#16 Content Marketing 9 Content Marketing Strategies

In this episode of the effective e-commerce podcast we’re going to go talking about content marketing.  We will go over nine different content marketing strategies. So the first thing we want to talk about is what content marketing is. I’ve already talked about it in previous episodes but just in case you did not listen to the previous episodes let me just go over it really quickly. Content marketing in its true form is just releasing some kind of content that could be an article it could be a YouTube video it could be a Pinterest pin it could be a podcast this is a type of this is content something that people can consume so content marketing is creating content so people will consume it and ultimately they will purchase from your company purchase from your brand so we’ll go over nine different strategies and remember keep in mind like I said this could be blog articles is what’s most commonly seen when people talk about content marketing that’s usually blog articles but I could be getting this wrong but I remember hearing that soap operas. The reason they’re called soap operas was actually that like Palmolive I think it was and a few of the other soap companies created these dramas because they knew that housewives at the time would listen to the dramas and then they would pay for the advertisements in them I don’t know if they I could be wrong on the fact that they created them or whatever but that’s how they got their name the soap opera was created for the housewife and then the advertisements were soap companies and trying to get the housewives to Pit into by their specific type of soap so it doesn’t always have to be A ONE-to-one match like a lot of times people think that it needs to be specifically about your product so let’s go over the nine that I have and I might even be able to think of some more as I’m talking so

  1. Tips and Tricks

– so these are our articles they can be a lot of different things I mean and in fact this is a tips and trick article.  I’m not directly trying to sell something but what I’m trying to do is gain authority here by producing all these podcasts. I’m hoping that you listen to them and you value what I say and if I were to talk about a course for instance that I have which I do have some courses or some kind of specific product that you’d say wow I believe that he’s telling the truth it’s authentic so tips and tricks could be a lot of different things for performance nut butter I could do seven tips to get you into keto faster ketosis which is a type of the ketogenic diet is a diet ketosis Isa state of the body where it’s burning fat so I could do seven tips or tricks to get you an Aikido faster for be dancer at my dance clothing company we could do seven tricks to run your dance studio better seven tricks to passing any dance audition so this is pretty self-explanatory but it’s just good to remember that this is one of the most basic pillars of content marketing pretty much everything I do on YouTube is tips or tricks for my effective-commerce brand and company so next up number two

  1. Spotlight Marketing –

I’ve talked about this before in previous episodes and I think actually the next episode I do is going to be a full-blown episode talking about spotlight marketing so I’m just going to skim the surface here but spotlight marketing is basically where you interview someone and it could be an influencer it could be someone that’s potentially going to be your customer it doesn’t really matter who it is you interview someone for content for your blog but also to try to create a deeper relationship with that person so spotlight marketing is more than just a content marketing strategy it’s a strategy for creating relationships as well so let’s save that one for the next episode.

  1. Educate your users –

now this is a very broad term but what Iman by this is you could educate your users on what is the ketogenic diet so you could educate your users on what are what are booty shorts what are jazz pants what are all the different items that you sell and once again it doesn’t have to be necessarily an item that you sell but that’s probably a more one-to-one marketing strategy could say yeah what is ketosis and then half way through the article I could say by the way performance unbutters is a great way to keep you into ketosis and you know the more subtle youkan place it in there probably the better you don’t want it to seem like too salesy by any means so you could educate your users on a ton of different things but I think the most powerful way to do it is on your product or on something related to your product I don’t think I use this anywhere else but educating your users could also be buying guide it could be for instance I’ve used the example of kayaks a lot if you have a drop shipping website or just a regular website and you are the kayak king your way of educating the users because could be what’s the difference between a river kayak and an ocean kayak and I don’t know if there is a difference but you know you could talk about in an article what’s the difference between these two and tell people why they would want to buy one over the other and then when they go to purchase it they’re much more likely to buy it from you because you’re trusted resource this is how so many small businesses have been able to staying business despite Walmart being much cheaper but despite Amazon being much cheaper is by providing that extra little bit of service now not all the small businesses have been able to staying business obviously but the ones that really go out of their way to provide some extra servers some extra value Can do that so number three is educate your users


  1. Answer Questions

now once again this is very broadening can be anything but what are the most common questions that your customers have answer them this could also be what is ketosis this could be how to eat performance nut butter how to how to peanut butter on the go that one’s probably not the best one it could be educating or it could be answering questions anything and everything this is a way for you to open up the floodgates and every time you get a question write an article out about it because if one person has that question probably more people do I obviously do a lot of this on Wednesdays on my YouTube channel I answer questions that I get either through emails or through comments in the on the comments section or from people that talk that join the YouTube live which I do every Wednesday from to  p.m. PST so answering questions allows you to farm out some of the content because it’s hard sometimes thinking of new ideas but people will give you questions and you can just answer them pretty straightforward

  1. Use Social Media

For content so the example I use for this is Pinterest we do a DIY Pinterest pin for B dancers B dancer we sell dance clothing and we do it’s pretty elaborate actually what we do but we create a pin and on that pin is like five steps to how to rhinestone your dance costume let’s just keep it very basic and then when someone clicks on it takes them to a page they can sign up for the DIY guide they sign up for the DIY guide and we do awhile email sequence selling them stuff but that’s not all of it that’s not the only thing that we do when they we also do a YouTube video about that same things social media could be Pinterest could be YouTube could be Facebook Instagram you can use social media to spread your content for all those so that’s strategy number five use social media for your content strategy number

  1. Extend your content with social media

So fairly similar to number five but with this omelet’s say we create a YouTube video specifically designed for YouTube there’s no reason not to put it on Instagram there’s no reason not to putt on the Facebook now if it’s on Facebook we might want to chop it up into smaller videos same thing with Instagram we might want to make this into smaller videos but it’s really there’s no reason not to also throw ion all your other social media platforms number

  1. Top List

So this could be so many different examples it could be the top  ketogenic athletes the top ten you know anything the top ten dance studios and I’ve talked about in previous episode how I did the top dance studios in the United States I compiled this list and I got all the dance studios to share it with all their followers etc. and it ended up going extremely viral got me a lot of traffic a ton a huge spike in traffic I wish for people listening to this I do have I think I have videos on YouTube actually where I showed my Google Analytics and it’s like it’s pretty level pretty level and all the sudden it’s just huge and it Dwarfs all the traffic I think I got like, people in a day which is a pretty big number because usually I think I get hundred people in a day on my blog so you can do topless anything that you can think of it’s a great way to reach outdo influencers as well like I said if you for performance nuttier I might do the top ten paleo athletes the top ten ketogenic athletes the top ten vegan athletes reach out to all of them and say hey you made it to this list I’d like to also send you a free box performance nut butter which is a great way to get them to kind of scratch their back and kind of get them in front of your brand so number seven top lists number

  1. Put out news in the industry

Become the trusted sources there’s a bunch of different ways to do this I don’t really do this a lot with my companies and part of that reason for that is because it’s really hands-on approach I’ll give you some examples for effective e-commerce actually for a while I was going to be doing a ecommerce news where every week would do a new news episode but to be honest with you it was just not that much fun I didn’t really enjoy doing it might pick it back up but the problem for me personally was some weeks were pretty slow and there wasn’t that anything that interesting and it didn’t get a lot of use and that’s the other thing about all these different content strategies if it’s not working and you’re not enjoying doing it at ascertain point you can stop I mean you want to keep going at least for a little while maybe do  of the articles  of the YouTube videos whatever it is but if you see it’s not working and for me particularly my e-commerce news videos did way worse than all my other videos so it wasn’t that my YouTube platform wasn’t the right platform it wasn’t that my content wasn’t good enough it was just that people didn’t care as much about that so putting out news becoming a trusted source is a good way to do it for performance nut butter might do I don’t know I have different news like news and kid this week in Quito whatever it is and then for be dance where I might do dance relatedness like I don’t even know what that island as you can tell it’s probably not something I really care about so not something I’d really want to do but maybe for you and your company doing a weekly news thing that people come toad you’re the trusted source for could be very valuable all right number  and know we’re doing this episode quick but I’m really here just to give you quick awesome tips that you can walk away from and implement I don’t want Tobe one of those podcasts or you listen to it and it’s a bunch of fluff and after an hour of listening you realize you had nothing of value to come out from it so I’m hoping that at least I’m hoping in every episode there’s at least one little small nugget that you can take away okay so number  DIY content articles videos Pinterest everything in DIY can mean so many different things for once again using B dancewear DIY is how to do your own dance costume how to make a dance costume using the basic pieces that provide for performance nut butter DIY might instead be recipes it might be how-to create a recipe using performance unbutters how to make keto friendly muffins how to make keto friendly pancakes and then performance nut butter it could be the icing whatever it is DIY could also be you know household stuff it could be how to assemble furniture it could be whatever your brand is so maybe your brand is related to I don’t know bamboo furniture and you could do how to DIY a couch that would go really well with that bamboo furniture you know I’m not an expert obviously in every single aspect of this but start thinking what are some DIY projects that people like to do related to your industry and once again it does not need to be a direct one-to-one correlation so we zoomed through all of that I’m going to read them one more time to you before I do remember if you haven’t yet please go to iTunes leave five star review for a chance to win agree one-on-one consulting session with me plus it just really helps out the podcast it lets me know that you like what I’m doing here and it also will allow me to get higher quality guests after these first   episodes that I do solo once I’m ready to start getting guests on if I can show them Icey I got  I tune reviews I’m much more likely to get some high level guests coming on so go to iTunes please leave that -star review and enter for chance to win a free one-on-one consulting session alright so number all the tips all the content marketing strategies number one tips and tricks number two spotlight marketing number three educate your users number four answer questions number five use social media for content number six extend your content with social media number seven top lists number eight put up news in your industry become the trusted source and

  1. DIY

which also includes things like recipes so that’s all nine of them also if you want some more ideas on how to start your online business got effective e-commerce calm you can poke around I do have a course you’re definitely welcome I would love it you know obviously if you get the course Idol think it’s a great quality course I try to put everything I know into it but if you’re tight on cash these podcasts are going to give you a great start so you can definitely listen to these podcasts I know when I started my online store was really cheap which I regret being as cheap as I was I was really cheap and wanted to just try to learn everything on my own and that’s okay I think when you’re starting out it’s okay to be cheap obviously now I’m willing to pay for knowledge I’m willing to pay to get fast forwarded into success but that’s not for everyone so if you want to go to effective e-commerce you can check out my course and on top of that you can sign up for the e-commerce success pack which is a free checklist a free marketing idea is a free guide on how to hire a virtual assistant so much good stuff there you can go check that outland with that being said like I said please go to iTunes leave that five star review for a chance to win a free one-on-one consulting session with me plus you really get to help out the podcast when you do that so that’s it thank you for listening to this podcast if you’re listening it to it thanks for watching it on YouTube if you’re watching it and have a great rest your day bye now

  1. Tips, Tricks
  2. Spotlight Marketing
  3. Educate your users
  4. Answer Questions
  5. Use social media for content
    1. Example of Pintrest contents
  6. Extend your content with social media
  7. Top Lists
  8. Put Out News in your industry become the trusted source
  9. DIY – recipes etc.