My First Amazon FBA Private Label Product – 5 Month Results

It has been 5 months since Ariana launched her product, Vino Cards, on Amazon. There has been some big successes and some failures too. For this video, we will share with you how she started her business, why the sales went down since the 1st month she launched, and what we will be doing to fix it.

Ariana created the product last year. We came up with the idea of wine flashcards which we thought would be something useful for us and for everybody else. The second step was coming up with a prototype of the product and shared it with a Facebook Launch Group that Ariana created. She used Instagram to get people into the group. The benefit of the group is to get feedback and crowdsource ideas on how to improve the product. This is also a way to validate your product.

Here are different ways to validate your product:
1. Emails – Did people gave their emails?
2. Launch Group – Did people join the launch group?
3. Interaction – Are they interacting with you?
4. Crowdfund – Did people give you the money when you launched on Kickstarter?

One of the mistakes we realized was having the product airship with the boxes being too thin. It resulted to having dents and damages on the boxes. Another mistake was ordering too much.

For the first month, Ariana sold 150 units and made about $1,000 in profit. Since then, she was only able to sell 60 units per month. Ariana admits that she hasn’t put in much time and effort into it, but I still would give her a lot of props. It’s tough to balance having a full-time job and growing a business on the side. Aside from these, she also takes care of me and puts the house in order.

From the updates that we’ve (more…)

Stop Your Amazon FBA Account From Being HACKED!! (My Horror Story)

My Amazon FBA account was hacked and I lost control of it for two weeks. In this video, I will share with you what happened so you can prevent the same thing from happening to you and how I managed to fix it and retrieve my account.

Here are some important notes that you should remember if you have an Amazon account:
• Once you lost control of your account, it’s a pain to get Amazon on the phone.
• Make sure you have a backup account that has access to your Amazon account
• If you are able to get a hold of someone on the phone, request for the case to be transferred to VCAC.

I am not 100% sure how this happened. I might have been sent a phishing email or I could have typed in my password while connected to a public WiFi during my vacation in the Philippines. I was also able to download a PDF editor app that was full of virus and my password could have been stolen from there. To prevent having your passwords stolen, take note of the following:

1. Don’t reply to phishing emails
2. Don’t log in to unsecured WiFi
3. Don’t Install Unsecured Apps

One thing that saved me was my second account. It is the account that my virtual assistant used to log in to my account and do certain tasks. Although that backup account has limited access, it still allowed me to send in more inventory while I was locked out of my account.

For added security to your accounts, you should enable the two-step authentication. You can do this not just for your Amazon account, but also for your email accounts. With this, you are not only required a password but a code as well before you can log in to your account.

The trick I used (more…)

7 Secrets to Success with Amazon FBA

In this video, I will share with you 7 Amazon secrets I have tried and tested in selling my own product.


One of the most powerful tips nobody is talking about is creating a launch group. It is where you get potential customers to a Facebook group. It can also be on Instagram or an email list. Putting people in a Facebook group is very powerful. This is how you share and get feedback on your product. So when you launch on Amazon, the people in your launch group are going to feel invested in your product. They are also most likely to leave comments.


You need to have a good TITLE which contains a lot of keywords. Things that people would search for on Amazon to find your product. You also need to make sure that it’s enticing to your customers. You also get 5 BULLET POINTS where you can highlight the benefits of your product.
The MAIN IMAGE is probably the most important part of your product page. Put as much energy and effort in making a good main image as you can. This is what people look at before they click on your product. I recommend using a high-quality, computer generated image. You also want to add as many OTHER IMAGES as you possibly can. Photos of your product in different angles and all the ways to use it. The REVIEWS section is the next most important. You need to do anything you can to get as many good reviews as possible. If you haven’t yet, get a TRADEMARK as early as possible, to allow you to get brand registered on Amazon. This will allow you to add branded content. Use this section to convince potential customers to buy your product. You can also add (more…)

My First Amazon FBA Private Label Product – The Honest Results

Vino Cards has been on Amazon for about 3 months now, and today we’ll show you how it’s doing and other plans in the future on how to grow it.

We’ve made some big mistakes in the last few months, and the last month or two, the sales have dropped down. These last two months have been a bit of a struggle for Ariana and it’s been hard for her to find the motivation to start working hard on the product, especially after the holidays. Also at the beginning of the year with a lot of things coming up plus working full time, it’s been really tough coming home and spending that extra time working on Vino Cards

Why sales have been down for the last 2 months?

Ariana admits not putting much effort into it as the reason. If she spent a lot more time trying to reach out to people and get influencers to really hype it up, it would’ve brought the sales up and awareness of the product.

The fact that sales were down, how did that feel? Did that scare you?

Ariana has anticipated the sales going down a little more after the holidays because we know, Christmas is a peak season. In fact, Vino Cards did really great during Christmas because a lot of people are looking for a unique product to give as a present, and this product is perfect for that.
And after the holidays, it did make it seem it would be a lot more work this time.

Plans for the coming months to grow the sales:

Directly communicating with people and see what they want from the product and keeping them engaged. Interaction meant a lot in the FB launch group, and if we continue that on Instagram, that will help spread the (more…)

My First Year Selling On Amazon FBA – The Honest Results

In this video, I will share with you three different things that I’ve learned during my first year of selling on Amazon.

My Actual Numbers
I sold 13,739 units of my product last year. With that, I made $365,082.65 in revenue in Amazon alone. Minus the different expenses, it made $120,920.22 in profit which is absolutely amazing. In Shopify, I made $16,918.39 in revenue.

One quick tip: when you are launching any product on Amazon, create a Product Launch Group. This is a Facebook group where you get a bunch of friends and other people who are interested in buying your product before you launch it. When you launch it, you tell everyone in the group and you’ll have tons of sales and reviews right away.

How I Did It?
When I quit my corporate job six years ago, I went into selling dance clothes with my mom. However, it was really draining as it was something I know nothing about. At that moment, I realized that I want to sell something that I’m passionate about. That’s where I came up with the idea of this Passion Product.

For me, I have always been interested in eating healthy and athletic performance. I noticed that there was a trend in eating more healthy fat and with myself, I am eating more nut butter. I tried different types of nut butter but I realized that there was no high-end, premium nut butter that was targeted to the athletic community. That led me to the idea of creating my own product. It’s a macadamia, cashew, coconut blend of nut butter. I then started getting people into a Facebook group and all of them helped me create a better product.

The Big Mistake
There are three mistakes that I made for the past year and all of them stemmed down from one (more…)

How to Sell On Amazon FBA 2019 – The Passion Product Formula

In this video, I will be sharing with you the different steps on how to create your own unique product that you can sell on Amazon that you are actually passionate about. I call this the Passion Product Formula.

There are seven steps in the Passion Product Formula:

1. Idea
The first step is coming up with an idea for a passion product. Every successful entrepreneur found a problem and created something to solve that problem. In other words, they scratch their own itch. What do you wish existed in the world and how do you make something better? If you do not have an idea yet, you can start writing down one idea a day. Start looking at everything you interact with and ask yourself how it could be better. You want to create something new and unique and it can be as simple as taking an existing product and making it better.

2. Brand
This is different from private label. Most private labels are just doing something generic. For Passion Product, you need to dive deeper on who your target customers are and you brand it perfectly for them. You need to niche down and be specific on who you want to brand your product for.

3. Launch Group
This is the most useful thing I’ve ever done. A product launch group is where you get potential customers into a Facebook group or other type of community. From there, you start asking their opinion. You can show them your logo or packaging and you can ask for feedback. When you finally go to launch your product on Amazon, the people in your launch group will be the first ones to buy your product and leave reviews. You can grow a product launch group through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Podcast or Blogs.

4. Build a Business
In this step, you (more…)

NEW Amazon Product Launch Strategy to Get REVIEWS & SALES From DAY 1!

In this video, I will be showing you how to create a Product Launch Group. It is the secret to properly launching a product on Amazon and how I was able to get 75 reviews and $15,000 in revenue during my first month with my first product on Amazon.

What is a Product Launch Group?
It is basically where you get a group of people that are potential customers into a Facebook group. You have them help you develop the product and when you launch it, they are going to be the first in line to buy it and leave reviews. This shows Amazon that you have a really good product and it will create a spike in sales that will lead to more sales.

Below are a few reasons why a Product Launch Group works:
Help you develop a product – As you’re creating your unique product, you are already getting a bunch of people together that would buy your product. You are getting new feedback on everything. They could tell you which logo or packaging is the best and other things that will help improve your product.
Spread the word – To create a launch group, you just need a way to get people’s emails, get their information, and ultimately, get them into the Facebook group. You can do this through a blog, Facebook, YouTube, or any other way that you can figure out to give people value and get their emails. My personal favorite way of doing this is Instagram.
Create a tribe – You can do this in a Facebook group or any form where everyone has an equal say. Ultimately, what you are trying to do is create a tribe of people that love your product. The benefit of a Facebook group is when you post something on a launch group, everybody (more…)

How To Make a Facebook Messenger Bot With ManyChat

In today’s episode, Matt Loberstein and I will be interviewing Samer Brax about the world of ManyChat. It’s basically an automated messenger bot of your brand that will be talking with customers. Samer is a ManyChat wizard in the Amazon and E-commerce space and he will share with us the different things that are involved in it.

Some of the things that Samer covers in this video is how to use ManyChat for Amazon, including how to do it for pre-sale and after-sale. He also talks about how he used ManyChat for launching his product and how it helped grow his Facebook group.

Pre-sale – You can use to run ads, to try to get customers to buy. Samer used this when he was about to launch his product. He ran an ad for a contest where the only way to know the winner was to go to his ManyChat account. The winner was then directed to his Facebook group. Through this, he was able to grow his ManyChat list as well as his Facebook group.

After-sale – You give them more added value. He does it through a Thank You card that the customers could find inside the box. It could say “Do you like to get a video guide on how to use this product?,” “Do like 30% off?” or any other things that you could give that they would be interested in. They scan the card and get a message that says “Click below to get the videos” and you can direct them to a landing page.

Samer also delves into the specific things that need to be done to create and work a ManyChat account, what are its advantages, and how to effectively use it to drive more sales and traffic to your brand.

100% Honest Results of Our First Amazon Product

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It’s been a month since Ariana launched her passion product, Vino Cards, on Amazon and we will share with you the real results. While it did well, it wasn’t as much as we expected it to be. In this video, we will go over three things that we’ve done to launch Vino Cards and the mistakes we realized we’ve made along the way.

How to Launch a Product?
Ariana wanted to create passive income for herself. Apart from her full-time job, she wanted to pursue something a little more fun. A lot of people teach Private Labeling on Amazon and what I do is something similar to that. I call it creating a Passion Product. Private Labeling is taking an already existing product and slapping your own label on it. Passion Product, on the other hand, is creating something unique, different, and does not exist. It is something that you’re excited about. It’s something that is new and is missing from someone’s life and you want to create that.

One of the benefits of doing a Passion Product is you can do a Kickstarter. It’s a great platform where you can share your idea, even a prototype of it, to raise money for the actual product. In Ariana’s case, she set a goal of $5,000, which she hit, and used the money for the first production run of Vino Cards.

Another part of this is creating a product launch group. The product launch group will support you on Kickstarter. They will also be the first ones in line to buy your product and they will leave reviews on Amazon.

Actual Numbers
In the first month, Ariana sold 147 units. This is pretty good, but we expected it to be more. It (more…)

How to Set Up A Woocommerce Site in 6 EASY Steps

In this video, I will be showing you the different things you need to do to set up your Woocommerce store.


Below are the six steps that you will go through in setting up Woocommerce:


  1. Buy the Domain Name

You can go to GoDaddy or Namecheap to get your domain name. For your domain name, remember to keep it short, easy to spell and easy to remember. It’s also a plus if your domain name includes keywords. A keyword is something that a user enters into Google to find your company.


  1. Choose a Host

Once you have purchased your domain name, you need to choose a company that is going to host your website. Although Woocommerce is free, it is not free to host a website. You need to host it yourself or pay someone to host it. I personally prefer Siteground. It is one of the three companies that WordPress themselves recommend to be used for hosting WordPress. It is also cheap and offers SSL Certificate.


  1. Install WordPress

This is the easiest thing to do. You can install it with just one click. It used to be very difficult but sites like Siteground have made it easier.


  1. Install Woocommerce

Once you’ve installed WordPress, you need to go into the backend and install Woocommerce. It is free and very easy to do.


  1. Set Up a Payment Provider

The next step is to find a payment processor. This is a system is going to process all your payments. You can use PayPal and Stripe.


  1. Create Your First Product

Once you’ve set up the payment processor, it is time to add you first product. You only need to add the product title, description, images and price. Make sure that you also design your site so it looks good.