How Much You Should Spend With Adwords

This video and article is about how much money you should be spending with the number one online advertising by Google – AdWords.

This platform enables advertisers to compete to display brief advertising copy to online users. Through AdWords, you can create online ads to reach people exactly when they’re interested in your type of business. Trying this platform would be risky as you really don’t know how it will go, and how people will respond. It involves potential loss of profit, possible.

If you will be spending money in advertising services such as AdWords, of course, you have to make sure that it’s worth it. And of course, you wanted to see how much you have to spend to see if your ad works.

For me, you can spend however much you are willing to lose because spending your money in advertisements is like gambling. Also, it depends on the product that you are selling, if you are selling a high-end product with a higher budget, then you might wanna spend a lot higher in advertisements.

You can set a margin of up to $100 and see if it works, if it doesn’t, you can evaluate what seems to be working and not working with your ads, probably your website or your landing page. Or If you’re really afraid of spending, start with $5 a day, that way, you won’t be spending a lot of money and you can see if it’s working or not for you. That way, for only $5, which isn’t much to lose, you can test your website and start getting some traffic there, since Adwords is one of the quickest way to get people coming to your website, why not give it a try.

I’ve tried spending around $200 to $250 for Adwords, immediately, however, it didn’t work immediately. I (more…)

5 Ways to Get Links to Your Site White Hat Link Building

The very important thing to make your site be on top of SEO is to get links. It is very important to use white hat Link Building. It really requires ton of work. There are no shortcuts; however it will all be worth it because they really really works. So on this video and article I will discuss 5 ways to get links to your site through White hat link building.

1. Get Blogs posting about you.

For you to get blog postings about you, you have to:
Engage with them socially and in the comments,
Email Them,
Multiply Your Buzz. Don’t be afraid to use fake emails and names,
Send Them Products;
Tell a good story

Know more about it through my video: “6 Steps to Get Blogs Posting about You and Your Business.”

2. Competitor Research.

You have to find out where your competitors are getting links from. How to do it? You need to do this by having free trial on websites like Moz, Majestic SEO and Ahrefs. These are all websites that help you with your on page or off-page SEOs.

Expand your knowledge of Competitor Research through this video.

3. Guest Posts.

Here are my techniques on how to score a guest post.

Do Research, very important,
Engage in Social and Comments,
Email Them;
Create a Connection

Here is a video about “5 Tips on How to Score a Guest Post.”

 4. PR and Press Releases

You can do this by checking out HARO (Help a Reporter Out). It is a site that connects journalists to sources. It is an incredibly valuable and helpful tool for any promotional campaign which will be a very big help for you and your site.  Moreover, you can also do Press Releases and it will help you get articles.  Lastly, find magazines that work for you, magazines that are interested writing about you and (more…)

Launching a Kickstarter / Online Store in 30 Days – Day 1

This video and article is about day 1 of my 30-day challenge to start a successful ecommerce business.

To be a successful businessman, one needs to be efficient so I decided to do it in 30 days to make sure I set up everything in a timely and efficient manner, as well as tracking the progress of what I do. Moreover, not just for my own benefit but I wanted to share my knowledge to other people looking to start their own business. I haven’t even made any product as of yet but what I have is an idea that I’m starting to test. I have decided to go for the health nutrition space, kind of a food item. My targets are the biohackers, the Paleo diet people, the ketogenic, the crossfit, and the people who are really interested in nutrition.

So starting this ecommerce, the first thing I did was research, it is the most important. I did some research on my competitors about what they do, and I found some that are doing something similar but I think I can do something better than them, most especially if we’re talking about marketing. I also did research on similar websites, what other things are out there. Also, I was creating customer avatars where all information from an ideal customer where all his profile and information were there. I went to facebook and check audience insights, checking on what else do people like, what other interests they probably have, and I learned a lot about my demographics by doing this. I’ve also came to realize that more women are likely to hit the “like” button than men, so I decided to make my product and my target a little bit neutral.

Also, I decided to do a lot of podcast, contacting a lot of (more…)

PR and Press Release Tips for Your Business

PR is one of the best things to use to expand your business. Why? It’s free publicity which is pretty awesome. Blogs, newspapers and the like always wanted a new story or something interesting that they can tell their readers. If you can give it to them, they’ll love you for it. So in this video and article, I will give you some tips on how to do that.

  1. How to get a story. You have to realize that online blogs and online newspapers, which majority of the newspapers have online portion, have infinite space for making money and infinite space for advertisements. These newspapers make money per thousand impressions.
  2. Use fake email accounts. You can try to email the newspaper company through a fake email saying “Hey, have you heard about this company (whatever the name of your company is),” and that will probably make them interested.
  3. Get the journalist on the phone. A lot people wanted to just sit back and relax and everything via email which is pretty easier, but if you will have a journalist over the phone, you have a much higher chance of actually being able to get them to write an article about you.
  4. Make it specific and time constrained whenever you wanted an article to be written.
  5. Do the 3-Act Structure, popularized by Shakespeare. You can start from the beginning, like how the world was or how things were before your company existed; then at the middle, tell a story of what your company offers, and what you’re exactly doing. And finally – the utopia you’re creating, what s right now and what happened after.

Also, tell the journalist you will share the article – if they will take time to write about your site, why not return the favor and tell them (more…)

5 Tips on How to Score a Guest Post/Do Guest Blogging

In this video and article, I will show you my top 5 tips on how to score a guest post on other people’s blog, or do a guest post blogging.

If you don’t know what it is, Guest post is when you post on someone else’s blog. This is amazingly helpful because that person who owns that blog, they already have a built in audience, they probably have thousands of people that follow them. So not only are you reaching those people, you are also getting a back link to your website which in itself is very powerful.

So what are the 5 tips? Let’s dive into these tips.

1. Do Research

The very important thing to do if you’re trying to do a guest post is to do research. What I highly recommend to do is find out what kind of niche blogs are out there or those that overlap with your niche. You can always consider checking out blogs that are probably not within the scope of your main eCommerce site but blogs that could probably relate. Try to use your imagination. Look into the sites that the people that are potentially your customers are checking into. You can also use the blogs from competitor research which is the last topic we have discussed. It will definitely be a great help so you don’t have to analyze everything on your own. By just looking into the sites that are linked to specific websites, you can know which blogs you can post into, and you can do your guest post blogging. Moreover, you can always use the power of Google. Try to do your research and look for blogs related to your niche and sometimes, you can discover a lot more.

2. Engage in Social and Comments

Pretty easy thing to do is to start a (more…)

#1 Secret to Link Building to Improve Your Off-Page SEO Page Rank

On this video and article we will talk about my secret to link building and how it can improve your off-Page SEO.

Link building is the process of securing hyperlinks from different sites to yours. A hyperlink (usually just called a link) is a way for users to navigate between pages on the internet. Search engines use links to crawl the web; they will slither the links between the individual pages on your website, and they will crawl the links between entire websites.

Why is link building important? The only reason is to get higher up in Google. Links are a very crucial and important signal that the search engines use to determine rankings. So, we know that the higher the number of high-quality links pointing at your website can significantly increase your chances of ranking well. The more links you have, the better, as long as they are quality links.

Now the #1 Secret to Link Building is Competitor research. It is very crucial because you need to have high quality links connected to your sites. If research is not done properly, there is a very big possibility that links that will be connected to your site are not valuable. You have to investigate systematically or do a research where your competitors get Backlinks from. You have to know certain blogs or websites that link to promote brand like yours and you have to figure out where do your competitors get their brands from.

You may ask, how will I find that out? Well the answer is basically, you need to do this by having free trial on websites like Moz, Majestic SEO and Ahrefs. These are all websites that help you with your off-page SEOs. Here you can see where your competitors are getting their links from and you can actually see where you’re (more…)

6 Steps to Get Blogs Posting about You and Your Business

When people blog, that’s always about a popular product, or a company, and when they blog, people always read it because the blogs are somehow a review of it. One of the things you want to do is to get blog postings about you and your business – that way, it will increase traffic as well as increase in your popularity, meaning to say – more sales.

On these video and article are 6 steps to get blogs posting about you and your business:

1. Engage With Them Socially And In The Comments

Start the conversation with the blogger or the journalist, in fact before you even want the article to come out, and before you even want them to write about you. Authors love to hear from the readers, they love hearing feedbacks. Why not tell them how much you love it and that will surely attract them. Interact and keep on commenting. The goal of commenting is to develop a relationship. Read their blogs or tweets and comment on it and say something positive.

2. Email Tips

The next thing you wanted to do is E-mail them. Subject lines are very important. In reality, 33% of email recipients choose whether or not to open an email by just reading the subject line. That’s why you’re subject line needs to be attractive enough to get people to click through. A good way to have a good subject line is to ask questions. People love curiosity and when they’re curious they wanted to know what the answer to it is. Also, you can include a video on the email. They might not read it if you put in a long article in your email. Keep it short. When you send an email though, your goal is to get people read it and nobody wants to read a (more…)

Off Page SEO and Link Building Tutorial

Off page SEO pertains to the techniques that can be utilized to enhance the position of a site in the internet’s search engine results page.  Our main goal is to make our site famous and have traffic on it. On these video and article, I will be sharing my tactics for Off-Page SEO and Link Building.

Let’s first talk about history. The first Google computer, thanks to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, gives such good quality search results. Generally, Off-Page SEO has to do with promotion methods – more than that of a website design, with its purpose to rank the website higher in search results and it focuses to activities outside the boundaries of a specific site.

Page Rank

In connection to this, PageRank is the most popular off-Page SEO method. PageRank is a calculation used by Google Search to rank sites in their web search engine results. PageRank was named after Larry Page, one of the organizers of Google. PageRank is a method for measuring the significance of site pages. It is not about getting as many links as possible, it’s about as getting high quality links as possible. So if you can get a site such as a government site, or high PR new sites, that’s more valuable that getting a random site. Wikipedia for example, since it is a reputable source, has so many links coming to Wikipedia, so Google ranks Wikipedia style pages on higher hierarchy than it does on other sites.

Here Are The Secrets On How To Do It Properly:

What The Site Is About

You have to make sure what the site is about, it all depends there. You have to make sure that the link should really relate with your site. If your site is all about dance wear, you have to get a link from a site – that (more…)

7 Tips for Better Social Media Marketing For Your Business

As social media becomes on trend, you have to use it for your advantage in marketing for your business. So in this video and article, I will cover 7 Tips for Better Social Media Marketing For Your Business.


  1. Post Native Content

A lot of people in social media, when they wanted social media marketing for their business, they just want to put a picture of their product, which is really not a good idea. People don’t just want to see the product that you’re selling, tendency is they will just get pass through it. The best thing is to do is to hook your viewers with whatever you post or whatever you’re doing in social media. One of the best example is Pinterest. If you will just show your product there, people will surely not pin it but if they will be engaged, like probably a DIY or more ideas on a specific content than the product itself, they will more likely pin it because it engages the consumer and it’s interesting.

  1. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook is a book written by Gary Vaynerchuk.  The goal of this is you wanted to give more helpful content and then eventually ask for the sale in return. You have to make sure that it will be worthy for people to follow you on social media. If you just keep on asking them to buy stuff, eventually they will unfollow you because that is somehow annoying. Why you wanna do this? It is because you want people coming back to your site, and you want them to watch out what’s coming up next on your post.  So if it happens that your next post is a promotion or a giveaway, those people are more likely to be engaged.

Jab Jab Jab (more…)

7 More Social Media Marketing Platforms for Your Business

We have already discussed the 5 Major Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all those big stuff out there. On these video and article, we will be talking about more Social Media Platforms that you can use to market your business. They may still be starting up but it will be very useful if you set one up one now for your eCommerce.

 So here they are:

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat is the hottest new thing in town. It is an application which allows you to upload images or videos and disappears after few seconds a person is viewing it. Snapchat, though, does not have an organic discovery since it doesn’t have hashtags, therefore, you cannot find people or businesses. The thing about Snapchat is you can produce daily stories that excites and engage audiences. You can use it as well to have access to live events or upload your own live event because it’s a real time social media platform. Promotions or social media giveaways will work as well as people will be constantly checking your account.


  1. Vine

Vine is a 6-second video sharing service where you can share your looping videos through social networking sites (including Twitter and Facebook), and you can embed it on your website. It became popular because of its simplicity. Majority of the users are the young ones. Since it is short and funny, you can make something fun or even crazy to get a laugh from your followers and customers.


  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking tool that professionals use.  Majority of the users are men. This site though is more helpful to Business-to-business (B2B) commerce transactions. Businesses will have direct access to consumers that they can easily market with images, status updates and other formal posts.


4. Reddit

Reddit is a social media and discussion website. It (more…)