BigCommerce VS. Magento

In this video, we are going to talk about BIGCOMMERCE vs. Magento which platform should you use to start your Online Business, we are going to talk about the pros and the cons for the both of these and at the end of this video I will announce a winner and we will talk about which one you should pick on which ones of your platforms you should use for your Online Store. We will start right away with the Pros of BIGCOMMERCE

•Great out of the box
-Gift cards
-Built-in ratings
-Real Time shipping quotes

•Great abandon card

•Partnership with Alibaba

•Customize the templates

•Import Export DATA using a CSV


•Great Support


•Free (Kind of)

•You Own Everything

•Can Change everything


•Selling Limits $50000 for basic

•More expensive to start

Magento CONS
•Pay For hosting

•Not as Much Support

•Harder to use

I will throw a curve ball in there and I should say Shopify is actually your best bet and why am I saying this? I think BIGCOMMERCE is better in Magento for most beginner level people they make it so much easier to get started. I think Shopify is even better than BIG COMMERCE. The Quick answer why Shopify is better than BIGCOMMERCE, in my opinion, is because they are on the cutting edge. They have more features. They have better Add-ons. They have better integrations. They have a lot of stuff going for them. Shopify is 98/100. BIGCOMMERCE is 89/100. The winners are Shopify or Bigcommerce. Starting a new website that you are not that technical, avoid Magento like the plague. A lot of people in foreign countries and I am talking about India, Pakistan, really like Magento because they are highly technical. And I don’t mean to generalize but a lot of times we have a little bit tighter budget. So if you are serious though and you have even the smallest a budget. It’s only 30 dollars a month or BIGCOMMERCE