PNB Updates 2018 PNB Vlog 11

A lot has happened with performance and nut butter since the last time I talked about it I haven’t done a vlog update in a while. So let me give you an overview of everything that’s happened the last vlog video I did is an update I was just sending a palette of Performance Nut Butter into Amazon and I haven’t done one since then and it went really well. So sales have been great. So this video I’m gonna have a bunch of different lessons a bunch of different mistakes I made a $10000, mistake I’ll talk about that mistake and how you can avoid similar mistakes some of the lessons learned from that and we will go over just everything that has happened. So a huge lesson for first-time sellers I thought I was gonna be selling a certain amount of units but I ended up selling x as many units per day than I had originally projected for which is great that’s a that’s a huge success that means that things are going really well but on the flip side I ran out of inventory in Amazon I sent them one pallet full of units and they ran out of that much quicker than I had anticipated about and half the time or even less.


What did I do now once I saw that sales were x what I had projected for I sent them another pallet they received the pallet about a week before I ran out of inventory but it was just sitting in their warehouse I had shipping confirmation that that they had received it but they had no then they didn’t have it in their warehouse like they didn’t have it checked in they didn’t have anything as far as I could tell. So what (more…)

Why 99% of You Will Fail With Shopify!


You’re hard-working you’ve got hustle but your thinking is all wrong you’re thinking about e-commerce Shopify drop shipping all that kind of stuff you’re thinking about it wrong 99% of you will fail with Shopify that’s just statistics that’s just math and if you don’t watch all this video if you don’t watch videos like this and learn from other people’s mistakes you’re much more likely to fail than others. So first off right off the bat I’m gonna tell you why I see.


Many people failing and how to fix it but let’s start with the number one thing % of you will fail with Shopify because you’ll never get started. So many people have great business ideas and they never get started it’s the beginning of the year I’m filming this really early in the year and a lot of people have the idea of starting a new business ┬ábut you know what most of them will never do it change that right now there’s those links up here and down below for Shopify you can get a free -day trial there’s other hosts out there too you don’t need to use Shopify it is the best one but there’s links up there and down below and I’ll talk about later in the video I got a special trick that’ll help out anyone that hasn’t signed up for Shopify yet but let’s go back to the video and the important stuff here and how to fix your thinking. So that’s only one part of it like I said 99% of people will fail because they never get started they never take that first step what about the other people the other nine percent of people that still fail well they’re thinking about e-commerce wrong and what I mean by this (more…)

Pinterest and Pinterest Ads | Effective Ecommerce Podcast #28

Welcome to the Effective Ecommerce podcast and in this episode we’re gonna be talking about Pinterest and Pinterest ads and how to use those for your Ecommerce business for your online business what’s the best way to use both of these and for anybody watching this on Youtube I am sporting some blu-ray blocking basically a glasses. So I know I look a little ridiculous but it’s late at night and I don’t want all the light to keep me up. So anyways before getting out any tangents let’s talk about Pinterest and why it works for Ecommerce.


What’s great about it what’s not great about it how to properly utilize it and before we get into this whole episode I do need to say I’m not the world’s biggest Pinterest expert I know enough to make sales from Pinterest I know enough I’ve used it before profitably but there’s definitely people out there that know more than I do about this. So if you’re a beginner to Pinterest or Pinterest ads this is the perfect podcast for you because I know just a little bit more about you and I can bring you up to speed pretty easily if you are an expert at Pinterest or Pinterest ads probably won’t learn anything new with this episode. So let’s get started how does Pinterest work and I think that’s the most important thing to understand is why do people use Pinterest how does it actually work and if you haven’t ever used Pinterest before the first step might be just to sign up for an account and poke around and see how it works I think the next step might be ask some of your friends ask people that know how Pinterest works but the quick synopsis of how Pinterest and Pinterest (more…)

Why your Website is not Making Any Sales

So you have a website up but it’s not making any sales why is that why does nobody trust your website there’s a few really good reasons why and there’s probably two main categories there’s the technical reasons why and the social proof reasons why and both these are critically important.


There’s the technical reasons first up your website probably looks really bad it probably looks crappy it probably looks like some kind of a scam website easy to fix here’s some of the things one go to your favorite web site go to your the biggest competitor you have the person you know that makes millions of millions of dollars and figure out who that is and copy the look and feel of their website in the meantime eventually you can afford to hire a designer and make your website look much much better but at first that’s what you need to do you need to go to your competitors website and try to copy all the details number two your about Us page probably looks awful no one trusts you what can you do to change that add a picture of yourself at the minimum add your story out of video and it’s not hard to add a video you can take your phone and just start recording I mean you make it slightly more professional than that but you know maybe set it up if you have some friends that know what they’re doing you know whatever it is talk about your company in yourself and if you for whatever reason don’t think you look good on camera don’t come across well on camera hire a professional to do it you can go on Fiverr and for five dollars you can get an about us video that’s gonna look (more…)

7 Biggest Mistakes Ecommerce, Shopify and Drop shipping Store Owners Make


In this video, we’re gonna talk about this 7 biggest mistake that online store owners ecommerce entrepreneurs make and this kills me when I see someone do it I’ve consulted it for a lot of different ecommerce stores and over and over again I see these mistakes.

1. Not Niched down
2. Header/Logo Too Big
3. Product Page Sucks
4. Bad About Us and Other Pages
5. Poor Navigation
6. Bad Photos
7. No USP

1. Not Niched Down enough – probably is my guess I mean I obviously don’t know your store but let me take a stab in the dark you probably not niche down enough. So what do I mean most people that come to me their target demographic is women 35 to 55 now you might be thinking yeah that’s a good niche that’s pretty niche down No then they say okay well what about moms 35 to 55 mmm still way too broad then they might say okay well upper middle class moms to getting warmer but not good enough. So I’ll say something like it should be upper middle class vegan yoga moms that own a pair of Lululemon pants that’s what I’m talking about it needs to be that specific maybe even a little bit more specific the reason it’s. So powerful is when you know that much information about who your target customer is and makes it a lot easier to make your entire website perfect for them make your entire Instagram page or Facebook make all the content on your website perfect for that specific niche of people you want to have thousand true fans you want one thousand people that are part of your tribe that just absolutely love your product love your company and if you go for women 35 to 55 no one’s gonna love your company (more…)

#27 Facebook Ads Secrets

Welcome to another episode of the Effective Ecommerce podcast and in this episode I have Facebook Ads secrets for you specifically I have different Facebook ad secrets we’re gonna go over each one of these in detail somewhat rapid-fire I want to make sure I don’t take all of your time but I’ve worked with a number of different people on Facebook Ads I’ve done Facebook Ads myself and I’ve tried to compile like what are the top tips that are actionable that you can use right away and I have about of them and I have exactly of them actually right now and some of these tips are gonna be things that you can implement today some of these things are gonna be things that save you thousands of dollars or hopefully make you make more sales so without any further ado let’s get into it I’ll have some updates later at the end of the episode as well as a favor I’d love to ask if you guys obviously optional but let’s get into the Facebook Ads secrets

1. Highly targeted interest targeting – highly targeted interest targeting and if you’re pretty familiar with Facebook Ads may not be very surprising but secret number one is it’s all about being is targeted as possible in your interest targeting you don’t want to do a bunch of random different things you want to make it very very specific and I’m use examples like this before but you wouldn’t want to do mom’s age 35 to 55 that’s not a good niche that’s not a good target interest what you should do instead is go in Mom’s age 35 to 55 who like Lululemon and like this other company and start getting your target down to (more…)

#26 Facebook Ads For Your Online Store


In this episode of The effect of Ecommerce podcasts we’re gonna be talking about Facebook ads specifically Facebook ads for your online store your e-commerce business shopify bigcommerce whatever you have we’re talking about Facebook Ads for a business which is different than other types of Facebook ads you might be running. So before we get started in all of this let’s talk about what Facebook Ads are and I’ll do a little shout-out I’ll talk about it more at the end of this episode if you’re serious about Facebook ads and this is something you really want to learn I do have a beginners Facebook Ads course specifically geared towards beginners but I’ll save that topic for later in this episode this episode though I’m just gonna give you as much information as I can in one episode about the basics of Facebook Ads. So obviously as I said if you want the course check that out later. So what are Facebook Ads now you probably if you’re watching this video have a general idea of what Facebook Ads are I’m gonna give you a little bit deeper of an understanding right now and then throughout this episode. So what are Facebook Ads they’re advertisements on Facebook.


Facebook is a social media platform a place where you go to connect with friends a place where you go to see what’s going on with your friends or you can be creepy and check out what’s going on with a bunch of different people that you used to be in your life that maybe no longer are you whatever you want to do but the thing about Facebook that’s interesting is you don’t want to be sold to on Facebook necessarily now on Google when you go to do a Google search you (more…)