Is Shopify Dead?


In this video we’re going to talk about is Shopify dead and this is a question I get all the time is it too late to join Shopify and if you’re having this idea in your head if you’re thinking this is the perfect video for you it’ll clear everything up. So first off is it too late to start a Shopify store no not at all unless you’re trying to start another crappy drop shipping website another crappy white-label boring site another site that sells a bunch of random junk that nobody wants it’s too late for that back in 2012 2011 maybe even 2013 maybe even fourteen you can get away with that it’s no it’s no longer like that sure can you make drop shipping profitable still yes you can you make white label stuff profitable on Shopify possibly but only if it’s special only if it’s unique and you guys if you watch my channel and you listen to what I have to say you’ll hear me repeat the same things over and over again but it’s because.

Many people don’t listen and I’m hoping you won’t make that mistake. So it Shopify dead no it’s not as long as you follow four rules niche down build a brand build a tribe and you have to have something special I almost forgot there for a second yeah those are the really special that’s what makes Shopify. So powerful if you have something special you can get people to buy from you still if it’s the same jump they can buy anywhere else if they can buy that same thing on Amazon they’re not going to buy from you. So keep that in mind got a niche down I talk about this on my other videos if your market and your demographics is everyone then you’re kind of screwed because it’s much harder to convince everyone that you’re the right store for them what it’s better to do is be polarizing this is how presidents get elected is half the population hates them but a slightly bigger percentage of the population loves them if everyone feels lukewarm about you don’t win an election you don’t make a sale when you buy something you only want to buy things that you love you never buy something that you feel meant about. So by trying to market to a wide demographic you’re making a lot of people feel meh about you and they’re not going to give you their money but if instead you could be polarizing like you know my company performance nut butter for instance and I don’t expect anyone from this video to buy from me just purely as an example this is polarizing some people are going to love this and some people are going to hate this if you love candy bars this isn’t the product for you there’s no sugar in it but if you like health food and you hate that you know people are eating all this sugar in your life and then all the time you’re going to love this product.

You got to be polarizing obviously building a tribe I think is very important. So once again Shopify is not dead if you can build a tribe of people I used this example last week in a YouTube live and I got some funny comments but one of the best examples of a long lasting like building a tribe in it like working for them and building a brand over time is Christianity Jesus he didn’t he didn’t market himself what he did is he created a tribe around him of people that were followers and I’m not a religious person but I think it’s just such a beautiful example because it’s lasted for thousands in 2000 plus years what did he do he made such an impact on a small number of people that they went out and they spread the message for him you should be doing this with your brand. So build a brand new town do something special build a tribe all that great stuff if you do all of this it’s not too late for Shopify and I have some video I’ll link a video up here how I built a Shopify website in just four minutes you can check that out it’s not that hard to do.

Not only is it not dead it’s not that hard to build a Shopify site it’s a little bit harder to build a niche and a tribe and I think I have a video about that as well I’ll link up up here and down below in the show notes last but not least if you are considering signing up for Shopify click up here or down below to use my link I and if you use my link and either one of those I’ll give you a free 30-minute one-on-one consultation I get a little bit of credit it’s a very small amount if you use my link. So as a thank you I’ll give you that free one-on-one 30-minute consultation to help you get started guys it’s not too late this is actually my opinion in the year to do it I think it’s the perfect time. So go ahead build that Shopify site leave a comment down below if you have any questions subscribe to this channel if you want to get more videos like this and last but not least before you leave you can click up here as well to get my free ecommerce store success pack which includes a checklist for starting your business and a bunch of really cool stuff a bunch of tools you’re going to need when you’re starting your online stores. So thank you. So much for watching.

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