Join Ecommerce Mastermind

The Ecommerce Mastermind

This group is for anyone looking to grow their ecommerce business, it includes 5-6 ecommerce business owners meeting once a week for an hour helping each other improve their eCommerce businesses.  All meetings will be held via Google Hangouts (which is similar to skype); so you can join from the comfort of your home at your convenience.


  • You’ll set weekly action items for yourself and as a group we will keep you accountable
  • You’ll set a new goal every 3 months so we can see if you’re making progress
  • Once per month we as a group focus on a specific topic such as email marketing, working with virtual assistants, PLA’s, etc.  This way we can all learn and stay on top of new marketing developments.
  • Rotating hot seat so about once a month all the attention is on you and your store
  • I’ll be on every call (and the mastermind is much cheaper then my normal consulting rate)

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Submit the application above and I will let you know which of my groups of ecommerce owners will fit perfectly with your time zone, experience and revenue levels.