#23 Paid Ads – Pay Per Click Online Ads

In this episode of the effective Ecommerce Podcast we’re going to be talking about paid ads PPC advertisements which basically just means pay-per-click and we’re going to talk about AdWords product listing ads, aka Google shopping ads, Facebook ads, Pinterest, YouTube ads, Linked-in ads, Twitter ads Amazon paid ads a lot of different things I’m going to give you a quick overview of all these we’re not going to get too in-depth because I’m going to do separate podcasts on each one of these the point of this episode is to do a few different things number one help you determine should you be using AdWords Facebook Ads what should you be doing number two it’s going to be helped give you some tips that are general enough for all forms of PPC and I’m hoping that this will be is information dense as possible and give you as many notes to walk away with so let’s start from the very beginning what is pay-per-click advertising basically alit is advertising online or you pay as the advertiser every time someone clicks on your ad to go to your websites you might tell AdWords or Facebook ads I’m going to give you a dollar every time you get someone from my advertisement from Google to my website so if you don’t know already AdWords is Google’s advertising platforms every time you see an ad anytime you do a google search and you see an ad well that is AdWords basically it’s also includes display ads which I won’t talk about too much because I don’t think they’re the best for most forms of Ecommerce I think they’re great if you’re doing remarketing but I don’t think they’re the best for most cold traffic so that’s the first thing so let’s talk about some general principles and the number one principle I’m going to say here is don’t make it feel like an ad pretty much anytime you never you don’t want people to know it’s an ad if it’s on their Facebook feed you want it to feel natural organic like it’s from their friends or their family there’s definitely exceptions to everything I’m going to pretty much everything I ever say and one of the exceptions might be you might want to make it feel like an ad if it’s product that is so interesting and so different and so unique that people just have to have it then it doesn’t matter if it feels like an ad then it doesn’t you know that’s not even important but you if you make it feel too much like an ad we’re going to scroll right past it is same thing with display ads remember when banner ads were all the rage and everyone had a ton of banner ads all over their website what happened you got what was called banner blindness you just block them out in your head you stopped clicking out on them and the early days people clicked on those ads all the time but not anymore so that’s the first thing I want to talk this is especially true for social media if you’re on Instagram or on Facebook and you’re scrolling in your newsfeed you want to see people that you already like and follow you don’t want to see some kind of company so you’re advertisement should be somewhat disguised it should kind of slip under the radar and let people become interested in it and there’s different ways to do this and I’ll talk about that much more in depth in future episodes the next thing I want to talk about is the different types of paid ad platforms and specifically AdWords versus Facebook ads because I think this is such an interesting dynamic so AdWords what’s interesting about AdWords is when people are searching on Google they’re looking for something they’re actively looking for something when people are on Facebook they’re not looking for something they’re interested in following their updates on their friends baby they’re interested in doing a hundred different things but they’re not searching for anything in particular so the difference here is if someone searches for I don’t know using my dance clothing company as an example they’d search for red dance pants they want either a information on red damp dance pants or they want to buy them and my guess is if they’re searching for red dance pants specifically there’s a good odds that they want to buy it maybe they want to see a picture of red dance pants maybe they want information but the probably knocks if you’re using the word red if you would if you’re using just the word dance pants maybe you do want information you want to know about the different types of dance pants but if it’s just red dance pants you’re probably more interested in buying so there’s some kind of intent we’re on Facebook ads if I show an ad for red dance pants people might not be interested in that at all and there’s a good chance they won’t be because they’re there to follow their friends they’re there to find out what’s going on in the world of social media but there is an opposite effect here too if you have a product for instance formants nut butter no one’s searching for performance nut butter or if they are they’re already aware of my product they’re already ready to buy if someone’s searching for performance nut butter I don’t need to really put an ad up for that because people are already going to find my product I maybe you could put an advertisement for macadamia nut butter ‘coz my product contains macadamia nuts but I wouldn’t put an ad for nut butter because that’s way too generic so no one’s really searching for performance nut butter so that’s where Facebook ads could be very beneficial is if people aren’t sure that your product even exists and you’re trying to make your product your product trying to make your customers or your people that you’re advertising to more aware of your product then Facebook is great because you can do interest targeting you can say hey anybody that likes a nut butter and also likes running marathons and also likes x y & z you can say I want to target those people and I want to show my ad because they would love my product now they may not and they may not be in a purchasing mind set but that’s the benefit of Facebook ads I think AdWords is super undervalued right now a lot of people are all on Facebook ads a lot of people think Facebook ads are the way to go and I have a course I have a course on Facebook ads I do still think it’s a great way to make online sales but I think AdWords for ninety percent probably let’s just round it up to ninety percent of people AdWords is the better thing the better way to go specifically Google shopping and product listing ads so I can save this for a separate discussion separate podcast but just don’t overlook AdWords don’t overlook product listing ads they are extremely powerful and you should at least set them up and see how they go Facebook ads also very powerful but I think it takes a lot more work so let’s go down the list I’m going to talk about all different platforms and once again that’s AdWords product listing ads Facebook ads pinched ads YouTube ads LinkedIn ads Twitter ads and Amazon paid ads talk about all these different ones very briefly and you hopefully by the end of this will have a better idea of what kind of advertisements you should be running so I already did a whole spiel on AdWords what AdWords are butte even more basic thing is you pay every time someone clicks on your ad and you pick search terms you say any time someone searches for read dance pants I want to show my ad if they just search for dance pants don’t show my ad if they search for purple dance pants don’t show my ad red dance Vince you there’s number of different ways to do this and I’ll go much more in-depth but it’s very powerful because I know for instance if someone’s searching for red dance pants good chance that they’re ready to buy and I also sell red dance pants another example is ivory dance pants not a lot of other people sell ivory dance pants and I want to be number one in Google so when people are looking for ivory dance pants they come buy from me very powerful stuff here and it’s the top all it’s the top results you see oftentimes you’ll see the sponsored results it’s pretty easy to say it’s still–it’s text results but they do fairly well and I am actually you know this is a shameless plug I am coming out with in probably a few months in AdWords and Google Shopping aka product listing ads course because I do think it’s really powerful and I think it’s under used by a lot of people I think people want the glitz and glamour of Facebook ads but they neglect the basics of PLA  so next up let’s talk about PLA  product listing ads it’s also called Google shopping ads and if you were to search for red dance pants please if you do this don’t click on my ads because I get charged but if you were to search for red dance pants there’s a decent chance that my ad would come up and you would see five different five different pairs of red dance pants probably about five you’d see images of red dance pants with a price underneath it those are product listing ads and they are super powerful and why are they so powerful well if someone’s searching for red dance pants there’s a chance obviously that they just want more information about red dance pants so if they see an image or red dance pants with the price underneath it they’re less likely to click on that where if you’re looking to purchase a pair of red dance pants and you see a picture of red dance pants and the style is something that you like and then there’s a price underneath it  indicates in your brain oh hey this is for sale and this might be something I want to buy and obviously if the price is right and the style is right you may go ahead and buy it so those worked extremely well II have a bunch of YouTube videos on at both AdWords and PLA s definitely checkout my YouTube channel the Effective Ecommerce YouTube Channel for that I’m going to do a whole episode on this so I don’t want to beat this too much into the ground next up is Facebook Ads and like I said earlier if you’re not familiar with Facebook Ads I think it’s a it is a great tool for spreading the word about your products especially if you have a product that people don’t even know to search for if you have product that people already kind of known to search for then AdWords might be better but if they don’t even know to search for it Facebook Ads might be good it’s also Facebook Ads can work very well for novelty items or like interesting out-of-the-box type you know out of the normal type items formats nut butter I think would do really well is on Facebook Ads part of the reason I think I do so well is the whole point of performance nut butter is to make you feel better to make you know it’s a good quality food it’s going to make you more fit whatever and when people are on Facebook they’re looking at all their friends and they’re looking at how much better lives they have and they want a fix for that and if you can subtly hint that your products going to help them fix that that can work well now Facebook definitely does have some rules and regulations on what you can say and what you can’t say but people are smart and people realize that eating healthier is going to make them into a better person so that’s why I think performance nut butter might dowel Facebook ads and I’ll do a full episode on this very soon Facebook ads are very powerful because you can pick your targeting you can say I want to only target people aged  to  I only show my ad to people  to  who like Michael already have liked my competitors on Facebook so they’re obviously aware of your niche or category and also have an average household income above eighty thousand dollars and also run marathons and all these very specific things and you can find a group a small group of people that are very likely to be interested in your product so that can be very powerful next up is Pinterest ads if you have a product that would do well on Pinterest then running picture stats obviously makes sense so what kind of products are these if you have a product that has some kind of a DIY element that’s geared towards women tend to be more on interest that can work really well Pinterest adds specifically or more of a long tail play I think in my opinion the better way to do those is to have a Pinterest pin that goes to a lead capture page and from there you’d get their email and do like more of a long form sales cycle now you could definitely do some kind of ad for your products I’m kind of Pinterest ad for your product and it goes directly tithe product page that probably could dowel for certain items but I haven’t seen too many people do that successfully YouTube ads is another tool I’ve not really explored a lot I’ve done all everything almost everything else on this list but YouTube ads is not something I’ve done a lot it’s something I’m interested in the negative with YouTube ads is you have to make a decent video if to make a decent commercial and when people are on YouTube they don’t want to watch your commercial they want to watch the videos that they came to watch but they can do really well I think for instance for Effective Ecommerce I might run some YouTube ads but that’s because I have a way to make money off those and there’s different types of YouTube ads and I’m not super familiar with all of them but one of them is the pre-roll and before someone watches a YouTube video that are about to watch you can show them an advertisement so one thing that might be very powerful to do and I’m overusing that word a little bit one thing that might be very powerful to do is basically target your competitors maybe they have a YouTube video on how to make how to DIY a dance costume and you can run your DIY dance costume before there’s or maybe they have a video explaining why their product is the best and you could run an ad saying you’re about to watch a video why this products the best it’s not it’s actually ourproduct is better because the X Y & Z once again think outside the box I don’t have all the solutions to this I’m just letting you know about the different tools and I think YouTube ads is something I’m very much interested In for performance nut butter but that’s probably not going to be something I it’s not my first is not first on my list next up is LinkedIn and LinkedIn ads this makes sense if you sell bb type stuff if you sell something that business people would be interested in basically what you can do is you can target people base on what companies they work for what their job title is a bunch of different things like that we did do some LinkedIn ads for B dancewear and we said show our ad to anybody who is has the dance teacher or dance studio owner as their title show our ad and it converted a little bit we made a few we made like a few hundred bucks in the short term but then in the long term and it ended up breaking even and it just wasn’t worth our time overall but I think for certain companies it might make a lot of sense Twitter ads if you know what Twitter is you can imagine what Twitter ads are I’ve never used them so I’m not super familiar with them I don’t recommend him I think it was I think it was pretty expensive last time I looked is it worth looking at yeah sure just want to let you know that it exists but it’s not something that be a high up on my list last up is Amazon paid ads Amazon PPC and it’s basically exactly what it sounds there’s different Amazonas different types ads and I’ll probably I need to do a whole episode just on this but I’m not even familiar with all the different kinds I do I spent a few thousand dollars on different Amazon ads and they have sponsored product ads and they have headline search ads and those are very powerful once again similar to AdWords the reason Amazon paid ads are so powerful is because people are on Amazon to buy a product and they ‘researching for products and you can if people are searching for read dance pants on Amazon they are ready to buy% like they’re I mean not % but very likely as opposed to on Google where there’s a chance that they’re interested in information or images on Amazon you really only go to Amazon to buy things now some people might do research and try to figure out you know just do some research on the different products out there sure that’s true butte buyer intent on Amazon the conversion rate through Amazon ads is insane the only problem is it’s there’s not as much traffic as there might be with Google AdWords at least from my experience but you know everyone’s experience will vary so once again those are all the different ad platforms I hope this episode was helpful and hopefully you can figure out what ad platform you should be running on and I’m willing to bet there’s at least one out there I think either AdWords or Facebook ads is probably really the big dynamic there which one should you do that’s up to you and up to your business but I hope this was helpful and I do have some tools if you go to effectiveecommerce.com you can get the free e-commerce success pack and I have a checklist for setting up AdWords and a checklist for setting up Facebook Ads soon to be coming out with a checklist for setting up your Amazon well your entire Amazon listing including Amazon PPC so go to effective e-commerce -check that out if you haven’t yet please leave that -star review on iTunes I know I know when I listen to podcasts a lot of times I don’t really pay attention when they asked for that five-star review but it’s huge it’s extremely important so you can go to iTunes search effective e-commerce and leave a five-star review it really helps us helps me out and on top of that I’ll give you a free one-on-one consulting session I pick someone at random I should say once a month I pick someone at random to give a free one-on-one consulting session with so if you’re interested in the things I say and you want to talk to me and maybe I can help you out with your business all you grotto do to enter to win is leave that-star review on iTunes and to be honest think most people 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