Don’t Make This Adwords Mistake


Don’t make this AdWords mistake before you start Adwords make sure you watch this video. So you can avoid this AdWords mistake hi I’m Travis and I built a multi-million dollar revenue ecommerce business using Adwords and I’ve helped a lot of people do the same thing and I see people making the same mistakes over and over again and I want to make sure you avoid that. So the number one mistake I see people making over and over again I want to make sure you do not make is bidding on the wrong keywords people bid on keywords where they the people searching them have no buying net they bid on keywords that are never gonna yield them sales because they’re too general they’re too broad. So what’s an example of this? So I’ve used this example before but I’m gonna use it again because it’s just I think it solidifies it. So much but if I would never bid on for instance dance clothing that’s the company one of the companies I have is a dance clothing company I would never bid on the search term dance clothing because it’s just too broad I wouldn’t I might bid on dance show it’s probably not like that’s a little bit better I might bid on ivory dance shorts I probably would bid on ivory Dance shorts but the best case scenario would be high waste ivory dance shorts another example using the new company I just launched is it’s a nut butter company it’s not just any kind of nut butter company. So I wouldn’t bid necessarily on nut butter because it’s too general too broad what I might bid on is macadamia nut butter or keto paleo friendly nut butter things like that.

The longer tail it is the more likely that someone’s actually ready to buy if someone’s searching in paleo friendly nut butter they’re probably more in a purchasing mindset than if they’re just searching nut butter they’re just searching nut butter they’re probably just in the research phase. So don’t waste your money on bad keywords the other thing that I see people doing over and over again is not adding negative keywords or maybe they have three or four you should have five hundred to a thousand negative keywords before you ever even start your AdWords especially if you’re doing a broad match or phrase match or if you’re doing google shopping ads which I highly recommend doing google shopping ads. So how do you find negative keywords well I have a video up here on how to find negative keywords for your Adwords but it’s hugely important? So let’s use the nut butter example here if someone typed in macadamia or let’s say paleo friendly nut butter but then they added the word Walmart paleo friendly nut butter Walmart they’re not looking to buy for me they’re not looking to purchase online they’re looking to go to Walmart and buy it. So I’m gonna use Walmart is a negative keyword. So I say hey you can is anytime someone searches paleo friendly nut butter show my ad unless it includes Walmart or unless it includes the word Amazon or unless it includes my competitors name something like that I decide at what point are people both looking to purchase but slightly confused like they don’t have an exact direction that they’re already going in.

You want to build a huge list of negative keywords and I do have a video up here that’ll explain how to find negative keywords the last mistake I want to quickly talk about is people don’t review their ad words even if you spend a lot of time setting up your ad words initially you’re going to make mistakes it’s just how it happened you’re gonna set up 10 campaigns one of them is gonna be successful four of them are gonna be like break-even neutral and five of them are gonna be total failures total waste of money. So what do you do you review that we turn off the ones that are total waste of money you lower the bid on the one before that were kind of neutral. So that it’ll actually be profitable and you increase the bid if it makes sense on the one that’s profitable and you learn from that and you add new keywords you add negative keywords you take that data and you figure out what negative keywords you can look and you can see when people are clicking on your ad what’s their search term and you can see if it’s profitable for you or not if you see over and over again people are searching for something clicking on your ad and not buying that might be a trigger to add that as a negative keyword.

That your ad doesn’t show up any more for that I have more information about this and I got the AdWords success pack up here you can click right here you can get that for free and it includes checklists for starting AdWords checklists for reviewing your AdWords and checklists for setting up google shopping ads among other things but if you want the accelerated version I do have a course on AdWords you can click up here check it out highly recommend it if you are very serious about being slick with AdWords we were serious ecommerce entrepreneur highly recommend this I wish I would have had it when I was starting out it would have just made me successful. So much faster the first few months with AdWords are a pain and I spent a lot of time struggling and I didn’t realize that I could go on YouTube I didn’t realize I can buy courses and accelerate my learning on this I wish I would have. So you check out the course up here and if you aren’t ready for the course yet just check out the free AdWords success pack you’re not ready for any of that you can click subscribe down below and you can check out all the great free material I have I try to put out is higher quality content as I can obviously for the course I do more in-depth step-by-step stuff but I try to do a lot of really good high quality stuff for free on my youtube channel. So click subscribe to get that and last but not least I really want to help you out. So if you have any questions I answer every single question I love when people leave comments leave a comment down below and I will answer your question as long as it’s about AdWords or e-commerce thank you. So much for watching this video and I hope to see you next video

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