#13 SEO Basics – SEO Overview and On Page SEO

  • There is two major categories of SEO On Page SEO and Off Page SEO
  • On page SEO is a must do for all stores and it is basically making it easy for google to read what is on your page, off page SEO is all about getting as many high quality links to your site, preferably from related sites
  • This Video will focus on on page SEO as it is the foundation that you need to build for your online store
  • On Page SEO has 7 Main Parts
  1. Keywords
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Meta Title and Meta Descriptions
  4. Header Tags
  5. Link Structure
  6. URL Structure
  7. Image SEO
  8. Page speed
  9. Rich Snippets
    1. Reviews etc.
  10. Content