you know photo of yourself and type out something stream-of-consciousness you can get someone to proofread it if you want I usually don’t and you know what happens maybe one or two people are annoyed because you misspelled the word but just get something up as soon as you can now the next action item I have for you is to customize your automated emails you send out thank you emails you send out other you know emails that people get after they purchase from you go in customize them make them special and make it so that your advertising maybe your YouTube channel or your Facebook or whatever kind of thing keep them in the funnel can also give away some kind of guide checklist some kind of value add free gift to them after that I want you to (more…)

How to Increase Facebook Page Engagement


In this video we’re going to talk about how to increase Facebook page engagement now I almost think this is a silly question I get this every once in a while and the number one reason why I think it’s a silly question is you want to increase your Facebook page engagement post interesting stuff not interesting stuff to you post the interesting stuff to your customers those are the people that are going to engage with it. So that’s kind of a probably not the answer you’re looking for but really I think that’s probably the best answer start thinking about it from their mindset why do they care that you have a product for sale they don’t post something that they care about post something that they’d be passionate about I’d say another thing is ask them questions ask them a question it’s very polarizing I wouldn’t say ask them who’d you vote for in the election that’s maybe a little bit too polarizing but think of you know whatever two styles of clothing if you happen to sell clothing online think of two styles of clothing and say are you more of a dish or event and let people kind of fight it out in the comment you can also ask people to tag people that might need this inspirational post. So those are some other ideas but I also say look at your competitors what are your competitors posting what items are getting the most engagement I think it’s buzzsumo you can look at buzzsumo and you can look at your competitors and see what social media posts have gotten the most engagement for them and you know what you can do you can basically copy it make it better rip off what they’re doing. So I’d (more…)

Selecting the Best Supplier | Starting a Kickstarter Day #10

This video we have some new updates a lot of a lot of big things has that have been happening one of the first ones I want to talk about is finding a supplier for my nuts and in some ways I probably could have waited to do this until later in the process until after my Kickstarter’s hopefully been funded but I decided to do it now because I want to create sample it won’t create samples jars just like this but with the label and everything I’m gonna have a black top on top and it’ll be it’ll look really nice using the new logo so that’s the first update is I’ve been looking at getting my nut suppliers lined up now even though I probably won’t start production for a few months this is march i probably won’t start production until June maybe even July hopefully tune though the Kickstarter is going to launch may ninth so that’s one thing I’m finding a supplier for the nuts.

I’ll show you these are actually samples that I got from different suppliers these people are actually based in New York I just got a box today as well that is from somebody closer I think in the Bay Area or something like that and I’m only counting this as one day because it was like an hour here an hour there and on top of that the other thing I did for this quote-unquote day was to do a designs was to get my logo so I have a logo like in this video I’m going to show you what I think my new logo is going to be going to look like and the whole process the setting up the designs everything that I did I went with the eight (more…)