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Hey everybody I have some new news about performance nut butter the company I just launched obviously if you’ve been following this for a little while I did it as a Kickstarter first now it’s an Amazon FBA product I’ve got good news I’ve got bad news I’ve got everything in between. So let’s start off with some of the good news if this is your first time watching you might not know but inventory is flying off the shelves I my first production run fly 2500 units and I’m about sold out oh I will be sold out on probably Saturday. So if you are looking to get a box performance nut butter Ford sells out and click up here click this link to get it on Amazon and if you buy it please leave that five-star review it’s hugely important but anyways let’s get to the the point of this blog and that’s to update you and give you some little lesson learned. So you can learn from my mistakes. So you don’t make the same mistakes that I have made with this company there’s been a lot of good things too. So I’ve been selling four or five times more than I had anticipated which means that inventory has already it’s about to sell out production will be taking place today today’s Wednesday’s I think it’s like seven yeah runs out of seven and tomorrow.

It’s like a two day process. So they have to grind your nut butter you have to put it in the pouches the next day. So that’s some good news I guess those good news that the fact that it’s gonna be done soon. So I had to increase the price all the way up to thirty 4.99 in the crazy part. So normally it’s $29.99 increased it’s a $34.99 in sales I have spin amazing stone like I’ve been I’ve been doing very well I don’t want to give out exact numbers just yet but I’ve been doing way better than I had anticipated. So that is one of the updates I had I’ve been getting a lot of messages on Instagram about people that are looking to collaborate other companies and in fact I went down to I think it was a Manhattan Beach I went down I went down to Manhattan Beach I met up with the no Foods guys. So shout out to them got some really nice people over at new foods and they gave me some free some free food and basically what they specialize in is low carb like a lot of keto friendly stuff. So they got there like I think they’re best known for their keto cookies and funny enough were kind of competing on Amazon for keto snack but you know we’re not we have a lot of overlap in customer base and we’re not a direct competitor. So we’re hopefully going to be doing some promoting I’m gonna learn a lot from them there’s a lot more to the conversation that I’ll keep private but it was a really great conversation with them. So there’s been some other issues with production as well that I want to note for instance on the jars originally the plan was to have black lids some of them are gonna actually have gold lids because my manufacturer ran out of black hoods which I’m a little bit upset about you know but it’s a lesson learned and the I’ll talk about all the lessons I learned at the end of the video but it’s a it’s a lesson learned for next time I got to be aware of that I got to be aware of the fact that I need to make sure that they have the black legs and if I don’t ask they might forget about it.

That’s really important for me as well and the last of the updates before I get into the lesson learned at the end of the video is that the shipment from the bulletproof box is gonna be really tight and it’s gonna ship on a Monday and I told my manufacturer that I need it there by Wednesday I actually probably need it there by Thursday but still that’s way too tight because it’s coming you know from California up to Seattle and that’s a two to three days transit and I hate any time that is everything. So tight I like there to be a little bit of buffer a little bit more cushion I think everything’s gonna work out but it’s scary and the reason I’m saying all these things is because I saw anyone watching this looking to start a company to know that there’s always issues and there’s little things you know from the outside perspective it feels very little probably to other people but to me it’s a big deal because to me there’s this fear of is the production gotta happen is there gonna be a mistake there’s always this fear that everything gets grinded up and you know he tastes it and he says oh this is awful or that’s one of a hundred different things now I’m trying to stay focused on the positive and I actually read a book they’re talking about you know affirmations and just focus on everything’s gonna work out and the key thing about that is if everything doesn’t work out well at least for that last week I was happy instead of being a neurotic mess. So I’m trying to go more with that attitude you know maybe there’s not some kind of magical spiritual nature to this maybe it’s purely just think about positive things and you’ll find the positives in life I don’t know what it is but anyways I’m kind of lab’ring. So let me go over some of lessons learned. So I got three big lessons learned. So the three lessons learned is I need to plan production better I need to come up with a production checklist and third for me personally it’s better to have too much inventory than not enough my inventory is very shelf stable it’ll last a year year and a half.

I don’t need to worry about having too much inventory I’d rather have too much because if I have a lot of inventory sitting on the shelves that’s a good thing that’s gonna motivate me to get out off my butt and go market this stuff for the last month or two the inventory has been. So tight that I haven’t done any marketing because I’ve been afraid of selling out fast I mean what’s the point of marketing something when you know you’re gonna sell out of it. So for the last month and a half I’ve known that I’m gonna sell out of the nut butter. So I’ve been not doing any marketing I’ve been just letting it sell out because what’s the point of selling out faster then that means I’m out of stock for longer and there’s once a bunch of negatives with that. So that’s that’s one of the things one of the lessons learned the other one is I need to come up with a prediction checklist and every time I do a production I need to go through and ask hey to my manufacturer do you have enough black lids hey are these nuts are they allergen friendly are they kosher are they whatever all the different things we need to have that production checklist and I need to plan the production but I need to have the timeframe planned out better and for me personally that means that I’d rather have too much inventory then not enough inventory and you know it comes in to me it comes to me in these pallets of pump-out you know four pallets and that’s a little scary sometimes that I have. So much inventory but you know what it’s good I think it’s good to have a little bit of here. So I’m gonna end it there that’s it for this vlog update make sure you haven’t yet you can subscribe it a subscribe button and then click the bell notification. So you’re notified every time I come out with a new video especially this vlog video you can get the e-commerce success pack up here it includes a checklist for starting your business checklist for Amazon a bunch of good stuff that I use anytime I’m about I’m about to launch a new product or start a new business marketing ideas all that up there last but not least do any questions leave it in the comments below and thank you. So much for watching this video.

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