How We Set Up Amazon In Just One Day

Ariana’s launching Vino Cards on Amazon on the 4th of December and we need to work on her Amazon page. She never had an Amazon seller account before and doesn’t even know how to start it so I’ll help her.

Ariana still works on the corporate world. She has a full-time job but works on her passion product which is Vino Cards on the side. She hopes to turn it into a fulltime job so she can also quit her job. I’ve been teaching Ariana on how to create her own passion product which is Vino Cards and I will teach you how to create your own passion product too through the course that I will be launching very soon.

In this video, I will show you how to set up the entire Amazon product page that includes the title, how to do keyword research for your product page, images, product description and pretty much everything to get it ready.

Setting Up the Product Page
1. Keyword Research – You have to figure out the keywords that people search for in Amazon. For Vino Cards, I knew it was going to be Wine education, Learn about Wine, Wine Course. I went to the Google keyword planner to try to find some more keywords that people search related to this but you can also use Jungle Scout or Viral Launch for this. I just use the Google keyword planner because it works pretty well and I don’t usually want to pay for this kind of service.
2. Title – You are going to use all those search terms you found to write a title for your product that is human readable. Here’s the sample title that we came up with “ Vino Cards: Wine Tasting Game Complete Beginner Guide Wine Course with Flashcards to Learn About Wine (more…)

Amazon vs. Ebay – Where You Should Sell!

In this video, I’ll share with you the Pros and Cons of selling in Amazon and eBay and answer the question of where should you sell online.

I’ve been selling online since I quit my corporate job over 6 years ago and specifically, one of these platforms actually changed my life. Here are the Pros and Cons of each:


1. Most E-commerce Sales Go Through Amazon – The last time I checked, over 50% of all sales made online are made on Amazon which is mind-blowing. That only means that if you sell on Amazon, a huge percentage of the US population is able to see your product.
2. Fulfilled by Amazon – You can give the products that you want to sell to Amazon and they will ship it to the customers for you.

1. Amazon competes against you – Amazon may compete against you when they see that your product is making a lot of sales which can happen when you do private label. They can sell the same product as yours through Amazon Basics.
2. Higher Fee – Amazon 15% vs. eBay 10%
3. They can kick you off anytime. – They can kick you off anytime if you break a rule but eBay can do the same thing so this is also a con for eBay.


1. Great for Used items and Collectibles – People don’t go to Amazon for used and collectible items.
2. Auction System
3. Low Fees – eBay’s fee is just 10% while Amazon’s fee is 15%

1. Trending down – The amount of traffic and sales they get is going downhill while Amazon is going uphill. If you really want to get invested in a platform, I personally would want to get invested into the one that is going uphill.
2. Least used platform – If you buy from (more…)

Amazon Product Research (The Passion Product Method)

Do you want to create a passive income but you’re not sure the best way to do it because you’ve never started a business before? I say create a product and sell it on Amazon!

If that sounds difficult and you’re still clueless on how to create your own product, then what I recommend is that you to start with product research to figure out what you’re going to sell.

In this video, I’ll teach you the real way to do product research so you can create and sell your own passion product on Amazon. This is how I found my 6 figure profit passive income product which is Performance Nut Butter.

My goal had always been to make $300 passive income a day since I quit my corporate job almost 6 years ago. But it wasn’t until I launched my passion product which is Performance Nut Butter that I started hitting that target. My goal now is to help as many people as possible to be able to quit their corporate job just like I did, to be able to make a full-time income passively by creating products they love. So let me start by teaching you the product research method no one is telling you about.

Product Research
1. A Good idea
a. Write down ideas
b. Make a list of interest
c. Check Amazon Activity – Check what you search for in Amazon. Anytime you search something on Amazon and you can’t find it, that is a great sign.
d. Tools in Success pack.

2. Validate your Idea
You want to make sure this product is something people would buy and you can validate it by using the following tools:
a. You can look up similar products on Amazon and see how well those products are doing.
b. You can also use the free (more…)

30 Things I learned Before I Turned 30 Part 2

11.It’s worth paying money to save time, energy or thought power
12.Growing roots is important
13.Routine is huge for me
14.Time to plan & think
15.Take time off
16.Fill Your Life With New Awesome Experiences
17.You are a Self Correcting Learning Machine
18.Work on Your Brain –
19.Waking up early and exercising early
20.Small commitments

Amazon FBA Private Label vs. Creating Your Own Product

Should you private label on Amazon or should you create your own product from scratch to sell? In this video, I’ll share with you the Pros and Cons of both of these and I’ll also tell you what my personal favorite way of making money on Amazon.

Private Label
– Is the process of taking a product that already exists, putting your brand on it and selling it on Amazon.

1. Easy to get started – You don’t need a lot of creativity, you just have to do a better job than other people. The only difficult part is product research which I I have a video of.
2. Passive Income – It’s a great way to make passive income because Amazon handles all the logistics and a lot of the marketing strategy for you.
3. Live and work from anywhere – Everything that you’re doing is online so there’s no restriction.

1. Easy for someone to copy you – It can happen in three different forms: It can come from other Amazon FBA seller copying you, Manufacturers from China can copy you and undercut their product, and the last but maybe the scariest of all is Amazon itself. They can make a private label of your product and sell it through Amazon basics or their other Private label product.
2. Not worth as much if you sell your company.

Create your own product
– It is very similar to Private Label but you try to create something new. Something that maybe doesn’t exist in Amazon yet.

1. There’s no competition – When you create something unique and that’s different from anything in Amazon, you don’t have any competition! No one will steal your sales or you don’t have to go into price wars. You get sales as long as there’s demand for what you’re selling.
2. You (more…)

FBA vs FBM – Fulfilled by Amazon & Fulfilled by Merchant Pros and Cons

Should you let Amazon fulfill your product or should you fulfill it yourself? In this video, I will share with you the Pros and Cons of doing FBA and FBM and I will also help you decide which one is perfect for you.

Fulfilled by Amazon

1. You don’t have to ship it yourself.
2. You don’t need to handle returns.
3. More sales! This is the biggest Pro. When your product is an FBA Product, it becomes prime eligible. This means that people who pay for the prime membership can get your product within two days. Amazon also promotes products that are prime eligible more than it would products that are not prime eligible. Customers are also more likely to buy a Prime Eligible product because of the other benefits.

1. Higher Fee – This is well justified for me because you don’t have to do the work of shipping your products.
2. They may lose stuff – This is really not a problem too since Amazon will pay for the full price of your product when it gets damaged or lost.
3. Watch inventory – You have to make sure that you don’t run out or don’t have too many products in your inventory. Amazon may bring down your sales rank if you run out of stock for a long period of time.

Fulfilled by Merchants

1. You don’t have to pay the fee.
2. You can offer more options.
3. You can do made to order items.

1. You have to ship it yourself
2. You won’t get as many sales

How do you know which one is right for you?
If you are doing private labeling or a doing a passion product like Performance Nut Butter or Vino Cards, you can do FBA . You only have one SKU and it’s not difficult (more…)

Don’t Start a Company With Your Girlfriend Until You See This!

A lot of people tell you not to start a business with your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband and family members and I have to say, I really understand why. In this video, I’ll share with you the challenges of working with a loved one on a business.

My girlfriend and I recently started a business together called Vino Cards. She’s doing most of the work and I’m helping and guiding her along the way. Today, I got pretty upset with her because I asked her about a week ago to get a few different things done and she was not able to carry out those tasks after a week. Ariana and I have very different lifestyles and work styles. We’re like Yin and Yang. I’m all about doing and getting things done while she’s all about going with the flow. This kind of set up works very well in a romantic relationship but this can cause some problems in a working relationship.

What I realized with this is that the way that I talk to her is actually a reflection on how I talk to myself. I get extremely hard on myself when I don’t get a task done. My initial reaction is to get upset and angry and she gets sad. I can see she’s trying her best but sometimes her best isn’t good enough for me.

It has been extra tough for me too because I’m teaching her my method in creating a passion project. I mapped out this formula/course which I would want to share with everyone in the future. The problem is that she doesn’t follow it at times. There are certain things she forgets or she’s too busy to do it. I want her to be successful not just because it does her good but also (more…)

30 Things I learned Before I Turned 30

1. What Works for Others May Not Work for You
2. Have Multiple Buckets
3. Focus on 1 variable at a time
4. Let it grow
5. Be Grateful
6. Unattached from Outcomes
7. You Can’t Do It By Yourself
8. The Intelligence of Emotions
9. Having pillars. Plan out the vacation and let everything else flow around them
10. Go with the flow