Beginners Facebook Ads Course

$499.00 $197.00

•Beginners Facebook Ads Course ($297 Value)
•1 Year Membership to my Private Facebook Mastermind Group ($97)
•3 Premium Checklists and 2 Worksheets ($47 Value)
•Free 30 Minute 1 on 1 Coaching Session With Me ($100 Value)


BONUS: First 100 People to Pre-Order will get a 30 minute 1 on 1 consultation with me for free (a $100 value)!

 This Beginners Facebook Ads Course is a complete A-Z, step by step program that will teach you everything you need to know to run profitable Facebook Ads.  To see all the modules and lessons included scroll down below.

Watch Module 1 Lesson 1 Below

When you buy this course you will get 7 modules that walk you through how to create every part of your Facebook ad.
This course has 5+ hours of content, plus checklists and worksheets to help guarantee you success with Facebook Ads.

The Beginners Facebook Ads Course Includes:

  • Beginners Facebook Ads Course ($297 Value)
  • 1 Year Membership to my Private Facebook Mastermind Group ($97)
  • 3 Premium Checklists and 2 Worksheets ($47 Value)
  • Free 30 Minute 1 on 1 Coaching Session With Me For The First 25 Buyers ($100 Value)

All for only $197

$499 $197

$499.00 $197.00Buy Now

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


The 7 Modules Include:

Module Lesson Video Length
1. Introduction Course Introduction 5:12
Complete Walkthrough 45:00
2, Initial Setup How To Make a Facebook Page For Your Business 7:13
Facebook Pixel Overview 10:12
Installing The Facebook Pixel in Shopify 1:45
Posting Calendar – Planning is Your Key to Success 5:45
3. Building Your Audience Creating Your Brand and Finding Your Avatar 12:08
Creating an Audience For Your Facebook Ads 10:12
Custom Audience and Audience Insights 10:12
Tips and Tricks for A Better Audience 7:15
4. Facebook Ads Campaigns Breakdown Which Facebook Ads Campaign is Best for Your – Comparing the Campaign Types 10:45
Lead Ads 11:22
Video Ads 11:59
Conversion Ads 12:36
Remarketing Ads 13:13
How to Boost a Post 5:17
5, Facebook Ad Images and Copy Marketing 101 – 3 Elements of Successful Ad 10:15
Video Explaining This 11:12
Video Showing How to Do This 12:11
6. More Tips For Building A Powerful Facebook Ad Power Editor 10:15
How to Split Test Ads 11:12
How to Increase Facebook Engagement 12:11
Facebook Ads: Bidding, Budgets & Schedules 11:15
7. Reviewing and Tweaking Your Ad For More Profit Facebook Ads Metrics, Columns, Breakdown and What To Look At 12:23
Walkthrough 10:12



Here are some sample lessons below.

Module 3 Lesson 1 Creating Your Brand and Finding Your Avatar
Module 7 Lesson 1 Onpage SEO Overview

$499 $197

$499.00 $197.00Buy Now

30 day money back grantee, so there is no risk, buy it try it and if you don’t like it you get your money back!


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