About Effective Ecommerce

Effective Ecommerce is the channel where I let you steal the secrets I used to start and grow my ecommerce businesses. A successful ecommerce business allows you to have more freedom in your life to do the things you really love to do; like traveling and spending time with your family.

I quit my Job February 13th 2013 to start my first ecommerce business; since then my business has made over $700,000 in revenue allowing me to be my own boss, make my own hours and work towards something I believe in. It wasn’t always easy, the first 6 months of starting this business was the most challenging period of my life; but I learned a few key secrets that skyrocketed my ecommerce business’s success. The important thing is that if I could do it over again, I know I could get the same success in about ⅕ the time.

That is why I started my Ecommerce based YouTube channel to help you gain freedom through Ecommerce in a ⅕ the time it took me. If you are currently working in a Job you don’t like, looking to make more money and eventually quit to be your own boss this is the channel for you.

Every Monday I release a new Ecommerce News video so you can stay ahead of your competition on the latest marketing trends and take advantage of new opportunities. Tuesday’s I Release ecommerce Tips and Tricks, showing you the practical step by step tricks you can use to grow your ecommerce store; and finally Wednesday’s I release Ecommerce Q&A where I answer your questions. So make sure and subscribe to get these videos delivered to you each week, and if you are looking to accelerate your ecommerce success you should click here to get my free Online Store Success Pack.