Free Adwords Walkthrough and Tutorial For Your Online Store

This video I’m gonna give you a quick walkthrough of AdWords we’re going to go into a little bit more depth than we did in the last video. So there’s a couple different things i want to show you here and one of the first ones is we already talked about the difference between what a campaign is in an ad group just to reiterate the campaign is kind of like a the big bucket and then within that bucket there’s lots of ad groups in the point of the ad groups is you want a different ad group every time you want a different ad to show. So for instance if I’m doing green yoga I think we did green yoga pants last time then you’re going to want to show a special add to that oops oh just got to refresh the page if someone’s searching for green yoga pants then you’re gonna want to show a different add to them then someone searching for read yoga pants. So let’s give this a second alright.

Let’s walk through here. So within if you click on the campaign one of the things we can click on the ad groups tab and you can see the different ad groups in there then we go into the settings. So one thing we did is when we set this up we made it a standard campaign it’s probably better to go with all features and I’ll show you why. So in the standard there’s not a lot of features going on but if you go all features you can change some things here such as the delivery method all right. So standard optimized delivery for a bad spending budget evenly over time. So you can change these two and the first one is it over the course of a day it’ll spend the amount evenly accelerated means basically the budget might end within the first few hours of the day. So it might cause the budget to run out early. So it’s up to you I i just used to go standard some other things you can do is set the schedule start and end date and all that kind of stuff one of the things that you might want to do here is right now this is showing ads all the time but what I might want to do is say you know what only show ads Monday to Friday from six a.m. to pm because that’s when people are most serious about buying.

I’ll go ahead and save it though i’d probably i would probably show this on the weekends as well but i like to do something like don’t show the ads between see don’t show the ads between am and am because anyone searching between midnight and six in the morning probably isn’t really looking to buy or if you want to go even more seriously maybe it’s you know 2 a.m. or something oh ok well whatever we’ll deal with that later cancel. So there’s some other experiments things I don’t usually touch a lot of this stuff. So I don’t yeah I wouldn’t really mess with that. So let’s move on to the next one ads obviously you can see all the ads that are in this campaign from all that ad groups. So we have read yoga pants and green yoga pants ads here you can see all the keywords is well here and the negative keywords I have a video down below that I have a link to that I did a walkthrough like a complete long walk through with a mastermind group of mine it’s about a minute video and it goes over a lot of stuff we went over the last video plus a lot more. So if you still have questions about AdWords after this video I recommend clicking on that link and watching some of that.

Negative keywords you can come in here and put in negative keywords and in that video link down below I talk a lot more about the negative keywords audiences this is a pretty advanced feature. So will not use that give it a second this is really good for remarketing and stuff but this isn’t doesn’t really apply as much with the early stage stuff. So extensions I talked about a little bit as well some different extensions is things such as site links. So let me show you what that would look like yoga clothes. So site links. So this ad doesn’t have any site links this one does these are the site links down below. So that’s the advantage there let’s see if we can find anything else camping. So this to this is another extension you see how it has the address there that is a different type of an extension that we can do let’s see is that the location extension there’s also call extensions that’s where people can click to call your company the next one i will show you is in here this is my actual be dancewear campaign if you click on the dimensions tab you can see all these different all this different data I don’t usually come in here and see it but there’s a couple different views you can do I can this one is the time day of the week and I see that you know this certain campaign it’s not a lot it’s not a statistically significant amount of data but I see Wednesday’s I get the most sales if let’s see Bdancewear for what I do see is this is a different campaign on Mondays I tend to get the most can well no actually Sunday’s tend to get the most conversions in this campaign and the least amount of clicks and the average CPC is the lowest. So that’s you know that’s some interesting news right there I can use data like this to figure out how I should schedule my campaigns we talked about in the settings maybe I want to bid a little bit more on Sundays or maybe I want to start another campaign that only goes on Sundays I probably wouldn’t really do that but that’s some different ideas there. So the next thing we can look at and i’ll show you is going to keyword go to the ad groups you can do this on different levels too but one of my favorite features. So there’s the filter it’s not one of my favorite features but this this columns. So let me show you about what i’m talking about here. So by default a lot of this data isn’t actually here. So i’ll show you what it looks like i believe by default it looks like this something pretty boring but you can go to the columns modify columns and do things like conversions. So let’s see total conversion value you can do things like Google Analytics pages per session let’s go ahead and apply and you see then this data comes out over here. So you can look here and you can see some cool data this pages processions is one of my favorite another one that I use a lot that’s a little bit confusing is let’s find it competitive metrics search lost is ranked oh no it’s ursula is i think that’s right. So what this is telling me is that twenty-five percent of the time my ads could be showing but they’re not showing because the bid is too low which means that maybe i should raise my bid. So I’ll definitely consider doing that. So that’s some of the data here another thing to keep in mind is this shared library there’s campaign negative keywords and these the way this works is let’s make a list from scratch. So let’s say for instance one negative keyword I don’t want to show for is cheap and that’s true with all campaigns in fact let’s do it on this other one I’ll show you from scratch. So shared library. So I in the video in the link below i made this campaign earlier and there’s these negative keywords here. So what i’m going to do is download these really quick. So this will download it and put it in excel all the keywords. So these are all the negative keywords from the campaign. So what I’m going to do I’m going to go and copy all these because these negative keywords cheap guys whatever they apply for pretty much all campaigns. So what I’m going to do is I’m gonna go to the shared library campaign negative keywords create a new list and i’ll call this common negative keywords go ahead and paste that in there and what i can do is click on this and click apply to campaigns and i can apply this to both campaigns and the benefit of this is let’s say i were to have campaigns and they all have similar negative keywords if i don’t do this list i have to update each one. So like for instance this one right now doesn’t have any negative keywords here but since i did it with the list the negative keywords apply bear is well hopefully that makes sense if it doesn’t i can clarify it basically the negative keyword list you can apply to multiple different campaigns where if you set it here or here this is just for this one campaign. So the negative keywords that you add here are just for one campaign compared to using the list could be shared over a lot of different areas another thing you can do is if you go to tools google analytics actually now linked accounts I apologize linked accounts you can link your Google Analytics it’s really easy to do if you’re using the same email I’m not currently using the same email here. So and I don’t have my google analytics properly set up for the asana yoga i’ll show you in this one then let’s go linked accounts basically you’d go in here go view details and it’s not going to have anything it. So only the B dancer ones are available. So that’s not good but yeah you basically just link them in here which is super easy to do and that’s pretty much it for this lesson if you have any specific questions let me know and I’ll try to get to them as soon as possible thanks and don’t forget to click that link below if you want more information about how to set up ad words if you like this video then you’re going to love my new e-commerce course the k ecommerce profit plant in it I teach you the strategies and techniques that I actually use to build my own successful e-commerce business we talk about how to set up a website in e-commerce site that actually makes sales then we talk about how to get traffic to that site and ultimately i give you the tips and techniques on how to make it be as profitable as possible we talk about things such as SEO Google Analytics everything you’ve heard about Adwords it’s all in there this is really pretty much everything I know about e-commerce I put in this one course I was tired of people asking me how do I get traffic to my website or how do I build an e-commerce site and I want to just bundle it all up in one course when you buy the course will get free lifetime access to my private facebook group and on top of that for the first hundred people to buy the course I’ll give you a free one on one -minute consultation you can go to effective e-commerce com or click up here now to buy the course and make sure that you get one of the free -minute one-on-one consultation sessions

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