Amazon PPC Tutorial and Complete Campaign Manager Sponsored Products Walkthrough



In this video I’m going to show you a complete walkthrough tutorial of Amazon sponsored products that’s Amazon’s PPC platform. It’s if you go to advertising campaign manager that’s how you get there but we’re going to go over five different campaigns that you need to be running including some tips and tricks throughout. This tutorial we’re going to show you a bunch of different secrets that I’ve found out so the five different campaigns that you need to be running are:

  1. Automatic Campaign
  2. Competitor’s Product
  3. Specific Product
  4. Generic Product
  5. Related Product

So the good thing about this video is I’m going to show you how to do all those in detail so the first thing you’re going to do when you’re setting up your Amazon PPC is go to advertising and campaign manager and obviously I’m in my Amazon seller central to start so this is the page that you’ll get if you’ve never set it up so the first one we’re going to do is the automatic campaign so I’m going to call it performance nut butter automatic and I’ll set the daily budget to ten dollars I think that’s usually pretty good and we’ll select automatic targeting here so continue to the next step I’ll just call this performance nut butter pouches and I’ll select this product and you can end I only have two products to select from I’m going to select that one and the default bid is dollar three now you can change this later but I’m just going to keep it there that seems to be fair enough for me that’s the suggested bid success who’s that easy to set up now I don’t recommend just ending there but if you wanted to you could in there and what this does is it automatically lets Amazon try to figure out it’ll read your product and let me show you what my product looks like it’ll read your product read the description and try to figure out what search terms people are most likely to buy it for and show it to that so it’s a nut butter product it’s a macadamia coconut cashew blended nut butter so Amazon can read that Amazon can see the title and can see that OH people that are interested in this product might buy it by searching for macadamia nut butter or a coconut nut butter or keto snack so it’ll automatically do that now one little tip let me show you is you can add in negative keywords so if we click here click on negative keywords and right now I’m not going to add too many just because actually you know what I’ll probably add the negative keyword almond because it doesn’t have any almonds in it and peanut because it doesn’t have any peanuts in it now I might in the future change this and I might run specific ads or I do still show it to people that are searching for almond butter or peanut butter but for now I’m going to add these as some negative keywords so the next thing I will do and is go in and I’ll show you that’s the first campaign if you do that you’ve already set up your first campaign the next thing we’re going to look at is a competitor product so if I go into here and I go into just type in nut butter I could search here and try to figure out which of these nut butters is the most similar to my product and to be honest these are all in jars so they’re a little bit different the one that I think is the most similar is this one down here Justin’s nut butter and what I can do islet’s just take that Justin’s create a let’s go to all sponsored products campaign so I’d create a new campaigns I’m back here we’re going to create a new campaign and let’s call it Justin’s nut butter set the same daily budget but this time instead of doing automatic targeting we’re going to do manual targeting continue to the next step we’ll call this Justin’s nut butter as well and we’ll select the same product default bid so let’s see here so it’s got a bunch of suggested key terms and we’re going to use all these suggested key terms in separate ones but since this one let’s see if it says anything now default bid will put it  cents I’m just making this up right now and provide your own key words so we’re going to try Justin’s nut butter Justin’s just and not better and I’ll do broad match for all of these for now and those keywords and I might change that in the future you can see it has suggested bids here I’m not going to match that one that’s too expensive but all these other ones let’s go ahead and match it and if we look again at this ad let’s see if there’s anything else maple squeeze packs maybe almond butter almond butter maple might be one that we consider those are all different options I’m just going to leave it as it is for now just to help expedite this tutorial then once again I could go into here and I could add some negative keywords to this I’m not going to do that just yet so I want to want to think about that one a little bit more than just doing it another option you could do and now that I’m doing this I’m thinking it might have been better to instead of calling this Justin’s nut butter I could have just called this let’s see renaming this could have just called this one campaign settings said of Justin’s nut butter let’s call this campaign competitor my spelling is not my strongpoint all right let’s call it competitor campaigns and then what I could do is so just to explain this a little bit more in depth this is a campaign and then within it is the ad group so this is Justin’s not letter I could create a new ad group against a different product so let’s say instead I wanted to do let’s go back to nut butter yeah let’s say I want to do nuts and more so that spell just to make sure you get the spelling right and that’s amore because I think people that like nuts and more would also like my product now I don’t think they’re directly competing because they don’t sell in pouches but I’m still going to include this in the competitor column here go ahead and select that default bid let’s just say  cents and I would provide my own keyword peanut anymore let’s see what happens when I do that and as it suggests a bit of cents I’m going to go ahead and click apply save and finish so let’s go back to all sponsored product campaigns so now we have our automatic campaign and our competitor campaign the next thing we’re going to do is a specific search term campaign and if you look at my product let’s go over here my product isn’t really like anything that anyone’s going to be searching for because it’s a macadamia coconut cashew blended nut butter it’s very different interesting but if someone searches for macadamia nut butter they might be interested in this or coconut butter or cashew butter but maybe not cashew because the reason they might be interested if they search for macadamia nut butter is because there’s not a lot of macadamia nut butters out there so they might be so shocked that they find one and happy and they’d buy this but there is a lot of cashew nut butters out there so for a specific search term what’s the most specific thing someone could search and find your product for me I think macadamia nut butter is a good example so let’s set the daily budget to $ let’s do some manual targeting continue to next step I’m going to call it macadamia nut butter select and just really quickly if we look at the different coconut macadamia nuts that might be an interesting one let’s just see how that does macadamia nut butter keto nut butter should actually be its own campaign because that’s really a cool term same thing paleo nut butter vegan butter maybe coconut butter paleo should be its own just see what else they provide macadamia nuts probably not if someone for macadamia nuts they may or may not be interested in my product macadamia butter for sure and paleo butter maybe but that could be its own campaign as well so I’m going to go ahead and let’s apply some of these and it’s up to you whether or not you want to do that you can keep your normal bid but I’m just going to do it just to save sometime success so that’s my specific campaign because macadamia nut butter is something very specific someone would search so a example of a more generic product search term would be something like keto snack now if someone’s looking for a keto snack they’re not looking for something very specific they’re just looking for something broad and they’re not sure exactly what they want so it may not work quite as well but it’s worth testing out because there’s not a lot of keto snacks out there and let’s do a quick I always recommend doing a quick search keto snack see what comes up and see if your product would make sense for there so better than coffee energy bars one-stop paleo shop keto snack box if fat snacks variety packs and stuff so I think my product would fit perfectly in here and in fact in some ways it might be better than a lot of these but I’m also biased so let’s go ahead and select that default bid I just put cents and then we can go in and provide your own keywords so keto snack and what you can do is try to look up what all the different options all the different things that you could possibly think of for keto snack you might want to use a thesaurus so let’s do that really quick yeah I can’t spell all right the source is not an easy word to spell Duff so that’s understandable so let’s go in here let’s put snack is that good bite break eats kiddies grub lunch and munch nibble I’m sure there’s meal maybe but I don’t know if my products really a meal so we might also want to do ketosis snack keto food maybe keep toast this food I’m just going to add those for now keto snack is ranked pretty high ketosis snack is not nearly as much that’s I that might be out of the range of what I want to pay actually so I’m just going to key I’ll go to the low end of that  cents I’ll go to the low end of that . – and another tip for you is using the Google Keyword planner so let me show you how to do that so I’m going to go into AdWords there we go actually the keyword and Google has a lot of data so I’m use this one if you don’t have an AdWords account worth setting up give it a second here all right so they change this a little bit I’m going to go here we’re going to go into planning keyword planner and then search for new key terms so I’ll put into snack because that seems to be the first thing that came to my mind the most popular you could also I could also put in all the other ones I said like you know food ketosis snack ptosis food just to see what comes up low-carb might be a good option no carbs  diet plan ketogenic snacks so there we go that’s when I could put in there ketogenic snacks ketogenic food I’m going to keep it point six nine let’s go one in three let’s see if there’s anything else that comes up from this best low-carb snacks ketosis cubes diet low carb sweet snacks you don’t know fine so I could spend a lot of time looking through this and seeing if anything fits but let’s go ahead and finish this off so we can get to the next campaign which is related products so I’m going to go ahead and click Save and finish success so that is our fourth type of campaign this is the generic product search term next up is related products so what do I mean by this so obviously nut butter is very specific it’s a product that if someone’s looking for nut butter they’re going to find it but what are some products that someone would search for what that would also like my product I think ketones is one if someone’s interested in the ketogenic diet they might also be interested in my product so we’re just and it would stand out because none of this stuff this is all just straight-up ketones but if someone’s searching for ketones they may also be interested in a ketogenic friendly snack so let’s go ahead and create campaign I’m going to call this campaign and there’s different ways to do this I mean you could do you could do this where this campaign name is related products or you could do each one as a separate campaign for now I’ll just call it related products and I’m a goal is $ manual targeting continue to the next step ad group one I’m going to call the ad group one ketone so what I would do is each new ad group would be its own related product so ketone maybe Paleo protein powder maybe all these different ideas that I could think of here so let’s go ahead and select that default bid I’m going to say . as always and then I would say ketone just go ahead and keep it there and I’m sure there’s more that could come up with that’s a dollar  that’s a that’s a big that might be a little out of my price range so I’m going to say . and that’s it for that so one other type of campaign that I should mention is all the different search terms and you should do a campaign for literally all the different search terms that Amazon can come up with as long as you think it’s actually a good match so what do I mean by this let’s just do I’m just going to call this test for now just to get the get the data here manual targeting continue to next step just to see what it would look like cashew nut butter I don’t think cashew nuts I don’t think those I don’t think that one is interesting I don’t think that one’s interesting I already did that one coconut cashew butter maybe I think that’d be a good one to target let’s just see select default pinpoint six Keto nut butter I think Keto nut butter would actually be a really good one so key to a nut butter paleo nut butter possibly vegan butter I’m just getting an idea for future so paleo nut butter is at three dollars that’s really expensive I don’t know why anyone’s paying that much for it coconut butter paleo what about cocoa wow that’s really expensive so Quito nut butter maybe my winner here nut butter packs let’s see about a nut butter packs and so the other good thing about doing this research is people are searching for nut butter packs they’re not necessarily searching for whatever I have in here so I say I do have pack in their friendly nut butter ten packs so maybe I change that instead of a ten pack ten packs and it’s probably not that important but it’s interesting to find out what are people searching for that I should include in my product description that I should include in my title all that kind of stuff so another example is Tito friendly that’s kind of an interesting one and I might add that to my Keto  food one macadamia nuts vegan cashews I think vegan keto vegan Kido let’s see vegan keto two dollars that’s pretty expensive that might be out of my price range ten pack is not something I would bid on because that means nothing Keto Nuts let’s see what Quito nuts do you donuts is interesting I like Keto Nuts so I’d probably add that to my other campaign anyways we would just go through all of these and try to find as much different key word as much data as we can so that’s pretty much it for this video if you enjoyed this video make sure you click the subscribe button down below also before you go I do have you click there’s a little eye right here over by my face in the upper right hand corner of the screen I have an e-commerce success pack that includes a checklist for your amazon PPC campaigns and a checklist for setting up your Amazon basically everything you need to do to set up Amazon so click that little eye in the top right hand corner and you can get that free Amazon checklist and that free Amazon PPC checklist plus a bunch of other awesome free stuff last but not least if you have any questions about anything I talked about in this video or anything in leave it in the comments down below I answer every single question so I’d be happy to help so thank you so much for watching this and good luck on starting your Amazon PPC campaign

  • Automatic Campaign
  • Competitor Product
  • Specific Product Search Term
  • Generic Product Search Term
  • Related Products