Launch Day For The Kickstarter | Kickstarter Day #1

All right it’s only time to launch the Kickstarter, All I have to do is push this button woke up at 4:00 in the morning to get everything ready let’s do it let’s see what happens I’m a little bit nervous [Music] and of course it takes three minutes to load I think it’s live congratulations your project of the live drum wallet roll here’s your URL all right it’s live that’s it whoo drum it says drumroll please. So I just pushed the button and the project already has the first backer Thank You Amanda Witters I can’t believe how quickly that happened I was a little bit shocked. So we’ll see how the numbers keep rolling in but I’m feeling good about this already. So it’s only been a few minutes I haven’t sent out any emails I haven’t done any posts on Facebook and I’ve already raised one thousand four hundred forty five dollars I have eight backers already it’s really exciting stuff.

So I’m gonna now let’s see I got a list I made a checklist not surprising once again a list of things to do I’ll pull it up for you guys but it basically it contains things like let’s do it since things like I got it I got to post it on Facebook I got to send out emails I got to send out emails to all friends and family send out messages on Facebook to everybody to share the post and send out messages we’ll send out messages to all the friends and remember everybody that joined the performance and up at our launch group I added them as a friend not everybody added me back understandably but I’m going to ask them to share it I think a good percentage of (more…)

How To Use Google Analytics and Why It’s Great!

In this lesson we talk about Google Analytics I’m going to give you a quick overview of Google Analytics and show you how to install it on your website. So let’s get right into it. So basically the first thing I’m talking about is how to set it up then we’re going to talk about some of the benefits and why you’re setting this up I’ve said this already a few times in this course but Google Analytics is the best free tool you will ever use for your Ecommerce business.

So you want to make sure you have it set up right from the beginning. So if you don’t know how to set up Google Analytics yourself there’s a link below it’s pretty easy to do there’s. So much material on the internet about it I included a link down below I didn’t want to do a whole section on it because I think it’s easy to set up and if you don’t know how to set it up click on the link and you’ll find out really quickly this is with Shopify but the same basic principles hold true with all platforms some of the benefits of analytics are you’re going to know where are people coming from how are they getting to your site are they coming from organic search Google search or are they coming from paid search are they coming from certain websites maybe you find out that half your traffic comes from Facebook and things like that. So when you know where your traffic is coming from you can better change up the message that you’re giving out you can better market your website because now you know hey maybe I’m spending up you know 20 hours a week on Pinterest and I’m not getting anybody (more…)

#4 Market Research, Testing and Validating Your Idea

Doing proper market research is a very important part of the process of starting any business. In today’s episode, I will give you the tools you need to succeed. We will look at Google’s keyword planner and Google trends as well as what it takes to make an MVP product and further thoughts on validating your business.

-Google Adwords
-Google Trends
-Look at your competitors
-It really helps if you are the target demo
-Pay People in free product or money to get honest feedback
-Go to the gym and see what they think
-My story of PNB for validating with jars
-What is your MVP Product
-Try selling just that
-Not an expert on this topic

Final Touches of The Kickstarter | Starting a Kickstarter Day #29

Sunday and the barbecue and blues Festival this is a little break okay have a little bit of relaxed time before the hecticness it’s going to be the kick starter let’s enjoy malicious barbecue malicious glue down [Music] all right. So this is the end recap artists on a little bit of a video earlier for day 29. So here’s actually everything that I got done everything that you know lessons learn things that I wish I would have gotten done all that kind of fun stuff and I actually don’t have it here I have it over here. So I have on this sheet and as I told you I like to do little sheets writing out everything and I didn’t cross out everything I should have I’ll do that but one of the big things I did is I got a list of friends in family from my sister’s wedding actually my sister got married about a year ago right now and. So she had a list of all the different friends and family that she invited and I got that list I’m not gonna email her friends and aunt my friend but especially you know family I’m gonna email them and just let them know hey I got this kickstarter coming out.

I got that list and I’m having my VA actually go on my mom’s Facebook you need to add their Facebook profile or add their email if they have it and right like a little customize message to them sorry family if you’re watching this that message did not come to my mom that actually came from me on the day before or the day of the launch and. So probably I’ll probably the day of the launch and says one of the things that is (more…)

The Best Ecommerce Podcast

I’ve got big news the best podcast about Ecommerce has just launched excited announce the Effective Ecommerce podcast is finally live. So what makes this in my opinion the best podcast about Ecommerce well the first plus episodes are going to be a free complete course on Ecommerce an audio course on Ecommerce. Now this is what I wish I would have had when I started Ecommerce back in the day so we’re gonna start all the way from the beginning of how do you come up with an idea so how do you get your product manufactured how do you build a website that converts that people want to buy from then we’re gonna go talk about things like AdWords Google, Analytics Facebook ads, you name it, it’s everything I know combined into a course I got sick of people asking me how do I start an Ecommerce store so I wanted to create a course about that and I decided to give it out for free as a podcast because you know what I wish I would have had this when I started so the first like I said plus episodes are gonna be a free course after that we’re gonna do interviews and we’re gonna go get the highest level ecommerce people that I can talk about very niche things and I’m only gonna interview people that I want to learn from I’m not gonna interview anybody that I don’t feel like I can learn from and basically the idea is the first part is going to be teaching you getting you up to speed on everything I know about Ecommerce then after that we’re gonna learn together we’re gonna learn together as much as we can on Ecommerce so to announce the launch and to kind of (more…)

#1 Secret To Successful Email Marketing

In this video I’m gonna give you the number one secret to successful email marketing and it’s probably not what you think it’s not automation it’s not segmentation both those things are extremely helpful extremely important especially as you get more advanced –fill with email marketing but the number one secret to successful email marketing is to give people what they want if you’re not sending out emails that people actually want to read they’re not gonna buy your product they’re not gonna care about anything you have to say and I know what you’re thinking at this point it’s like well how do I give people what they want and there’s a couple different things here but the first thing is think about it are you when you’re sending out emails are you sending out emails on what you want people to know or are you sending out emails on what you think they need to know or what they actually need to know. So there’s a couple different ways to do this one of the things you can do is put yourself in your customers shoes what do they care about what do they not care about tell you right now they don’t care about most of anything that you care about they don’t care if your Instagram numbers are huge they don’t care if your YouTube channel is successful they don’t care if you’re making a lot of money usually at least but what they do care about is hey maybe you want your maybe you want to grow your YouTube channel. So instead of saying hey go please subscribe to my YouTube channel send them a video send them an amazing video and tell them we have a lot more videos just like this on our website. (more…)

Benefits of a Facebook Group when launching a Product | Starting a Kickstarter Day #28

Day 28 I’m really excited there’s still a decent amount of things left to do but one of the things I did today and you can’t already tell actually let me stop I did once again blend up some performance nut butter with coffee and I am on full hiring right now in a very good way. So I have a lot of energy but day 28 this is the day before the day before launch like I said a lot of things to do one thing I’m doing is I made a list of things to do and I get it all done today I’m giving myself a break tomorrow Sunday which is the day for the day for the lunch legitimately the day before the day before the launch and the reason I did that is I have some kind of rewards. So I have tickets to a barbecue and blues shuttle and my plan is to spend just a few hours there kind of clear my head this will probably be the last like real break I get for the next month because I’m going to be running around for the Kickstarter.

This is everything I have left to do today and maybe a little bit visited all safe till Monday but one of the big things is get a list of friends and family emails everybody that I think might want to contribute just because they know me you know and I want to send them an email probably the day before the launch and say please please support this Kickstarter I need to write the emails for Monday and Tuesday. So is the PNB launches on Tuesday May 4th and I need to write emails just for that day and also I want to email the (more…)

#3 Branding, Naming, USP and the Initial Phases

In this episode of the Effective Ecommerce Podcast we’re going to be talking about branding naming your business your unique selling proposition also known as you’re USP and the initial phases of starting a company. So let’s dive right into it there’s a lot of information here this is very helpful if you’re starting in online store and I’ll have some information at the end of this episode on how you can get a free one-on-one consulting session with me and some courses I have that are perfect for you if you’re starting an online store. But let’s go into it here so first off when you’re designing an online store the most important thing in my opinion you need to realize is your site is not is not for everyone it shouldn’t be for everyone you’re not Amazon, you’re not Walmart, I mean even Walmart isn’t really for everyone but you’re not Amazon. Let’s say that Amazon is an online store built for everyone and you know what they’re almost a trillion dollar company they’re multi hundred billion dollar company you’re not you don’t have that budget and a lot of people this is the biggest mistake I see people making is they think that their store should be for everyone, no it should be for a very small subsection of people it should be people of women 35 to 55 that have children that dance I mean that is a very small percentage of the population but why this is important is because when someone for instance my dance clothing company that’s the demographics 35 to 55 women who have children that dance when they go to my website when they go to that site is perfect for them they feel at home they feel like this is (more…)

How to Design The Homepage of Your Website

In this lesson we’re gonna talk about designing your home page and your home page is extremely important because it’s represents your entire company it’s the first page most times people will land on it’s the number one visited page on your site I guarantee it when almost anyone looks at their Google Analytics data you’ll see that your home page is by far the most visited page on your website which means there’s a lot of potential you get to display your message there’s a ton of great stuff here. So in this lesson we’re gonna talk about a banner for your home page that’s the typical design you’ll see is right on the center there right in the middle there’ll be a banner I’m gonna give you some tips on how to design an effective banner then we’re going to talk about products another thing you’ll see a lot of times is underneath the banner there’ll be products that are added to the homepage and there’s good reason for that and. So we’ll talk about some of the reasons behind that and another thing I want to talk about is displaying your USP.

So your unique selling proposition your USP is what why you’re in business it’s the whole reason people would rather come to you than come to Amazon and you really want to make this very apparent on your homepage really every page of your website but let’s stick with at least your homepage for right now. So your banner. So the first thing people are gonna see when they come to your home page is your banner and I’m not saying you need to have a banner but pretty much every e-commerce site has a banner and there’s good reason for it. So one of the things (more…)