#19 YouTube Marketing Strategies

  • In this video I am going to show you how to use Youtube to get 100,000 of views for your ecommerce store


  1. Make Videos showing people how to use your products
  2. Make DIY or How to videos related to your products
    1. DIY Dance Clothing
    2. Camping Gear
    3. Jewelry how to buy jewelery
  3. Answer questions your users might have
  4. Make videos that will appeal to your demographic
  5. Make videos showing your users how to make your product then offer to do it for them instead
  6. Goal: Become the leader in the niche
  7. Show Users Tips and Tricks related to what they are intrested in
    1. Dance Tips
  8. Spotlight Marketing

Youtube Tips

  • Thumbnails
  • Hook People in,
  • List videos do great
  • Click Baity titles

#18 Social Media Marketing – Facebook Pinterest Instagram

  • Social Media Marketing
    • Top 4
    • Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook
    • Also YouTube
  • General Strategy
    • Jab jab jab right hook
    • Native content to each platform
    • Good content
  • Instagram
    • Explain Instagram
    • Demographics
    • The strategy
      • Like, Follow, Comment
      • Hastags
      • Good photos
    • Go after big name people
    • Create relationships
    • You can encourage people to comment and engage
  • Pinitrest
    • Explain Pinterest
    • Demographics
    • Create great content
      • DIY
      • Recipes
      • Etc.
      • Keywords are important
  • Facebook
    • Explain
    • Demographics
    • Pay to play
    • Like comment tag people
    • Ask a question to encourage people to do this
  • YouTube
    • Next Episode

#17 Spotlight Marketing – The Best Free Marketing Plan

  • Everyone wants to get more traffic and back links to their website and in this video I am going to show you a free way to just that well at the same time getting your most valuable customers coming to you and sharing your site with their friends.  This is actually super simple and you will kick your self for not thinking of it before.  I call it spotlight marketing.
  • Spotlight marketing is interviewing your customers
  • explain it
  • How I came up with it
  • Why it works
  • Explain the process
  • Examples
    • b2b
    • Interview bloggers/influencers
    • Interview anyone of your best 1000 true fans
    • If you could only have 1 customer who would it be
    • Travis’ story and how he came to the idea
    • What didn’t work
      • Trading links – too technical for some people
      • “Let’s collaborate” – too much effort for people
    • 1000 True Fans / The Tipping Point
    • Connectors, Mavens, Persuaders
      • WORKSHEET: Find 10 each
      • Who do people in your industry look up to?
      • What publications or websites do they read?
  • Why this works: reciprocity & human psychology
  • Influence by  Dr. Robert Cialdini

Module 3: Finding The Elusive Customer

  • 1,000 true fans/ 1 true fan
    • Who is the #1 person you’d LOVE to interview in your industry?
    • Who does he/she follow on Twitter?
    • Who else is like them, but perhaps more reachable?
    • Scouring “Top 10 lists”
    • Interview your own customers (since they have similar friends with same buying habits)
  • In the internet world, everyone feels anonymous.
  • People have a desire to be recognized and feel special.
  • You offer free marketing, publicity, and the need to feel good.
  • List 10 websites or magazines
  • List 10 blogs, podcasts, or Youtube channels
  • List 10 places your customer shops at offline
  • customer themselves

Module 4: Sourcing Contacts( ?) (more…)

#15 Free Marketing Ideas For Your Online Business

Free Marketing ideas

  1. SEO
  2. Content Marketing
  3. YouTube
  4. Talk to Everyone
  5. Make Phone Calls
  6. Influencer Marketing
  7. Guest Blogging
  8. Podcast
    1. Not really free but it can be
  9. Send Personal Emails
    1. To EVERYONE
    2. Especially people who sign up for your email
  10. All Social Media
    1. Facebook
    2. Pinterest
    3. Twitter
  11. Contests
    1. Twitter
  12. Guerrilla Marketing
    1. Go to trade show with a hat
  13. PR
    1. Join Haro
    2. Contact Newspapers/Magazines etc.
  14. Spotlight Marketing
  15. Get Repeat customers