#1 Amazon Product Research Secret NO ONE IS TELLING YOU!!

The most important product research technique that no body is talking about – it’s creating a product you are passionate about

1. Excited For The Product

Someone with more money will never be able to beat you towards the idea of the product if you’re excited and passionate about it.

2. You Are The Customer

You already know there is already one customer in the world, and that’s you. And there’s probably more people out there like you.

3. You Are The Niche

You don’t have to do a bunch of niche research since you are already the niche. You already know what you want and you’re making the product for yourself.

And think about it this way, if you are the niche, then your friends are probably a niche too, so utilize all the resources you have.

The truth is, if you’re using my method, you don’t have to use product research tools although they can be helpful.

Bluehost vs HostGator vs. SiteGround – Best Host for WordPress/ Woocommerce

Setting up your WordPress website? You might encounter Blue Host, Host Gator, and Site Grounds when purchasing your domain name because they are three big domain providers for WordPress.

In this video, I’ll be comparing all three so you’ll get to see the pros and cons of each. And hopefully help you decide which one you’ll choose by the end of the video!

Blue Host vs. Host Gator

Both of these websites are owned by the same company. Their goal is to make the prices cheaper. These two are very similar but Blue Host is what WordPress recommends.

Blue Host vs. Site Ground

-Both Approved by WordPress and Wocommerce
-Ease of Use – This is highly debatable but I do lean towards Blue Host
-Speed and Up Time – Site Ground is better at having your website up and the loading speed is much faster too
-Security – They both have great security but Site Ground wins this one because they do provide free SSL certificates even with their cheapest plans
-Price – Site Ground is a little cheaper than Blue Host so it wins for the price, too
-Wordpress and WooCommerce – It’s a tie for this since they both run wordpress and woocommerce well

Whichever service you choose, put your website out there, buy your domain name, and get hosting today. It’s one of the best choices I have ever made! :

How I Taught My Girlfriend to Make PASSIVE INCOME (in 6 Minutes)

How Do You Create A Passive Income? I don’t support dropshipping or white labeling because while you can make sales from it, you won’t be able to make as much profit as if it was your own product. So create a product that you wish existed in the world. You don’t want to copy someone else, that’s what everyone is teaching you. Call it a passion project and think of a product that is unique and would give value to the world.

Here was what I told Ariana to do in 5 weeks to make her product launch a success!

Week 1:

Create A Tribe

When people see something unique, they’re more likely to follow you, your brand, and your company. By creating a pre-launch group, you already have a bunch of interested people and by the time you have launched your product, you have a huge influx of sales.

To create a tribe, one thing you should do is create an Instagram for your page and follow, comment, and like on other people. Another is to build an email list then a facebook launch group. All these tools are free and they’re a great way of creating brand awareness for you product.

Create a Basic Mock Up Of Your Product

It doesn’t have to be perfect yet, just create a basic model of how you would want your product to look like

Week 2:

She hired a designer and kept working on Instagram.

Week 3:

She worked on her kickstarter page where she created her copies and layout.

Week 4:

She filmed and edited the kickstarter video. She also started her drip campaign where she let people know in Instagram, Facebook, and in email that the launch was happening in two weeks.

Week 5:

She posted on social media and sent emails to let people know that the launch was happening in a week. She (more…)

4-Minute GOOGLE ADWORDS Setup + Tutorial

I made almost $2M online revenue from my first company, BDancewear. Most of the traffic came from Google AdWords.

Setting it up is so easy and I’ll show you a step by step guide in just 4 minutes!

1. Keyword Research – When someone searches a keyword, it would bring traffic to your website. Think of all the keywords your potential customers would search for to find your product.

2. Set Up The Campaign – You’ll want to put the keyword you want to show up for in ‘Campaign Name’. Tick off search partners but don’t tick off display network. Then, choose which location you would want to prioritize, the language, the budget, and how much you would pay when someone clicks on your link.

3. Set Up The Ad Group – Next, add in your ad group name. When adding your keywords, keep in mind the different types of keyword matches: keyword = broad match, “keyword” = phrase match, [keyword] = exact match.

4. Write The Ad Copy – After that, you’ll be directed into creating a new ad. Here, you’ll want to add in three headlines. The whole point of headlines is to capture people’s attention. When adding your URL, don’t waste time adding the home page, instead make sure to input the product page already.

Another tip is to look at the ad copies of your competitors and create a copy that would stand out.

5. Add Negative Keywords – The last thing is adding your negative keywords. Here, you’ll want to add the keywords you wouldn’t want to show up for. For example, my target location is the US, so when someone searches ‘Keto Snack Australia’, my ad would not show up for that.

6. Go Through Keywords – Go through your keywords one by one and add them to new campaigns (more…)

How SHE MADE $1,851 in 15 DAYS

Karla Mazariegos, owner of Autoimmuni-Tea raised almost $2,000 in only 15 days by using my system. In this video, Karla and I will be talking about what she did to make that much money in a short amount of time.

Karla had the idea to create Autoimmuni-Tea based from her struggles with health. She wanted to make a product that would create awareness about autoimmune symptoms and raise research funds. This is the first step in creating your own business, create something that you wish existed in the world.

1. Growing A Community – Karla said that this was one the most effective method that she used. She grew her own community who liked her product by growing her online audience.
2. Identify Your Niche – Figure out who you’re selling your product to and go where they usually hang out. In Karla’s case, it was Instagram.
3.Grow Your Email List – When you’re launching a product, you want to do everything you can to grow that email list and grow your community.
4. Direct Message – Message your audience everywhere and keep them up to date in your launch.


How do you optimize your store for conversions? Here are the steps:

1. Add To Cart Button

The add to cart button has to be on the first part of the page so people can already see it.

2. Reviews

You need to get reviews on your site so people know that customers can what real people are saying about the actual product.

3. Product Pictures

Make sure to add multiple angles of your product so people can see more or less what it would like once they order it. Another is having good supporting images such as comparisons with competing brands, the different ways to use your product, and your product in action.

4. PayPal Option

5. Install Inspectlect

This allows you to record people using your website. You can see what it’s like for them to interact with your website, and from there, you get to see some issues that you could fix.

6. Email Capture

7. Mobile Friendly

You can check how mobile friendly your website is by narrowing your browser. This is a huge way to increase your conversions.

8. Grandma Proof Website

Make it easy to navigate and easy understand. Go through your website and if there is anything that does not make sense or does not flow well, make it look easier.

9. Testimonials

You can show what people think about your product or how they react to it, it’s great to add this to your website.

The lesson I learned this week is you don’t need to put a lot of pressure in yourself. You need to know when to take a break for yourself.


Hire a virtual Assistant: https://www.effectiveecommerce.com/onlinejobs/

I created a condensed, step by step guide on how to hire your own VA! There’s only 24 hours in a day and honestly, you won’t have enough time to do everything on your own if you want a fully functional and organized business. It’s the only reason why I was able to build three businesses, it was because I had help.

In this video, I’ll break down what you need to do in order to successfully hire a VA.

1. Sign Up

I recommend Onlinejobs.ph because that’s what I personally use and I’ve hired great employees from there. It’s also a great platform to hire fulltime VAs. If you decide to go with onlinejobs.ph, you would want to go for the paid memberships. It’s not a scam website and going for a paid membership was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

2. Post Your Job

When doing this, you’re going to want to add some special instructions somewhere in your job post to ensure that the person applying actually read it through. Examples of this would be having them change the title of their message, or adding a few details about them. The reason you should do this is because you want to know who is serious and who is not serious about working for you.

3. Interview

Go through the messages and choose the candidates you like. It’s best to do this via video call so you get to see how fast their internet speed is, how they respond to your questions, their thinking, and if they live up to what they say in their resumes.

4. Sample Project

Give them a sample project before you hire them. You get to see how they work, how fast they work, and the quality of their work. This is also a way to (more…)