#22 Guerilla Marketing For Your Online Business

Today’s episode of Effective Ecommerce podcasts we’re going to be talking about Guerilla Marketing what is guerrilla marketing how to implement guerrilla marketing and why it’s probably really important to your online business even though you think that internet marketing and online business and this whole world should only take place in the computer I’m going to disagree and you’ll understand why in just a minute here so really what is guerrilla marketing before we get into it to me and there’s different definitions depend on who you ask to me it’s just thinking outside of the box doing something outside of the ordinary doing something that people haven’t thought about and we’ll give a few different examples a one example I recently gave to someone and this was for an app it’s not for an online business but it was an app where you could base is basically a Craigslist style app where you can borrow or trade or sell and not borrow so you could trade or sell things on using this app so but I told them you should do is have a scavenger hunt where people need to use your app and they would go through in the first listing would be something like meet me to trade a handshake for a gold coin and not a real gold coin whatever a silver a metal coin and then the next thing would be take that metal coin go to another person and trade that for a key then you guys take the key and go to another person and trade that so what it would be doing is it would be making people use the app but they’d be interacting in real life and it’s totally different it’s totally random there’s a ton of other examples of guerilla marketing but first I want to talk about why guerrilla marketing is so powerful and to do that I want to tell little story so first off most you guys have probably heard the story of David versus Goliath and it’s overplayed and if you haven’t yet read Malcolm Gladwell’s book David and Goliath I highly recommended it I’m going to be repeating some of the stuff he said and Malcolm Gladwell does a much better job of explaining this than I do so you see David and Goliath and you think to yourself man David is obviously outmatched he’s going to lose this battle but he had a trick up his sleeve he wasn’t going to fight a conventional battle because everyone’s saying David the small little boy and Goliath this giant monster monstrous human being and thinking they’re going to fight to hand combat thinking they’re going to fight you know with their swords in person at close range and David Whittle lost that every single day but David didn’t want to do that what he did is he slung a rock from far away and hit Goliath in the head so why did David win well he won because he didn’t play by the rules he did something outside of what was supposed to be done and in this book Malcolm Gladwell’s book he talks about it if you look at throughout the history of like the most important battles were an army ten times like one side of the army had or one side of the battle had an army that was ten times bigger than the other side so an example might be one side had , soldiers the other side had a hundred thousand soldiers or more and if you look at that not surprisingly ninety percent of the time I forget the exact numbers ninety percent of the time the army with the more people one % of the time but that’s the interesting part about ten percent of the time why did the other side win and it turns out if you look at these kind of battles which are way outmatched battles and you look at these two different armies and say okay well what if we only look at people where guerrilla warfare was fought where people did unconventional warfare and what happens sixty percent of the time this smaller army wins so this wouldn’t be basically if the United States in Canada got into war and they were fighting Canada I think as a population were close a little over  million United States has  million and so these two countries are battling it out but Canada decides we’re going to fight this war unconventionally we’re gunfight a guerrilla warfare style chances are Canada would win I mean that might not be quite as accurate now because the US has gotten pretty good at their guerrilla warfare tactics whatever that all that political stuff but you look at Vietnam and the war for Vietnam and I don’t want to get too political here Vietnam had a much smaller much less experienced army but they did have was guerrilla warfare they did not fight fair and this is I’m doing this long story to let you should not fight fair there’s no reason you should fight fair one last example just while I’m on this tangent you look at the Civil War and what would they do American Civil War or the any war in like the s they’d line up across from each other and shoot guns at each other and very organized fashion that’s crazy like what a part of the reason I think American Revolution worked so well is we didn’t only do that we also introduced snipers and did some other stuff like that so this isn’t supposed to be a history lesson my point is there are incumbents in your space there’s people there’s a there’s people that are bigger than you in your space and you shouldn’t fight them fair you should do things outside of the box and they know that you’re going to be doing internet marketing they know you’re going to be doing AdWords Facebook ads they know you’re going to be doing social media and there’s ways to turn a guerrilla aspect to all the different social medias but you should be doing things outside of the box and I can’t I can give you examples but I can’t come up with an idea for you because if I could then it’s not that outside of the box so here’s some different ideas the scavenger hunt one like I said but basically just getting in front of people so for performance nut but our one guerilla marketing tactic I’m going to do is just going to conventions where I know people are going to be there that would buy my product and handing out samples that’s a very low-risk easy guerilla marketing tactic another thing I might do is run the Spartan race or that whatever the mud race or one of those different ones get a team of people together and we’ll all put giant basically helmets on or giant hats on that have like giant nuts like a macadamia coca and cashew so people look at it like what the hell are they doing and as we run the race we could hand out samples that would create a memory that’d be very memorable my friend who owns barn Anna which is a banana snack item one thing he did is for a convention he hired a bunch of break dancers to wear gorilla suits and breakdance and hand out samples that’s out of the ordinary that’s memorable so you need to think of things like this you need to think of things that are out of the ordinary one last example is there’s some show try to remember exactly some kind of cartoon that was on Cartoon Network and what they did is they hid a bunch of theirs like blinking robots or something to do with that on the show they hid a bunch of these all over the place and what ended up happening was they got bomb scares actually and it got on the news and so I got a bunch of free publicity actually I have a I probably have some other ones I’ll think about -there was a book the Tucker max and it ended up coming out and being a movie as well so Tucker max which if you’re not familiar with him he is a very hot with the right word here he’s very loud he’s very much he tells stories about how he gets drunk and does different things and you know has sexual encounters and all kinds of different things and feminist absolutely hate him so what they did for the launch is they got a bunch of basically billboards they took out a bunch of billboards and I’m if I’m remembering this correctly they actually spray-painted over the billboards themselves and got a whole cause and they emailed a bunch of feminists and saying we need to boycott this movie and we need to make a big deal about this so they instigated these riots not really riots but they instigated this protest that’s a better word actually instigated this protest against the movie because they knew that then it was going to get on the news then it was going to get some publicity so this episodes a lot shorter and I’m sure I could do a better job of explaining guerilla marketing but the truth is I want you just to start thinking outside of the box I want you to start thinking of things how can I get the word out there and spotlight marketing if from if you remember from an earlier podcast episode if you didn’t listen that one yet definitely go back and check it out but spotlight marketing came about from me thinking outside of the box and thinking what can I do in a fashion how can I get in front of people how can I get in front of my customers so start thinking about that hopefully this episode helps as always leave that five star review on iTunes for a chance to win a free one-on-one consulting session go to 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  • Think outside the box
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  • Spotlight marketing
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  • Running a race with nuts on my head
  • Barnana Gorilla Story
  • The story of the blinking robots