#1 Adwords Mistake


In this video, I’m gonna talk about the number one AdWords mistake. Hi, I’m Travis and I’ve built a multi-million dollar revenue company on the backbone of AdWords plus I’ve helped consult with a lot of different people on helping them turn their e-commerce business and their AdWords into something that’s actually profitable for them. So I’ve seen a lot of different people and I’ve seen a lot of different mistakes that people make in by far the number one biggest mistake I see over and over again is people that set up their AdWords and never properly review it now it’s a little bit it can be complicated process if you let it be to review your AdWords but it’s very simple in principle and I’d say there’s two main parts to reviewing your AdWords the first part is looking at which ones are successful and adjusting the bid and it can be a little bit more detailed if you want to get into it you basically want to adjust the bid only on ones that there’s room to adjust the bid in and I’ll talk about in a separate video exactly how to do this but you want to basically go in there and adjust the bid accordingly if it’s not successful lower the bid until it is very simple in theory but a lot of people just don’t take the time to do it.

I will be talking about how to review videos and eventually I’ll come out with a video and I’ll link it up here the next part about reviewing your AdWords is actually going in and finding negative keywords and I will definitely do a video if I haven’t already if I have already I’ll put a link up here on how to find negative keywords (more…)

Don’t Spend Money on Adwords Till You See This!


Don’t start an AdWords campaign without watching this if you not don’t start an AdWords campaign without watching this let me share with you some of the mistakes I see people make I want to make sure you do not make that same mistake all right hi I’m Travis and I’ve built a multi-million dollar revenue ecommerce business using AdWords and I’ve helped a lot of other people do the same thing and I see people making the same three mistakes over and over again now I want to make sure before you start and before you spend any money with AdWords that you watch this video. So you don’t make these mistakes I really want I have your desk okay now that’s selling it too much I’ll your slope soon I want you to succeed and learn from other people including my own mistakes.

These three what is it. So the three mistakes that be dinners make over and over again. So the three mistakes that beginners make over and over again is they bit on the wrong keywords now is they bit on the wrong keywords they don’t review they don’t add negative keywords and three they don’t review their AdWords which is just mind-boggling to me. So let’s break down each one of these three and figure out how to fix them. So number one your if you’re bidding on the wrong keywords no matter how good your website is no matter how good your ad copy is no matter any of this information you’re not going to be successful because you’re bidding on the wrong keywords. So what’s an example of this if you’re bidding on general keywords or things where people aren’t ready to buy maybe they’re looking for information they’re not gonna buy from you they (more…)

#32 Google Analytics Overview and Tutorial


In this episode of the effective ecommerce podcast I’m actually going to be doing a crossover episode. So it’s not only a podcast but it’s also going to be a YouTube video. So a lot of this stuff is going to be very easier to see than it is just to hear it in audio form. So if you go to my YouTube channel type in go to YouTube type and effective e-commerce you’ll find my YouTube channel and you can actually watch the video and watch along with me. So I’ll be recording my screen at the same time obviously if you’re just finding me on YouTube I do have a podcast as well where I talk about e-commerce stuff but let’s get into the 7 secrets of google analytics. So these are the 7 secrets we have source / medium secondary dimensions ecommerce a section transactions goals and funnels and geo locations and last but not least segments. So all seven of these things are things that you can look at your data you can look at the data in Google Analytics to get a better idea of what’s going on with your website how you can improve your website and a lot of really good information.

I do have some bonus info at the end of some of the most powerful things that you can do with Google Analytics as well I might I might end up saving that for the next episode but we’ll see if I can get to it in this episode. So let’s start from the beginning but before we get into that I do want to remind you that I have an AdWords course that will be launching February 20th it’s not that far away it’s a little over two weeks away I believe. (more…)

3 Lessons Learned | PNB Vlog 14



Hey everybody I have some new news about performance nut butter the company I just launched obviously if you’ve been following this for a little while I did it as a Kickstarter first now it’s an Amazon FBA product I’ve got good news I’ve got bad news I’ve got everything in between. So let’s start off with some of the good news if this is your first time watching you might not know but inventory is flying off the shelves I my first production run fly 2500 units and I’m about sold out oh I will be sold out on probably Saturday. So if you are looking to get a box performance nut butter Ford sells out and click up here click this link to get it on Amazon and if you buy it please leave that five-star review it’s hugely important but anyways let’s get to the the point of this blog and that’s to update you and give you some little lesson learned. So you can learn from my mistakes. So you don’t make the same mistakes that I have made with this company there’s been a lot of good things too. So I’ve been selling four or five times more than I had anticipated which means that inventory has already it’s about to sell out production will be taking place today today’s Wednesday’s I think it’s like seven yeah runs out of seven and tomorrow.

It’s like a two day process. So they have to grind your nut butter you have to put it in the pouches the next day. So that’s some good news I guess those good news that the fact that it’s gonna be done soon. So I had to increase the price all the way up to thirty 4.99 in the crazy part. So normally (more…)

Don’t Make This Adwords Mistake


Don’t make this AdWords mistake before you start Adwords make sure you watch this video. So you can avoid this AdWords mistake hi I’m Travis and I built a multi-million dollar revenue ecommerce business using Adwords and I’ve helped a lot of people do the same thing and I see people making the same mistakes over and over again and I want to make sure you avoid that. So the number one mistake I see people making over and over again I want to make sure you do not make is bidding on the wrong keywords people bid on keywords where they the people searching them have no buying net they bid on keywords that are never gonna yield them sales because they’re too general they’re too broad. So what’s an example of this? So I’ve used this example before but I’m gonna use it again because it’s just I think it solidifies it. So much but if I would never bid on for instance dance clothing that’s the company one of the companies I have is a dance clothing company I would never bid on the search term dance clothing because it’s just too broad I wouldn’t I might bid on dance show it’s probably not like that’s a little bit better I might bid on ivory dance shorts I probably would bid on ivory Dance shorts but the best case scenario would be high waste ivory dance shorts another example using the new company I just launched is it’s a nut butter company it’s not just any kind of nut butter company. So I wouldn’t bid necessarily on nut butter because it’s too general too broad what I might bid on is macadamia nut butter or keto paleo friendly nut butter things like that.

The longer tail it is the (more…)

#1 Adwords Success Secret


In this video we’re gonna talk about the number one Adwords success secret my name is Travis and I’ve had a lot of success with Adwords in fact I built a multi-million dollar revenue company based on Adwords and I’ve helped people over and over again start their own Adwords and I see over and over again the same thing that leads to success and it’s not surprising it’s number one is picking good keywords but what kind of keywords should you be picking you should be picking keywords to bid on that have by intent now my assumption in this video is that you’re selling some kind of a product or a service and if you’re doing that you want to make sure the keywords that you’re bidding on are things people are typing in when they’re about to purchase an item. So let me give you an example of a good keyword in a bad keyword.

Let’s solve a bad keyword a bad keyword might be dance shorts and this is in this is the business one of the businesses I started the dance clothing business. So dance shorts it seems on the surface like a good keyword and it’s alright it’s not the worst keyword out there but let’s put it in perspective when someone is searching for dance shorts they’re not necessarily ready to buy yet on the flip side if someone is searching for ivory dance shorts they’re much more likely interested in purchasing because they’re looking for a specific color they already know what they want when they’re just looking for dance shorts they might not be ready to buy yet they’re still in the research phase you want to hit people with Adwords when they’re ready to buy now that’s not the only success secret (more…)

How To and What Type of Tasks to Give Your Virtual Assistant | Effective Ecommerce Podcast #31


In this episode of the Effective Ecommerce podcast we’re gonna be talking about virtual assistants what type of tasks I give my virtual assistant and how I give them those tasks. So if you didn’t catch part one of this series definitely check it out it’s episode number 30 of the podcast and in that episode we talk about how to hire a virtual assistant and I have a very step by step very algorithmic easy formula for hiring a virtual assistant and I explain it more in that episode but if you want the short cliffnotes version you go to EffectiveEcommerce.com slash success pack or just EffectiveEcommerce.com and poke around you’ll find the free success pack I have a link in the YouTube video right up here that you can get it as well but once you get the success pack it has these step-by-step instructions including the complete templates for what the job post should say the messages should say it’s copy and paste basically but anyways at this stage I’m gonna hope that you already have a virtual assistant and you’ve already hired them.

I’m gonna share the type of tasks I give them how I give them those tasks and some bonus tips for continued success some of the mistakes I’ve made hiring virtual assistants and some of the mistakes I’ve had and I’ve made in continuing with the positive relationship. So let’s go right off the bat what type of tasks should you give you a virtual assistant when I talk about this it’s anything that’s algorithmic and just to define it I know that’s kind of a fancy it’s not that fancy of a word it’s kind of a fancy word what does algorithmic mean it means anything you can create a formula around or you (more…)

Is Shopify Dead?


In this video we’re going to talk about is Shopify dead and this is a question I get all the time is it too late to join Shopify and if you’re having this idea in your head if you’re thinking this is the perfect video for you it’ll clear everything up. So first off is it too late to start a Shopify store no not at all unless you’re trying to start another crappy drop shipping website another crappy white-label boring site another site that sells a bunch of random junk that nobody wants it’s too late for that back in 2012 2011 maybe even 2013 maybe even fourteen you can get away with that it’s no it’s no longer like that sure can you make drop shipping profitable still yes you can you make white label stuff profitable on Shopify possibly but only if it’s special only if it’s unique and you guys if you watch my channel and you listen to what I have to say you’ll hear me repeat the same things over and over again but it’s because.

Many people don’t listen and I’m hoping you won’t make that mistake. So it Shopify dead no it’s not as long as you follow four rules niche down build a brand build a tribe and you have to have something special I almost forgot there for a second yeah those are the really special that’s what makes Shopify. So powerful if you have something special you can get people to buy from you still if it’s the same jump they can buy anywhere else if they can buy that same thing on Amazon they’re not going to buy from you. So keep that in mind got a niche down I talk about this on my other videos if your market (more…)


In this video I’m going to share the number one Facebook ad secret in 2018 and there’s a lot I got a lot of different tips for you in this video and some different ideas for you to try out. So number one maybe Instagram ads if you haven’t done that yet I think 2018 is the time for Instagram ads if you haven’t done a look-alike audience yet it’s time to try that out and if you haven’t done messenger ads well messenger ads are here it’s time to test them out and here’s the secret the number one seeker actually probably for every year but we’ll say it again for 2018 it’s test out all these things you don’t know what’s gonna work for you until you try it out just because it works for someone or it doesn’t work for someone doesn’t mean it will or won’t work for you the only way to know is by trying it.

I can give you a ton of secrets here for Facebook ads but my number one secret I think for 2018 is things haven’t changed it’s still the same process you have to test it out see what will work I’d say on top of that targeting doing the right doing the right audience finding the correct audience to target very very important that’s always going to be the number one tip for Facebook ads next up is ad copy look if you haven’t recently looked at the ad copy go on Facebook scroll around and see what ad copy catches your attention you can also type in best Facebook ads of 2017 and try to trigger some things in your brain of how you can make better ad copy. So what is my number one secret for 2018 Facebook (more…)