#13 SEO Basics – SEO Overview and On Page SEO

Welcome to the Effective Ecommerce Podcast and in this episode we’re going to talk about SEO basics. Specifically, we’re going to give an overview of what SEO is what that means a quick note it’s search engine optimization that’s what it stands for and then we’re going to talk about on-page SEO so let’s just jump right into it there are two major camps of SEO there’s on-page SEO and then there’s off page SEO so we’re going to talk about later in this episode on-page SEO and then in part two the next episode we’ll talk about off page SEO which is also called link building so getting off page SEO means just basically getting links to point to your website getting other web sites to link to your website so before we get into on-page SEO it’s probably helpful to know a little bit about what is SEO what does it mean and why does it work the way it works so SEO search engine optimization is basically just trying to rank higher up in google for the search results so whatever you’re trying to rank for I let’s say for instance for me for my dance clothing company I might try to rank number one for dance shorts I’m not currently ranking number one for dance shorts but just as an example I’m that might be a keyword when someone a keyword is something that when someone types into Google that might be a keyword that I want to rank number one in Google for dance shorts so how do you do this well I think it’s important to understand what is Google is Google some kind of a human that sits back and picks what sites the most relevant not really and I think to understand this (more…)

Last Day of The Kickstarter| Kickstarter Day # 31

Exerting everything’s over we decided to stop off right here kids and sausages were on Mission Street in Portland where it has a ton of food they have a bratwurst and beer flight we’re going to try that out see how that tape I think it should be pretty good. A decision since it is the last day of the kicks are like I said I’m still going to send out some emails let’s enjoy I think it deserves a celebration I’ve put in quite a lot of hard work getting everything ready for the kick sir I mean the last 30 days really I mean specifically a lot 30 days in a row of the kick starter but everything has led up to this moment there’s not a lot I can do anymore.

So rather than hold on tight and try to scrape every little penny I can out of this Kickstarter I decided to enjoy this day this is my last day in Portland and I’ve never been to Portland before. So we went on a little bit of a food tour we went up and down what was the street admissions Division Street we went up and down with the Division Street tried probably five restaurants we’ve tried was the name of the first bakery Saint Honore bakery I don’t remember the name of that then we went from there we try to do to the restaurant the first one was a sausage place actually don’t limit it into that one either something it was a really good sausage place will have a picture in a little video of that baby we got a beer flight and a beer or in a sausage a bratwurst platter then from there we went on get some coffee see if we had (more…)

PNB Quick Update | PNB Vlog 8


In this video I just wanted to give a quick update regarding Performance Nut Butter. So I got more good news, I hopefully its good news, production has finished with performance nut butter. It’s been ground up and put into pouches, and It’s being held currently by the manufacturer a standard operating procedure and knock on wood hopefully there’s no issues about with it. I think it they should release it to me, now once they release it to me, and once they release it to me it will probably take a day or two for me to receive it so I am hoping at the latest by Monday I will actually have it by Sunday. I will put it on the pouches and boxes and ship it out to you. Its coming soon is basically my point the product is almost here. It’s more delayed than I was hoping. There’s been a lot of issues. And I don’t want to say for sure but things are looking very good. I was super nervous there will be issue with leading up to production. But knock on wood no more issues with actual production. And I am so excited to get the final pouches in my hand. So that’s it for this update. Thank you guys for your support in the Kickstarter It means a ton.

#12 The Legal, Taxes and Point Hacking Side of Starting a Business


Welcome to the effective e-commerce podcast in this episode we’re gonna talk about the legal, the taxes, and the banking side of things and specifically the point hacking side of things. This is I’ll save this part for the end but is my favorite part about starting a new business is giving new credit cards you can use you can use them to get a lot of points I have one credit card for instance where I sign up spend $4000, within three months and you get , 50, 000points now never let credit cards use you a lot of people go into debt with credit cards that’s awful you’re just wasting your money obviously you know that but you can make a lot of money and get a lot of traveling for free by using credit cards properly especially when you’re starting a business because when you start a business you have so many expenses right off the bat you might as well sign up for some different credit cards and get those signup bonuses. So first off let’s start with some of the legal side of things and this is a question I get a lot and I am NOT a tax professional, I am NOT a lawyer, I obviously talked to your lawyer before you start any kind of business but I wanted to give a brief overview of some of the different legal aspects of starting a business specifically should you start it as a DBA an LLC or an SCorp now once again this is not tax advice this is not legal advice but I think a lot of people get hung up on this truth is if you’re not making sales the government’s not going to come after you no matter pretty much where you (more…)

Action Items To SEO Your Online Store

All right. So it’s time for action items by this point after this whole module your site’s gonna be ready to go you’re ready to sell products. So some of your action items are gonna be things like use the SEO checklist. So you’re going to be adding these products to your website I’ve made a specific SEO checklist just for you guys just for the people that are watching this video right now and you can download it by clicking down and there’s a link down below and look at that look through it it’s gonna make it really easy for you guys go through page by page and do the checklist every time you add a product make sure you do the checklist obviously after a few times they’re doing it you’re not going to need to actually check it off manually but keep those in mind.

So some of the things that we’re gonna do is make sure that all the products that you’ve added to your website are properly SEO now this is one of those things you should only hopefully do one time because it’s the foundation it really is the one of the first things you do for your website once your products are properly SEO you don’t need to go back there and tweak it you can potentially in the future but I don’t think I’ve ever tweaked I think maybe I’ve tweaked one or two of my products ever. So it’s not something you have to really worry about alright.

So the next thing is make sure that you have all your category pages and they’re all SEO to make sure they’re up and SEO properly it’s the same principle we’ve talked about throughout this whole thing you want to have good meta titles good (more…)

How to Create a Successful Email Campaign In Mailchimp

In this video I’m going to show you how to create an email campaign in MailChimp. So this is the MailChimp – but when you log in to MailChimp this is the first page the first thing you’re going to do is click the Create campaign pretty easy then you’re going to click create an email down here they’ve changed this recently but now it starts to get more familiar with how it used to be. So there’s a few different types there’s a regular and automated a plain text or in A B test. So regular is just a regular old email you can also do a plain text one which is doesn’t have all the graphics it’s just email the kind of email almost like you would send a friend automated it we’ll talk about in a separate video it’s for adding to your automation lists. So when someone signs up for your email they’ll automatically get this email and that one does I do think requires a pay plan but my favorite type of email the one that we’ll do in this video is it a be test email and with an a/b test email you can split test different subject lines split test different body copy split test a few other things and we’ll talk about that.

We’ll click a be test we’re going to name this email to twenty five twenty five k and we’re going to be creating an email for a product that I created a course a complete ecommerce course we’re going to be doing that together here. So the next thing is you choose a list now I have a few different lists from different company but the one I’m going to pick today is by effectively Ecommerce list might be dancer (more…)

The Most Important Thing To Be Successful in Starting an Online Store

In this video we’re gonna talk about the number one most important thing you need to do to be successful when starting an online store and that number one thing by far is to niche down. So many people I talk about they want to sell to everybody they have they want to create a company or a website that sells this product and this product in this product in this product in this product! No no you want to niche down you want to be for this many people you want to start out with this many people. You’re not Amazon you’re not Walmart you don’t have the budget to compete with them so what you want to do is figure out a target demographics figure out a category and really tight go in there and another tip I’ll give you is trying to figure out how to polarize yourself. You’re not for everybody once again you’re not Amazon you’re not Walmart and you shouldn’t try to compete with them you should try to create a product that some people are going to love and some people are absolutely going to hate. I think a lot of people are afraid of this a lot of people don’t want to create a product that people are gonna hate. Let me give you a perfect example of this my company Performance Nut Butter I launched it it’s a healthy fat based snack guess what some people that hear the word fast they’re like healthy fat no I don’t want any fat in my diet but you know what that’s okay because my audience there are people they they look at my my products and I think that wow that’s amazing they look at other products they look at you know the I (more…)

Meeting with Dave Camarillo | Kickstarter Day #25

I’ve starting the morning off a little bit of coffee over there going to do some planning send us an email for the affiliates then jiu-jitsu and then I’m going to go to a bunch of different MMA jiu-jitsu and Kosta gyms to give out free samples. So we’re going to go get some coffee first start the day with a little bit of planning and just that kind of stuff a little bit of planning and get ready with some coffee and some breakfast I’m actually going to be having some oatmeal protein powder that I brought though my girlfriend will probably get some real food you little effort religion soon with Dave Camarillo very nice guy very knowledgeable obviously Institute – that was a good amount of fun got a good workout in which is nice especially when you’re on the road trip it’s easy to bring it to get a workout in.

I got the workout in and now we’re going over to a beer garden me him and a few other people from the from guerilla jujitsu. So we’re going over to the Aero Garden I have to be you’re supposed I which is something I make my girlfriend let’s do I’ve been talking about all week I’m excited Dave Camarillo invited me out for some beers. So excited for that I’ll try to get a little bit of images and some pictures from inside but obviously I’m not going to be good guy like hey I got a document in this entire thing. So we’re going over right now to downtown Pleasanton to have a few beers that’s about that’s lunch here at this place that looks pretty cool try to eat that more local just like random places I’ve eaten that a lot of in the (more…)