How NOT to Start an Online Store

In this video let me talk about how not to Start an Online Store so a lot of Videos I have I talked about all the steps to do to properly start our online store but I want to take the opposite approach in this video tell you about some of the bad things that I see that people do and how to fix them:

  1. Thing I see that people do that I think is just ridiculous and you should not do this is to have nothing special about anything you’re selling if you’re selling the same junk you see everyone else selling good luck there’s very small chance like why would I buy from you so I got a quick story to tell about this that I think will illustrate my point when I went to Thailand I think it was like a year or two ago I went to Thailand and I went to the floating markets because this is like some big thing it’s really excited everyone talked about oh you got to go check out the floating market so I went to the floating markets and I was ready I had some cash in my pocket I was ready to buy some cool souvenirs some cool different like treats and I went there and everybody all the different stands seemingly sold the same stuff I saw some cool little item in one store and then one store down there was a the same items so I wasn’t impressed in fact I just there wasn’t anything I wanted to buy ‘coz it didn’t feel special it since it seemed unique if every store would have specialized in something different I would have spent a lot more money I would have bought a unique food item from one then I would have bought a unique souvenir item from a different one instead they all sold the same stuff so I bought nothing and I think that’s pretty illustrative of my point here I mean I might have bought a little bit of food just because I was hungry but if they would have had different snacks and all the different stands I would have bought a lot more and that’s what’s going on right now with online stores everyone’s selling the same junk over and over again yeah I get it you have some kind of a different watch company guess what movement already did it there’s all these other companies that already did it and sure if you can do something really special you can explain to me why someone would come to your store then great you’ve checked the first box and along with that first box is do you have a niche who is your product for and if you don’t tell me everybody can buy my product my product is for everybody you failed


  1. So not only having something special and unique it’s also having a that you’re really focused on that you’re polarizing this audience nowt here’s some exceptions and sure a lot of million-dollar companies don’t do this right off the bat but most of them started very small and then gradually went up I mean even Nike for instance they didn’t sell clothes and shoes and all the different types of shoes that they did right away they sold a very specific athletic type of shoe and I think it’s even more specific than that I recently just read Phil Knight’s book I can’t remember right now though but he started with a very specific type of shoe track shoes and then he slowly developed more and more types of shoes as he got more successful so you’re not better than Nike and don’t try to jump right away and sell to everybody so that’s some of my big tips right there the other thing not to do is not having a traffic source as traffic strategy that’s a huge mistake so many people want to ask him that’s great how are you going to get traffic to your website they have no idea watch I’ll link a video right here I have ways to get traffic to your online store see if any of those fit for you but if none of them fit and you have no idea on how to get traffic to your online store you’re kind of screwed so definitely figure out your strategy before you even launch on how you’re going to be getting traffic to your online store so that’s mostly everything I’m going to talk about here those are all the tips on how not to launch an online store make sure you avoid all of these and I’m sure you will do better than 98% of the people that I see that start online stores so I hope that helped and if you enjoyed this video click that subscribe button down below I also do have an e-commerce success pack you get for free click up here it’s a checklist for starting your online store I have marketing ideas in this in there I have a book on how to get a virtual assistant a ton of great information all for free doing it that up here the checklist specifically is very helpful I’m actually relaunch I’m launching a new company right now and I’m using that checklist currently so I hope that helps and thank you for watching this video