Ecommerce Course Overview And Starting an Online Store

In this lesson I just want to talk about the course overview and basically I’m just gonna give you the really quick tidbits of what you’re gonna learn in this course and obviously I’m not gonna go into full depth about every topic here but just. So you can get an idea and you start getting familiar with some of the Ecommerce terms and what’s gonna be in this course. So here is the structure of the course first we’re gonna start with the introduction obviously you’re watching this right now and I’m gonna talk about market research in developing your idea after that we’re gonna talk about setting up your store this is actually how to set up your ecommerce store I’m gonna show you how to do it using Shopify and I highly recommend Shopify I can’t recommend it enough if you don’t already have an Ecommerce store you Shopify and as a bonus if you want to use my affiliate link I have it down below I’ll actually give you a free consultation because I do get a kickback from Shopify if you use it to be fair if you want to use a different platform let me know I have affiliate links for all of them it’s just Shopify is the one that I really recommend and if I were to be starting an Ecommerce store over again which I will be throughout this course I would use Shopify. So after that we’re gonna talk about SEO basics specifically on page SEO first because I think that’s the actually I know that is the first step then after that we’re gonna talk about some more advanced setting up of your store we talked about conversion in that we’re gonna talk about some other things and social media off page SEO blog slash content marketing AdWords product listing ads tightening conversions and the last I have a module for you that’s some bonus advanced ecommerce tactics.

Let’s dig into all these different modules and talk about the different lessons that you’ll learn throughout them. So first we’re gonna talk about developing your idea and of course we have the introduction in the first module but. So an idea is important but really it’s all about testing it. So you want to you want to do some research you wanna do some market research make sure it’s gonna be a good fit and maybe what it is maybe your idea is good but it needs some tweaking. So I’m going to show you how to research your idea using Google we can talk about a lot of different things the keyword planner which shows you how many people are actually searching for whatever keywords you are targeting we’re also going to use some other cool tools with Google we’re gonna create an avatar and if you don’t know what a customer avatar is we’ll dig into that and just a few lessons here. So you’ve wait for that but I. So what we’re gonna Altima be doing with module is I’m gonna show you how to create a brand which is how to create their name how to keep how to buy a domain and how to buy the proper domain a lot of people buy domain names that they think sound interesting or weird or good but they usually do it wrong and I’m gonna show you how to get a logo I think that’s another foundational step when building your store after that we’re going to talk about actually setting up the store. So I’m gonna do a walk through with you on Shopify showing you how to do this it’s.

It’s super simple after that we’re gonna talk about website design and a lot of people get hung up on how to design their website it is important but it’s probably not as important as you think and I’ll talk about reasons why that is because ultimately it’s because your ecommerce store is meant to convert not to look pretty but it’s still designed is an important element and I’m going to give you some tips on how to create a good design even if you’re not a website designer I know I’m not a good designer and I was able to create a pretty good design using some of the tips and tricks I’m gonna talk about later then we’re gonna talk about how to add products to your store and this is a really important step obviously if you’re trying to sell things is adding your products but it’s not just about adding the products it’s about how to make it. So people want to buy the products when you add them and we’re gonna talk about some tips for that such as adding multiple angles of images how to write descriptions that are actually speak to people bunch of things like that and we’re gonna talk about setting up Google Analytics Google Analytics if you don’t know is just.

So important it’s probably the best free tool you will ever use for your business Google provides it for free and you can learn. So much about your your website what’s working what’s not working from that. So I’m gonna show you to set that up then we’re gonna go into SEO basics and these are things like the meta title Meta Description h tags the URL product description and how to actually set all those up in Shopify. So I’m gonna teach you the high level concepts what these are why they exist but I’m also gonna bring it back down to earth I’m going to show you how to do it in your store. So you can actually get to number one on Google for whatever keyword you’re trying to rank for and I can’t promise you’ll get to number one but I’m going to show you tips on how to do that and if you’ve if you follow the strategy that I lay out here the blueprint lay out you will get to number one at least for the keywords that you really want to get for talk about that later.

So after that we’re gonna go into advance store setup we’re gonna talk about things like the about us page the contact us page the FAQ page automated emails and how to customize those and the and finally adding a retargeting pixel and. So basically all these things in the advanced store setup it’s kind of the finer things with your website you don’t need an about Us page to have an Ecommerce site that sells but it really really helps. So if you can see what I’m trying to do here the the first module well this is the first module but the second module is setting up your store then the third module is SEO. So it’s really the foundation right there then we’re gonna go back and we’re gonna tweak things in in general throughout this course you’ll see a lot of that it’s about setting something up that’s good but not great going back later and making it great once you have a little bit of data have a little bit of research. So that is module four right there next up is social media social media is crucial to the success your Ecommerce business sometimes but sometimes it’s not and certain platforms work for certain types of businesses others work for other types of business. So we’re going to talk about Facebook Pinterest YouTube Twitter Instagram and a bunch of others others such as vine snapchat whatever we’re gonna talk about is that social media platform right for your business and if it is how to capitalize on it and I do recommend setting up pretty much all these and I’ll talk about why later but I don’t recommend using all of them and that is because at first you should probably only focus on one really hard and you know whatever one your demographic it is is wherever your demographic is for instance if you have a female demographic Pinterest might work really well if you have a younger demographic let’s say s Instagram might work really well I’m gonna cover all these and try to help you figure out which social media is best for you and we’re gonna talk about a strategy behind those next and the next module module six we’re going to talk about PR backlinks and off page SEO. So in this we’re going to go into competitive research guest posts press releases and creating buzz for your bids this ultimately a crucial part of SEO is getting links to your site from external websites and I’m gonna give you a ton of tips on how we can do that after that we’re gonna go into content marketing. So I’m gonna teach you what contact content marketing is give you ideas of different kind of content you can create and for those that don’t know content marketing is basically creating blog posts or other types of content that people want to read or that attract people to your website I’m also gonna do a mini course on spotlight marketing which if you don’t know spotlight marketing has been hugely helpful to my business it’s basically where you interview your ideal customers and what happens is after you interview them you post that as an interview on your blog and what do they do they share it with all their friends they’re really happy they go to your website and they ultimately will see your website and maybe they even link to your website from you know their website spotlight marketing has been hugely helpful for me. So I’m gonna give you a quick mini course on that. So the next module after that we’re gonna talk about Adwords and AdWords is a hugely powerful marketing tool I’ve had with I’ve used a lot of success I’ve used AdWords with a lot of success and I gonna show you how I’ve done that and I you probably can too depending on what you’re trying to sell AdWords is geared for people that are that are selling a product that someone’s searching for we’re gonna we’ll dive into that during the AdWords module if you’re just starting your store you don’t need to worry too much about this yet but. So in that AdWords module we’re gonna do an AdWords walkthrough and explanation of how AdWords works and I’m gonna do a basic set up with you I’m gonna show you step by step using my screen capture using you know you’ll see it from my screens perspective how to set up AdWords and I’m gonna give you optimized untipped. So this is this is where it becomes very valuable is I’m gonna show you some of the things that I’ve done that actually make money with Adwords AdWords is a really easy way to lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing but in this module I’ll actually show you how to do it and make a profit from it after that we’re gonna setup product listing ads which is probably my favorite way of spending money when it comes to marketing product listing ads will dive into what they are but basically they’re that little picture you see with a price underneath it if you were to type in something into Google such as let’s say a blender if you type in like red blender into Google let’s see a picture of red blenders a price underneath it those are product listing yet. So I’m gonna show you how to set up your feed because that’s the first step with getting your product listing ads live I’ll show you how to set up your feed then I’m gonna show you how to actually set it up in Adwords and we’re going to talk about optimizing tips once again product listing ads if you don’t know what you’re doing like all PPC advertising is a good way to lose a lot of money quickly but in this module actually how to I’ll show you how to make it profitable and it’s not hard to do I’ve actually seen a lot of people even that don’t know what they’re doing make money or at least break even from product listing ads. So that means that if you do know what you’re doing it’s a it’s a great source of income. So I’m gonna show you how to do that next we’re gonna talk about tightening up conversions and this is where you start using the data that you have because really at first your site is probably not going to be profitable right in the first month that you launched but what you are going to be doing is you’re paying for data you’re gonna be getting all this data and what you’re gonna do then is go in and figure out how to make it. So your site it can become even more profitable. So we’re gonna talk about something called crazy egg which actually records people on your website. So you can see hmm what is this person doing on my website like how do they interact with your website and figure out how to fix it then we’re gonna talk about a lot about split testing and figuring out better ways of making your website more user friendly and then ultimately the goal with tightening up the conversions is making it easier to check out. So I’m gonna give some more advanced conversion tips in this module I don’t recommend watching this until your site is already up because it’ll there’s a lot of great content in there but at first your first goal once again should be getting your website up then getting traffic then we can focus on tightening conversions. So after that we’re gonna have some advanced Ecommerce tactics and this is the bonus module that I did and I’m gonna give you a ton more traffic tips in here we’re also gonna talk about email marketing which is hugely powerful but it’s one of those things that email marketing doesn’t make sense it’s an it’s not worth your time if you only have an email list of people. So that’s why I saved it for the advanced marketing tactics you want to wait till you at least have a decent size email list maybe at least a people before you really start focusing too much on it and as far as the advanced ecommerce tactics go probably my favorite thing are focusing on VIPs and whales what I mean by that is let me give an example to explain this in my business I still dance clothing and anyone that spends over $ on a single order I consider them a VIP of mine we do special things for our VIPs we send them handwritten notes saying thank you. So much for your order our goal really is to try to get as many VIPs as possible and the reason behind this is % of our revenue comes from the % of people that are VIP customers it’s probably even more skewed than that it’s probably about % of our customers have spent over $ on an order but those % of those people if you combine all their order value it makes up a huge percent of our percentage of our revenue over maybe even percent. So I’ll talk about all these advanced ecommerce tactics if you’re just starting your store don’t even worry about this if you already have a store you can go ahead and jump ahead to this but this is really the bonus module because there’s this is the more advanced stuff that you don’t need to worry about until your store is up and running if you like this video then you’re gonna love my new Ecommerce course the k ecommerce profit plan in it I teach you the strategies and techniques that I actually use to build my own successful Ecommerce business we talk about how to set up a website an Ecommerce site that actually makes sales then we talk about how to get traffic to that site and ultimately I give you the tips and techniques on how to make it be as profitable as possible we talk about things such as SEO Google Analytics everything you’ve heard about AdWords it’s all in there this is really pretty much everything I know about Ecommerce I put in this one course I was tired of people asking me how do I get traffic to my website or how do I build an Ecommerce site and I wanted to just bundle it all up in one course when you buy the course you’ll get free lifetime access to my private Facebook group and on top of that for the first hundred people to buy the course I’ll give you a free one on one -minute consultation you can go to effective Ecommerce comm or click up here now to buy the course and make sure that you get one of the free -minute one-on-one consultation sessions

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