#17 Spotlight Marketing – The Best Free Marketing Plan

  • Everyone wants to get more traffic and back links to their website and in this video I am going to show you a free way to just that well at the same time getting your most valuable customers coming to you and sharing your site with their friends.  This is actually super simple and you will kick your self for not thinking of it before.  I call it spotlight marketing.
  • Spotlight marketing is interviewing your customers
  • explain it
  • How I came up with it
  • Why it works
  • Explain the process
  • Examples
    • b2b
    • Interview bloggers/influencers
    • Interview anyone of your best 1000 true fans
    • If you could only have 1 customer who would it be
    • Travis’ story and how he came to the idea
    • What didn’t work
      • Trading links – too technical for some people
      • “Let’s collaborate” – too much effort for people
    • 1000 True Fans / The Tipping Point
    • Connectors, Mavens, Persuaders
      • WORKSHEET: Find 10 each
      • Who do people in your industry look up to?
      • What publications or websites do they read?
  • Why this works: reciprocity & human psychology
  • Influence by  Dr. Robert Cialdini

Module 3: Finding The Elusive Customer

  • 1,000 true fans/ 1 true fan
    • Who is the #1 person you’d LOVE to interview in your industry?
    • Who does he/she follow on Twitter?
    • Who else is like them, but perhaps more reachable?
    • Scouring “Top 10 lists”
    • Interview your own customers (since they have similar friends with same buying habits)
  • In the internet world, everyone feels anonymous.
  • People have a desire to be recognized and feel special.
  • You offer free marketing, publicity, and the need to feel good.
  • List 10 websites or magazines
  • List 10 blogs, podcasts, or Youtube channels
  • List 10 places your customer shops at offline
  • customer themselves

Module 4: Sourcing Contacts( ?) – BEFORE

  • KEY for spreadsheet (minimum effective dose): Email / website
    • You can get all info from the website
    • MED: ONLY website and email
    • More variables = harder to automate, easier to make mistakes
  • Fields Needed: First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email, Phone, website
  • Optional: First, Last, Company, Phone
  • Finding Contact Information & VA SOP template
  • Online: Social Media, Reseller Directory, Google Maps, Forums, Yelp, Zipcode
  • Offline: Local paper, magazine ads, meetups
  • Don’t complicate the emails you send, Why just do email / website – might spell names wrong, title, offend anal people, etc
    • Studio names with the word The vs. no the

Module 5: Outreach Strategy – DURING

  • Email Strategy: basic templates and setting up
  • How to not send each email individually: Why Mail Merge
  • How it works in a nutshell
  • The Template: “read off”
  • Solution: Mail-Merge – Google apps can do it (max: 100 in a day)
  • Software (Free): Thunderbird & Mail Merge Add On (higher maximum)
  • Figure out your email software settings (IMAP / POP3) to use for TB
  • Double check data entry (capitalize first names)
  • Make tests emails
  • Once you go through your list
  • Ballpark response rate: it will vary depending on your niche
  • Phone Strategy: calling and following up for people that don’t respond
  • 1st email: welcome, what we do, would you like to be interviewed?
  • 2nd email: here are the questions
  • 3rd email: thanks you, we’ll send you the article when its live
  • 4th email: links, thank you for your time (DON’T GIVE CODE, looks too pitchy & the psychology of it)
  • Use Gmail vs TB (or others)
  • Re email people that don’t respond after you send them questions in a few weeks
    • Do you have any questions
  • read the template AGAIN!

Module 6: Editing And Publication

Recap: video, audio, vs. Text – brief overview

  • Text focus for this course because…..(see below), its easy, more scalable less time intensive, blah blah, outsourceable
  • Content Length: Target 500+ words (minimum 500 if possible)
  • Questions: 5-7 Total
  • VA helps edit, format, and post the content making it scalable.
  • include SOP of how VA formats it? (include screen recordings)
  • give VA access to blog (see if you can set contributor permissions only)
  • How to make your article look good
  • Include the VA SOP – on-site page title, three pictures, H1
  • “if you have experience with this person, please leave a comment below”
  • Hiring a native english speaking writer off Fiverr and Elance to proofread
  • Proofread yourself starting out if you are a native speaker / just post Q&A
  • 3 a week if you can handle it. Everyone should start with one
  • VA only does formatting, image, social media image (check fb for latest dimensions)
  • Automating social media posts via RSS / IFTTT / Hootsuite
  • Emailing them about the post
  • Itd be great if you can link back (refer to Travis’ templates)
  • Make them sound awesome and like they need to share it
  • Feel free to tweak these templates to your needs (Advanced)

Module 7: Tracking Metrics and Performance

  • KPIs of the campaign to know and maintain
    • dont waste time on X, Y, Z metrics
    • because its sales that matters in the end
  • Using Google Docs / Spreadsheets
  • Removing dead emails or unresponsive contacts
  • Call those that are unresponsive (depends on your list size to call or not)
  • But always email first

Module 8: Conclusion

  • Long-term sustainability of this strategy
  • If EVERYONE in your market starts doing this it could be spammy
  • solution is to be the first, and most people prob cant figure this out on their own
  • “You can have everything you want,  if you help other people get what they want.”
  • Total time investment to set up: 2-3 weeks to get everything setup, for people to respond. wait for the writer, excel, CSV to get your first post live
  • But its front-loaded, one-time setup.
  • Biggest time sink = waiting for people to reply to you
  • Step 1: Identify your connectors, mavens, persuaders
  • Step 2: Gather emails / website /
  • Step 3: Thunderbird / send bulk emails
  • Step 4: Send questions /
  • Step 5: Sent to writer format, edit,rewrite
  • Step 6: VA prep for post / social blast
  • Step 7: Present content, ask for links and share
  • Step 8: Measure and repeat

Initial Email

Subject: We Want to Spotlight Your Gym On Our Blog


I write for the Endurapeak.com blog, and would love the opportunity to interview you about your gym so we can spotlight your gym on our blog.

It won’t take too much of your time and will be free advertising for your gym! We can even conduct the interview over email to make it more convenient for you.

Here is an example of an article we wrote about a gym before http://www.endurapeak.com/exertec-health-fitness-center-interview/.

If you are interested please just respond to this email and we can start the process!

Thank you and I look forward to your response,

Travis Marziani

P.S. There is no cost, it’s absolutely free;  our blog is dedicated to highlighting gyms throughout the country.

First name: Travis

Last name: Marziani

Street Address: 23500 Chatfield way

Email ad: travis@endurapeak.com

Phone number: 6614760898

BDAY –  Novermber 4, 1988


Subject – I Would Like To Spotlight Your Gym On Our Blog

Country – USA

State – CA or California

City- Valencia

Okay great for Gyms
Okay great!

It will probably be best to just do the interview over email (to insure I get your answers correct, and allow you to have time to figure out the wording correctly).  Please fill in the answers as soon as it’s convenient for you, and we will turn it into an article, and post it to our website!

Thank you,


P.S. I attached the questions please let me know if you have any problems opening them.  Thanks again I am excited for this article!

OKGR Email Okay

Sounds great!

I attached the questions, please fill in the answers as soon as it’s convenient for you, and we will turn it into an article, and post it to our website!

Thank you,


P.S. Please let me know if you have any problems opening them.

Thanks again I am excited for this article!

Awesome/Response Received


Thank you for the response; I will get the article fully written and up on the website asap!

I will let you know when it is up so you can tell anyone and everyone about it and hopefully if you could put a link to the article from your website it would help the article rank higher in google and help spread the word even more about your gym.


Travis Marziani


The blog hasn’t launched yet, we want to get a few top quality articles in the queue before we launch and I would like to spotlight your gym as one of our first ones.  Here is our website http://www.endurapeak.com/, and it will be attached to this website.  

The point of the blog is to highlight different gyms across the nation for a few reasons

  1.  So that consumers can see what gyms are out there.
  2.  See what makes for a successful gym.
  3.  To get you (and the rest of our interviewees) some free publicity.

I have attached the questions if you want to take a look.  If you do decide to do the interview I will turn it into a full blown article and it will launch with our blog in the next few weeks.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Travis Marziani

Posting Article

Your Article is Posting Today!

Hi Lisa!

We are going to be posting your article on our blog today, you will be able to find it at this address http://www.endurapeak.com/blog/exertec-health-fitness-center-interview-with-lisa-garcia/.

If you like the article it would be great if you could add a link to it from your website.  This would help the article show up higher on google so you get more good press! It will also help out our blog a lot!

Thank you so much for letting us interview you, and please let me know if there is any changes I should make.


P.S. We have spread the word about your article on our twitter https://twitter.com/EnduraPeak for you, and it would help out a ton if you could retweet our tweet about your article!

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