#22 Guerilla Marketing For Your Online Business

Today’s episode of Effective Ecommerce podcasts we’re going to be talking about Guerilla Marketing what is guerrilla marketing how to implement guerrilla marketing and why it’s probably really important to your online business even though you think that internet marketing and online business and this whole world should only take place in the computer I’m going to disagree and you’ll understand why in just a minute here so really what is guerrilla marketing before we get into it to me and there’s different definitions depend on who you ask to me it’s just thinking outside of the box doing something outside of the ordinary doing something that people haven’t thought about and we’ll give a few different examples a one example I recently gave to someone and this was for an app it’s not for an online business but it was an app where you could base is basically a Craigslist style app where you can borrow or trade or sell and not borrow so you could trade or sell things on using this app so but I told them you should do is have a scavenger hunt where people need to use your app and they would go through in the first listing would be something like meet me to trade a handshake for a gold coin and not a real gold coin whatever a silver a metal coin and then the next thing would be take that metal coin go to another person and trade that for a key then you guys take the key and go to another person and trade that so what it would be doing is it would be making people use the app but they’d be interacting in real life and it’s totally different it’s totally random there’s a ton of other examples of (more…)

PNB’s Arrival | PNB Vlog 10

Hey everybody, I finally got the shipment of performance nut butter. I got another pallet over here I will show you in just a second. I will review all the pallets. All these are boxes and boxes of nut butter. I will bring it a little bit closer. So I’m gonna try the first performance nut butter LIVE. This is the first time I have seen in Live in person. And I am happy with that. Let’s try it like right here, live on camera. The color looks really good. Its thin which is good for a pouch because a lot of nut butters they get a clump at the bottom. This is thin and creamy. It tastes amazing! and It’s really smooth and creamy. These are better than the one in jars I had. You will be extremely happy if you bought these. I taste like macadamia. coconut and cashews. There’s no sugar added, it’s just deliciousness.

Here’s a quick closeup and I will rip it open the pouch. It’s not too hard to rip open. I think some of them have a little bit of issue. And I know that the companies have an issue before. It’s a little bit runnier than a typical nut butter. But it’s good in pouch form. I will eat like 5 of these tonight.

So a little more update. More on everything that happened. So many issues getting the final delivery, I will run over some of them. SO you know the things to avoid, One, I would recommend that you will choose the logistics yourself. I have my manufactured do it. And there are a ton of mess ups. It’s supposed to be delivered. Yesterday, on Thursday. I don’t wanna play the blame game. It’s my fault. I should have done it in the (more…)

How to Successfully Launch a Kickstarter

In this Video, I am going to tell you how to launch a Kickstarter, Let me tell you all the secrets and techniques that I personally used. I just launched a Kickstarter and it went extremely well. I raised over 17 thousand dollars but during the but during the 30 days of the Kickstarter, I raised over 15 thousand dollars. And my goal was only 10 thousand dollars and to be honest that was kinda of a stretch goal. So my company was performance nut butter. It was a new company. It was my first time launching a Kickstarter and I was really happy with the results. Sure, I was not able to raise a million dollars like some of these giant kickstarters do. But I also didn’t have a huge budget like most these kickstarters do. So I am going to tell you. How to do it on the cheap, all the techniques, that I used that created a ton of buzz around my Kickstarter. I used a two-pronged approach.

1. Creating a prelaunch Group

2. Influencers

1. Creating a pre-launch Group – Invite friends and family.
a. Get emails – e.g. Instagram
b. Send Emails
c. Invite People to a Group
d. Drip out content – Show logo, show box
e. Announce the launch –

I launched the Kickstarter six in the morning my time. Tuesdays at 6 am. which I recommend launching on a Tuesday. And as soon as I click that button, my girlfriend was next to me and she wanted to be the one who will purchase. before She got a chance to purchase. Five people purchased. So even though that button and she was right there to do it. People were so excited they were sitting there waiting, refreshing, refreshing, just waiting to purchase my product and that is the power of the pre-launch (more…)

How NOT to Start an Online Store

In this video let me talk about how not to Start an Online Store so a lot of Videos I have I talked about all the steps to do to properly start our online store but I want to take the opposite approach in this video tell you about some of the bad things that I see that people do and how to fix them:

  1. Thing I see that people do that I think is just ridiculous and you should not do this is to have nothing special about anything you’re selling if you’re selling the same junk you see everyone else selling good luck there’s very small chance like why would I buy from you so I got a quick story to tell about this that I think will illustrate my point when I went to Thailand I think it was like a year or two ago I went to Thailand and I went to the floating markets because this is like some big thing it’s really excited everyone talked about oh you got to go check out the floating market so I went to the floating markets and I was ready I had some cash in my pocket I was ready to buy some cool souvenirs some cool different like treats and I went there and everybody all the different stands seemingly sold the same stuff I saw some cool little item in one store and then one store down there was a the same items so I wasn’t impressed in fact I just there wasn’t anything I wanted to buy ‘coz it didn’t feel special it since it seemed unique if every store would have specialized in something different I would have spent a lot more money I would have bought a unique food item from one then (more…)

Amazon PPC Tutorial and Complete Campaign Manager Sponsored Products Walkthrough



In this video I’m going to show you a complete walkthrough tutorial of Amazon sponsored products that’s Amazon’s PPC platform. It’s if you go to advertising campaign manager that’s how you get there but we’re going to go over five different campaigns that you need to be running including some tips and tricks throughout. This tutorial we’re going to show you a bunch of different secrets that I’ve found out so the five different campaigns that you need to be running are:

  1. Automatic Campaign
  2. Competitor’s Product
  3. Specific Product
  4. Generic Product
  5. Related Product

So the good thing about this video is I’m going to show you how to do all those in detail so the first thing you’re going to do when you’re setting up your Amazon PPC is go to advertising and campaign manager and obviously I’m in my Amazon seller central to start so this is the page that you’ll get if you’ve never set it up so the first one we’re going to do is the automatic campaign so I’m going to call it performance nut butter automatic and I’ll set the daily budget to ten dollars I think that’s usually pretty good and we’ll select automatic targeting here so continue to the next step I’ll just call this performance nut butter pouches and I’ll select this product and you can end I only have two products to select from I’m going to select that one and the default bid is dollar three now you can change this later but I’m just going to keep it there that seems to be fair enough for me that’s the suggested bid success who’s that easy to set up now I don’t recommend just ending there but if you wanted to you could in there and what this does is it automatically lets (more…)

#21 Basic Email Marketing – Campaigns, Automation and Tips

  • Email Marketing
    • Subject line is everything
    • What one thing do you want them to do
      • Don’t ask too much
    • Use email to promote all your other social media platforms
    • Different buckets, non-customers, customers, VIPs
      • To start you can treat them all the same
    • It’s also different depending on how much they open.
      • To start don’t worry about that
  • Automation
    • Create an automated sequence
    • I will quickly touch on what I do / recommend
    • Different based on what funnel customers and non customer
    • Non customers can get discounts, the ultimate point is to get the purchase
    • With customers the point is to get them in the eco system and get the sale long term

#20 Basic Email Marketing/Lead Capture


  • Email Marketing Basics
    • Best ROI
    • Great for repeat business and sales
    • Keep them in your ecosystem
      • Youtube social media
      • Everything
    • Announce updates, contests etc.
      • Dancer of the month
      • For PNB photo of the month / Recipe of the month
  • How to Capture the email
    • Don’t do Newsletter
    • Lead magnet DIY guide, percentage off, chance to win a shopping spree, checklists, ecommerce success pack, different things for every content piece
    • Sumome
    • That spinner thing
  • Kaviyo vs. Mailchimp

Why You Will Fail with Shopify and What to do About It

In this Video, we will talk about why you will fail with Shopify, and what to do about it? So the top 3 different reasons why you will fail:

1. It’s actually hard – People are trying to pretend that it’s not hard
but it is actually hard.

2. You are not Niche Down enough – There’s nothing special about your website or idea

3. You are broke – You think you can able to start a business with no Money

Now, obviously, all three of these might not apply to you, Especially the third one, a lot of people starting a business do have a money

1. It’s actually hard – People wanna act that starting a business, online store is super easy to do, NO! No such thing as easy money because if it was easy a lot of people will be doing it. Your favorite Youtuber has probably been lying to you or you maybe they have been doing it for so long that to them it’s easy, but when you are first getting started, it’s gonna be hard work, if you are not ready for that, do a little bit of gut check and see. I think everyone should start an online business and just realize it’s actually gonna be hard work

2. You are not Niche Down enough – If you are not special if your store is not unique you are screwed, there are so many different options out there, we can buy anything we want. Your store should stand out and needs to be special if it’s not? Good luck, I don’t think you have a very good chance. Easy Fixes for this, You can do something unique, you can make your product, really niche down. I have a ton of videos for free if you click SUBSCRIBE Button down below (more…)

#1 Reason People Fail With Ecommerce

In this video, I’m talking about the number one reason why you’re gonna fail with your online Shopify business your
online store whatever and how to fix it which I think’s really important so first off most people out there are going to tell you all the glory stories
all the reasons why you’re gonna succeed and all these tips but I think it’s
important to also look at some of the reasons why you might fail and to be
honest most you guys are going to fail most the people that start an online business will fail just look at the numbers but you don’t have to be one of them and you do have an advantage you’re watching YouTube videos you’re educating yourself that’s a huge advantage to the number one reason you’re gonna fail is that there’s nothing special about you there’s you’re not niche down enough this is a mistake I see people make over and over again. If you’re not niche down enough and you don’t have something special about you you are screwed there’s no nicer way to say it. I mean why would someone buy from you that’s a question you have to ask yourself all the time why would someone buy from you instead of from Amazon why would someone buy from you instead of your competitor and if you don’t have an extremely convincing reason well they’re not going to do if you can’t even convince yourself why someone would buy from your own store, Goodluck! In fact, I want to say I see so many people the number one mistake I see people make a number one reason why people fail is they’re not niche down enough they think their product is for everybody or all women or all women 35 to 50 no your (more…)