Ecommerce News Ep. 2 Spotlight Marketing and Google Adwords PLA Updates

E-commerce is the new trend that has taken the world by storm. Why spend loads of money to own an outlet and be limited to just a few consumers, when you can have your business on the internet and get millions of people to visit your online store every single day.

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Effective E-commerce with Travis Marziani is an online broadcast for E-commerce operators and individuals looking to get into the business. In these short clip, a lot about E-commerce is addressed leaving you with loads of information that you would need to thrive in your business. The world of e-commerce can be quite daunting, if you step into it blindly without proper knowledge of what to do. These videos provide a number of helpful tips that would be of immense value to you and your business. Get where you want to be in as little time as possible!

This episode of E-commerce News takes a look at how over 30,000 target consumers were drawn to an E-commerce site at no costs at all. Also, we take a look at how Ad-words and product listing ads can help to generate traffic from your target demographic. There are a number of ways to get exactly where you want to be in your business. These include:

Spotlight marketing

Spotlight marketing is a very important concept in E-commerce, and was used to get over 30,000 people to a website. Like most online business operators, when your business begins, you may be looking for a cheap way to get people to visit your website. Most of the techniques that E-commerce authors and advisers may preach would often require sizeable investments. One of the best ways to reach out to your target demographic is by first of all providing value to your customers. The hard truth is, if your product (more…)

How to Start an Online Store: Pick Your Shopping Cart

Brief Introduction

The video is for newbies interested in setting up and running their own online stores. It focuses on how to start an online store, the importance of shopping carts and how to go about it. It gives the three most reliable shopping cart platforms for your online store and also recommended one of them

Importance of shopping carts

Picking a ready-to-go shopping cart platform saves you the rigors and technical knowhow of how to build a website and also integrate it to your custom built shopping cart platform. And if you intend to outsource it, you have to part with a lot of money. But picking an already built shopping cart platform saves you all that since no website is required

Three recommended shopping cart platforms

There are three highly reliable platforms that you can select – Shopify, Volusion and Bigcommerce. Even though the speaker in the video uses Volusion for his own online store, he suggests the option of Shopify for newbies. This is because Shopify is said to be the easiest to understand and manage among the three shopping cart platforms.

While he agrees that all the three of them have their own peculiar advantages, he believes that shopify should be chosen before the other two because it offers a lot of plug-ins and also supports so many applications.

To avoid a miscommunication, he pointed out that the other two platforms are also very good and reliable. You are still in safe hands if you choose any of them. He just opined that Shopify is the best for newbies due to the reasons mentioned above.

Of course you may have come across several reviews about the three of them, some may be encouraging and some may be unpleasant. The truth is… no review can give you a better idea than trying them out for yourself. (more…)

How to Start an Online Store: Get a Domain Name

What we do

We share tips and secrets on how you can start and grow your e-commerce business. We help you gain financial freedom using an e-commerce business for a short period or make extra cash on the side from an e-commerce business.

In this short article, you will learn about how to get a domain name if you intend to start an online store and what factors you should consider when picking any domain name.

Have you ever considered running an online store or an e-commerce business? You may have been discouraged by different factors which could include lack of funds, lack of an audience, lack of proper planning or more. However, there are different considerations to make and grow your business which will be discussed in other articles.

When choosing a domain name, put the following factors into account;

  1. Easy to spell– when a domain name is easy to spell, prospective clients can easily type it in and find what they are searching for as they can easily spell it. However, if it’s hard to spell, they may get frustrated and find another store to give them what they want. So try to select a domain name which is straightforward and easy to sell.
  1. Make it short– a shorter domain name has a greater possibility of ranking high on Google as people may rarely search it. No prospective client wants to go through the pain of typing in a long domain name, and they will rather go for a shorter one which is easier to remember and also easier to spell. Also, ranking on Google is paramount for business as it shows how much a client can trust the website.
  1. Insert a keyword– using a keyword that is similar or the same as the product you are selling or intending to sell will increase the rank (more…)