Why your Website is not Making Any Sales

So you have a website up but it’s not making any sales why is that why does nobody trust your website there’s a few really good reasons why and there’s probably two main categories there’s the technical reasons why and the social proof reasons why and both these are critically important.


There’s the technical reasons first up your website probably looks really bad it probably looks crappy it probably looks like some kind of a scam website easy to fix here’s some of the things one go to your favorite web site go to your the biggest competitor you have the person you know that makes millions of millions of dollars and figure out who that is and copy the look and feel of their website in the meantime eventually you can afford to hire a designer and make your website look much much better but at first that’s what you need to do you need to go to your competitors website and try to copy all the details number two your about Us page probably looks awful no one trusts you what can you do to change that add a picture of yourself at the minimum add your story out of video and it’s not hard to add a video you can take your phone and just start recording I mean you make it slightly more professional than that but you know maybe set it up if you have some friends that know what they’re doing you know whatever it is talk about your company in yourself and if you for whatever reason don’t think you look good on camera don’t come across well on camera hire a professional to do it you can go on Fiverr and for five dollars you can get an about us video that’s gonna look really good and it’s gonna help people trust in you. So there’s also other things you’ll hear people talk about trust seals all the time and those are basically saying that you know their payment is safe and I think those are important those are helpful I don’t think they’re necessary and this is debatable I think some of the some of the gurus out there will say you need to have this you know I don’t know how much it actually helps but it’s a thought it’s something to think about.


Ultimately if people are coming to your website and you’re not making sales they don’t trust you possibly is number one and like I said technical reasons or social proof reasons. So let’s go over the social proof reasons and then I’ll give you another reason why you might not be making sales. So social proof if you know the word social proof means it basically means that other people in your social group say hey that’s a good product and is like an evolutionary thing this goes back hundreds of thousands of years this goes back to the time when someone would eat something maybe a new plant would be found and they’d say hey is this plant safe to eat and if Bob says yeah no I’ve eaten that plant before it’s totally good you know it’s safe if he doesn’t say that are you gonna eat that plant no of course and the same thing happens with purchasing something online you’re not gonna purchase something online if you’re unsure because you’ll lose that money and we still have that amygdala we still have that fear response deep in our brain that says I don’t know if I trust this it’s better not to take a chance than it is to take a chance and regret it.


It’s the same same process still going on from hundreds of thousands of years actually put millions of years ago. So social proof. So how can you help this better social media pages Instagram show reviews and testimonials do whatever you can to make people feel like they’re not the first one to ever come buy a product from you and if they are still putting some fake reviews do whatever you can to make it seem like your product is your company is safe to buy from. So that’s some of the reasons why people might not trust you and you might not be getting sales that’s the first part the second part is there’s a chance that what you’re selling isn’t interesting it’s not unique and if it’s not if you’re not selling something unique and interesting why would someone buy it from you versus someone else and what I mean by this is a lot of people especially a lot of people that follow me and listen to what I have to say they have a drop shipping website that sells a bunch of crap that people can buy anywhere when’s the last time you bought some random crap online from some website you don’t trust you probably don’t if you’re gonna buy something online especially if it’s from a website you may not trust it’s got to be special like it’s got to be something. So good that you’re like wow I’m willing to take the risk of losing my money in our fraud scheme. So how can you fix this sell something unique I mean one of the things I did for instance one of my company’s performance nut butter you can’t get it anywhere else. So if you want to try it you have to come to my website or Amazon and buy it from me now if your drop shipping the same stuff that twenty other people are why they pick you there’s not a good reason unless you give them a good reason. So what would be some good reasons maybe you YouTube videos reviewing it you reviewing all the different products maybe a blog post reviewing all the different products a number of different possible reasons but ultimately you need to give them a reason to want to buy from you instead of other people. So it could be that people aren’t trusting you because your website or because there’s not enough social proof or it could be that they just have no reason to buy from you they’re not enticed enough. So I hope this video is helpful if you haven’t yet you can sign up click up here to get my free ecommerce success pack includes a checklist for starting your business checklist for AdWords it’s just a ton of free stuff marketing ideas all that right up there if you haven’t yet make sure you click that subscribe button down below and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment I’m happy to answer any questions thank you. So much for watching this

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