Bigcommerce vs BigCartel

In this videos, We’re going to go over the pros and cons of Bigcomemrce and Big Cartel. We’re going to talk which Shopping platform you should use to start your online business. So let’s get right into it right now.

-Great right out of the box
-Good Abandon Cart
-Partnerships with Alibaba
-Customize the Templates
-Import and Export CSV File
-Great Customer Support

Big Cartel
-Geared towards “artist”
-Simple Small Store
-Free Version

-Selling Limits $50,000 for basic
-More expensive

Big Cartel
-Harder to use
-Only for small merchants

Let’s talk about Shopify I know we are doing Bigcommerce vs. Big Cartel but truthfully unless you are an artist you can use big cartel but if you are a serious entrepreneur I wouldn’t go with Bigcommerce I would go with Shopify. 99 percent of the people I would go with Shopify.

So let’s talk about the winner here. Well, It’s a little bit complicated. For 99% of the people, I say Shopify. You can use Bigcommerce. 1% towards Big cartel