How to Successfully Launch a Kickstarter

In this Video, I am going to tell you how to launch a Kickstarter, Let me tell you all the secrets and techniques that I personally used. I just launched a Kickstarter and it went extremely well. I raised over 17 thousand dollars but during the but during the 30 days of the Kickstarter, I raised over 15 thousand dollars. And my goal was only 10 thousand dollars and to be honest that was kinda of a stretch goal. So my company was performance nut butter. It was a new company. It was my first time launching a Kickstarter and I was really happy with the results. Sure, I was not able to raise a million dollars like some of these giant kickstarters do. But I also didn’t have a huge budget like most these kickstarters do. So I am going to tell you. How to do it on the cheap, all the techniques, that I used that created a ton of buzz around my Kickstarter. I used a two-pronged approach.

1. Creating a prelaunch Group

2. Influencers

1. Creating a pre-launch Group – Invite friends and family.
a. Get emails – e.g. Instagram
b. Send Emails
c. Invite People to a Group
d. Drip out content – Show logo, show box
e. Announce the launch –

I launched the Kickstarter six in the morning my time. Tuesdays at 6 am. which I recommend launching on a Tuesday. And as soon as I click that button, my girlfriend was next to me and she wanted to be the one who will purchase. before She got a chance to purchase. Five people purchased. So even though that button and she was right there to do it. People were so excited they were sitting there waiting, refreshing, refreshing, just waiting to purchase my product and that is the power of the pre-launch group.

Some other quick tips are use videos very much like this one very quick just use your phone give people updates leading up to it. Ask them to share it. Say that you will enter them in a contest or win freer whatever your product is. So that’s the main thing for prong number 1

2. Influencers

What do they want? – I saw a lot of these influencers and I realize most these people want more attention, they want more publicity. I have a podcast that is a personal podcast. It’s not huge, it’s not extremely popular but I invited these influencers to be a guest on my podcast, now if you are an instagram influencer you may not have been to a podcast and so being invited to one seem like a lot of fun, sounds kinda flattering, it’s an interesting prospect, and why is that important to me is because I get to have an hour long conversation, One on one with this person that I hope will promote my product so at the end of this hour long conversation, that is all about them, I ask them, you know I have this product, what do you think? I am trying to get their opinion and I value it, because if they say it sounds awful I am going to really rethink my business model or I will rethink my marketing. Now if they say they like it. do you mind if I send you a free box? and who’s gonna say no to a free sample of the product they are excited about, So that is what I did. And then I sent them a free jar. Before the actual launch and say hey! do you mind sharing this with your audience and that really means a lot. 80% of them did post it. I made a few thousand dollars from people out of the kindness of their heart posting my product online they, could have easily made a money out of that but they are nice enough to support a young entrepreneur and you gonna remember That’s the whole point of Kickstarter. People wanna support you. So those are my biggest tips on how to launch a Kickstarter.

Two-pronged approach
Get Emails = Facebook Group
Get Emails / Build an Audience
I Used Instagram, give away
Start a Conversation, automated email send free ecommerce success pack
Get them into a group
Why FB Group is important
Influencer Interviews
My Podcast