Start Here

If you are looking to start an online store start here.

The first video I recommend you watch is
How to Set Up An Online Ecommerce Business in 5 Simple Steps

and before you get started you should check out this video
Don’t Start an Online Store Until You See This!

You should also get the ecommerce success pack which includes a free extensive checklist for starting your online store.

Once You are done with that you can use the link below start your online store, and if you use my link to signup I will give you a free 1 on 1 consulting session.

Shopify Link – I highly recommend going with Shopify and have many videos comparing Shopify with other platforms and for just about every situation I think it’s the best platform out there for someone starting an eCommerce business.  If you for any reason you don’t want to go with Shopify I have links to other platforms in the Tools section of this website and I still give out the 30 minute consulting session if you use my link for one of those.

Once you have signed up for Shopify or your platform of choice you should watch the playlist below.

Start Here – Beginners Ecommerce Tutorial

I also have a podcast where I take you step by step on how to start an online store.
Itunes link to the Ecommerce Beginners Podcast
YouTube link to the Ecommerce Beginners Podcast

Every month I randomly pick a new person to do a free 1 on 1 consulting session with.  All you have to do to enter is go to my podcast on iTunes and leave a 5 start review and you will be entered to win.  Every month there is a new winner so the earlier you get the review in the more chances you have to win, plus it really helps out the podcast and lets me know you are enjoying the show!

If you have any questions please leave them as comments on my YouTube video or you can go to my YouTube channel Wednesdays from 8-9 PM EST (5-6 PM PST) to join me for a free YouTube live Q+A event.

If you are really serious about starting an online store you should check out my Online Store Course.  This course will save you time and money, and help you eliminate the mistakes you might otherwise make.