#26 Facebook Ads For Your Online Store


In this episode of The effect of Ecommerce podcasts we’re gonna be talking about Facebook ads specifically Facebook ads for your online store your e-commerce business shopify bigcommerce whatever you have we’re talking about Facebook Ads for a business which is different than other types of Facebook ads you might be running. So before we get started in all of this let’s talk about what Facebook Ads are and I’ll do a little shout-out I’ll talk about it more at the end of this episode if you’re serious about Facebook ads and this is something you really want to learn I do have a beginners Facebook Ads course specifically geared towards beginners but I’ll save that topic for later in this episode this episode though I’m just gonna give you as much information as I can in one episode about the basics of Facebook Ads. So obviously as I said if you want the course check that out later. So what are Facebook Ads now you probably if you’re watching this video have a general idea of what Facebook Ads are I’m gonna give you a little bit deeper of an understanding right now and then throughout this episode. So what are Facebook Ads they’re advertisements on Facebook.


Facebook is a social media platform a place where you go to connect with friends a place where you go to see what’s going on with your friends or you can be creepy and check out what’s going on with a bunch of different people that you used to be in your life that maybe no longer are you whatever you want to do but the thing about Facebook that’s interesting is you don’t want to be sold to on Facebook necessarily now on Google when you go to do a Google search you may be looking to buy something on Facebook that’s quite often different on Facebook oftentimes you don’t care about finding something to buy what Facebook saw though is that friends would talk about a certain item and then people would go buy it based on recommendations.


Keep this in mind because this is very important because the way that people interact with advertisements on Facebook is different than they might interact with a billboard or some other thing. So and the way you should go about it is quite different and the reason is if you’re going to be doing a Facebook advertisement it should seem like it came from someone’s friend it should seem like it’s a social recommendation which is what Facebook is all about. So those are what that’s what Facebook Ads are and there’s different kinds there’s newsfeed that’s in the middle like if you’re on Facebook and you see the newsfeed in the middle of it shows all the pictures of your friends and family that’s the newsfeed and that’s really powerful there’s also the right-hand bar and there’s a few other types of advertisements we’ll talk about but those are the two dominant ones now the right-hand bar advertisements let me just say right now I don’t think they’re quite as good because it’s black and white their ads it’s very obvious where the news feed people might think that one of their friends shared this or posted it and it gives a little bit more credence to the advertisement.


That’s the first topic I want to talk about the next thing is there’s also a difference when you’re sat doing Facebook ads on mobile versus desktop. So the whole thing with advertising marketing is thinking about your user because it’s easy to spend money and not think about how that person is consuming the content and the way someone on Facebook consumes Facebook is different than the way someone on mobile consumes Facebook and on top of that people from my experience and your experience might differ it might be very dependent on your niche but from within my niche people on desktop are more likely to buy it’s just when you’re on mobile you don’t really want to take out your credit card and enter all the data and blah blah blah all that kind of boring stuff when you’re on a desktop it’s not quite as bad you know it were a little bit more accustomed to it especially with large orders if you’re selling an item that’s fairly expensive I would say doing desktop only ads might be something very interesting. So next I wanna talk about with Facebook Ads is what makes them powerful and what makes them very weak and I’ve already kind of alluded to this in this video. So the thing that makes them. So powerful is actually haven’t talked about this yet the thing that makes them. So powerful is you can target very specific groups of people you can target people based on their interests based on their age based on a whole bunch of data just open up if you haven’t yet open up a Facebook Ads account and look at how much you can segment people you can say I want to target people that like a certain competitor and also like this other competitor and are age  through  male that make over $, and live in urban you know areas that’s pretty this pretty niche down you can also say you know they eat a special kind of diet they have the show interest in the Paleo diet or the ketogenic diet that show interests and all these different things. So you can get very specific and only show ads to certain people on Google on the flip side for the most part the way it works is you show ads based on what people are searching. So that’s what makes it powerful is you can target individuals for very specific reasons another thing that makes it powerful is you can create custom audiences. So you can tell Google here’s a list of a thousand people, people, people that have purchased from me make a list of people that are similar to this and Google has. So much data sorry Facebook has. So much data that they’re able to see okay well all the people on this list tend to have this thing in common in this thing and they’ll make they’ll be able to reproduce a list that’s likely to purchase from you. So you probably hear like the term big data a lot and all this all this different kind of stuff and one reason big data or all this data is. So important is because you can start making connections you can see if your Facebook and you see, people have purchased from this online retailer oh yeah istking www.isaithai.com out that all I care about is my friends on the flip side once again when i go to google sometimes I’m searching for something to purchase when I go to Amazon I’m always looking for something to purchase. So that’s what makes them week is that you’re not gonna get a lot of purchases right out of the gate. So if your goal is you think you’re just gonna put up a Facebook ad and make a bunch of cell sales by like directing them to your project page right out of gate probably won’t happen there’s some products that do work really well with Facebook Ads for instance I had a friend that owned a protein pancake company and their product is kind of unique kind of weird and their product it very well on Facebook ads because when people go to Facebook they feel bad about themselves they want they want to eat something and that’s kind of unique it’s kind of fun it has a certain target demographic. So now keeping the booth those two things in mind what makes them powerful what makes them weak let’s move on to some action items some steps that you can do right away as well as we’re gonna talk about the different campaigns what an ad set is an ad power editor we’re gonna go over all these different terms and in the next episode I’m gonna give you I think it’s like something like  Facebook ad secrets or I have some some amount of Secrets that I’ll give you that’ll be really quick hitting things. So right away if you’re listening to this and you haven’t yet go to your Shopify site go to whatever site you have and set up your pixel that’s very important. So the next thing we’re going to talk about is the different kind of campaigns and as the at the point of releasing this podcast there’s a few different kinds and some of them are brand awareness conversions traffic video views lead generation engagement and product catalog sales. So let’s just go over a few of these really quickly the product awareness and reach don’t do either one of these it’s just not our sorry brand awareness and reach don’t do either one of these it’s basically Facebook’s way of trying to get money from you and it works for big brands if you’re brand awareness is great that’s like where you see where McDonald’s has billboards or sponsors the Superbowl that’s great if you have a huge budget and you have a million dollars millions and millions of dollars to blow that’s fine but if you’re a smaller business you want to see ROI on your money when you spend a dollar you better get two dollars with the sales and that’s why I recommend conversions conversion ads traffic video views and lead generation are also very interesting I think those can be done very well specifically video views I think is really powerful because Facebook promotes videos over text in an image content or at least it seems on top of that lead generation I really like because then instead of taking people to a landing page your people are able to give you their email right on the page and the way the lead generation works or lead ads they’re often called is probably I hate to pick favorites but this is one of my favorite types of ads at least in the past it was I don’t know if it’s quite as powerful as it used to be but one of the things about like a typical ad is you’d see an image and it would say get our free ebook and you click on it would take you to a landing page and you have to fill out the landing page. So that there’s you know it’s a two-step process with a lead edge lead ad right on someone’s newsfeed they’re able to click on it and then Facebook will automatically enter their email and they can click again and give Facebook their give you their email over Facebook. So it’s a much simpler process there’s no typing nothing like that some other type of campaigns are engagement I don’t recommend these once again a little bit of a scam you know people engagement is getting people to like and comment on your post now I’m sure people out there would disagree in my opinion I don’t care if people like or comment on my post or even share it I want them to I mean it’s important to do but that’s not my goal my goal is to make sales product product catalog sales is a more advanced topic that’s not something to talk about in this episode because I think like I said that’s more advanced but trying to get likes to your Facebook page should not be something you pay for it’s a waste of money don’t do it maybe in you know having a five six seven years ago that made sense but no longer des likes on your Facebook page really even matter. So let’s see what else we’re talking about targeting let’s see here you know I wrote in there one of the next bullet points I’ll talk about is targeting the the quick answer is you want a narrowed audience I’d say no bigger than , people if your audience size is bigger than , people that’s too big when you’re first starting out if you want to go even smaller definitely something worth going into something worth doing and the way just. So you understand the way Facebook ads work is there’s campaigns headsets and ads. So one campaign could have five ad sets and one ad set could have you know five abs or as many as you want like the number doesn’t matter one campaign could have one ad set and one ad but think of it is like a campaign under the umbrella of campaign there could be multiple ad sets and under the umbrella of ad sets there could be multiple ads. So in ad sets you’re gonna create a new audience you can save an audience you your this is where you put in all the data of who you want to target what location they’re at what interests they have behaviors and you know this is something that’s a lot easier to do over our video and I do if you go to my YouTube channel I think effective e-commerce comm /youtube should link you to it I have two different Facebook ads videos one that’s like a basic Facebook Ads tutorial highly recommend if you’re interested in learning more about targeting check that out and in tomorrow’s episode I’ll do some more tidbits on targeting but that all the targeting is done within the ad set then within the ad is where you create the copy where you create the image. So you upload the image upload the title upload the description all that kind of stuff you can also use a existing post. So maybe you already post something to your Facebook feed and you want to boost it or you want to get more engagement all that and I don’t want say more engagement you want to reuse a post you’ve already used on your Facebook page in your advertisement you can do that as well that’s in the ad section. So just some quick tips I’m just taking these off the top my head here on creating a good ad you want to create something that looks like it was something that a friend of theirs might have shared you know if it’s too professional that could actually be very negative split test this don’t take my word for anything but definitely split test it but a lot of people I know I’ve had a lot of success with making it look like something that a friend of theirs might share. So if it looks professional that’s fine but the messaging should be something that makes them want to share it makes them want to comment on it. So you definitely want to get engagement on your posts you just don’t want to pay Facebook to do it you don’t want to pay Facebook every time you get a comment or a share but you want to encourage people to because the way that Facebook works and. So once again you always got to consider things through the other person’s perspective. So consider it through the person that you’re advertising to perspective but also consider your ad through Facebook’s perspective they don’t want to show an advertisement to a thousand people that’s gonna make them turn off Facebook and log off and never come back you know if you do that Facebook will not be happy they won’t reward you on the flip side if you can post something that people want to share people like and want to comment on and makes people more engaged with Facebook Facebook will reward you with that and it’ll show you show your ad to a lot larger audience for free. So higher quality copy and images is very important you want something that’s gonna peak people’s interest where they’re going to comment on it maybe you ask a question maybe you say hey you share a recipe in that and the texts say what’s your favorite recipe maybe you ask them a question of like which what color would you prefer and show three different types of shoes there’s. So many. So many different options maybe you ask them to tag someone in it or to share it whatever you want to do there’s a lot of different options here. So you can use a lot of different types of images they also have free stock images create your own image. So let’s see what else we got here – yeah there’s the headline there’s the text in the display link I like for the display link you know definitely make it look pretty use your domain name and if you can like. So I might use performance and nut butter slash get a free pouch or something like that there’s also the headline in the text headline is the most important you really want a killer headline because it’s gonna make people intrigued actually I take that back the image is the most important headlines probably second in the text is third. So there’s also once you’ve done once you’ve posted it you can look through all your different analytics and this is very important you want to see how your how your ad is doing and there’s a few different things to go over one of the things is relevance score and once again this is easier to show in a video but roll of relevance score is from a scale of  to  I’ve had friends tell me if they get a relevant score below a  they stop it and they try to create a new campaign and if your relevance core is off it could be that your targeting is off or it could be that your ad your ad copy your image is off. So if you want to try to keep that relevant score as high as possible the goal is to go through all the different analytics to try to figure out what’s working what’s not you can do split testing as well test out two different types of images see which gets a higher relevant score see which gets a higher click-through rate conversion rate all all of that. So that’s that’s it for the basics of setting up an ad you know as I’m talking about this I’m realizing how much easier it is to show how to set up a facebook ad than it is to talk about it but some other things that we want to quickly talk about is custom audiences or just audiences in general there’s two big types of audiences we’ll talk about one is a custom audience and one is a look-alike audience. So custom audience can create a custom audience by let’s say you have a list of emails list of phone numbers list of addresses I believe even you can upload this to Facebook and say hey all these people have purchased from me I want you to create a look-alike audience based on this custom audience and that’s that’s one option you can do with a custom audience to say create this look-alike audience. So you might give Facebook a list of , people tell them to create a look-alike audience they’ll make it look like audience of a million people that are similar to that original ,. So then we have this million person look-alike audience you can whittle that down if you want you can say okay I only want people in this look-alike audience that are aged  to  I only want you know you can you can really whittle it down quite a bit then the other thing you can do with custom audience is there’s actually. So much you can do you one example is you could retarget. So maybe you have a list of customers that you’ve already had or people that signed up for an email giveaway and you want to you want to reach back out to them and re ad ver ties to them. So I think for me personally if even if you don’t like Facebook ads you don’t want to do any of this stuff remarketing Facebook Ads remarketing is super powerful it’s the highest ROI remarketing in general is one of the highest ROI advertising things you can do because it’s people have already been the website people that already know about your brand you just want to show an ad again you can make another custom audience for instance that is that the people that have already purchased that haven’t purchased for three months and you want to show them an advertiser advertisement to get them to come back and repurchase. So there’s a lot of stuff you can do here I also talked about the pixel setup your pixel right away and if you don’t know what the pixel is it’s just a little snippet of code you’d put on your website and then every time someone goes to your website Facebook logs that and they say hey you know Susan just went to your website this person just went to your website and it creates it compiles a list of all these people and you can use that to remarket to all these people that’s you know one of the custom audiences we were talking about. So that’s a very quick version of Facebook Ads tomorrow we do have a bunch of Facebook Ads secrets for you I hope this was helpful and if you don’t think it was go to my YouTube channel and I have videos I guarantee will be helpful one is  secrets for Facebook Ads and the other one is a Facebook Ads Facebook Ads tutorial for beginners and as promised I was gonna talk about my course if you go to effective ecommerce dot-com you can see I’ve got the the Facebook Ads course I think let’s just go to effective you commerce com poke around click on the buy courses you’ll see it there I am for the next week I’m gonna have a sale on it’s gonna be down to $99 it’s usually $499 I’m going down just to $99 for the next week actually sorry $99 for the next no you know what because you’re nice we’re gonna put $. So for the next week the Facebook Ads course is $97 and yeah I hope you enjoy the course obviously if you are a beginner with Facebook Ads you go there check it out you can look at all the material it’s much more thorough and it’s. So much easier to explain the stuff over a video and then it is just talking about it. So check that out effective e-commerce calm as always please leave your five star review for a chance to win a free one-on-one consulting session and actually you know one thing to mention the Facebook Ads course $97 and it comes with a free 30-minute one-on-one consultation usually for -minute consultation I charge $100 but you’re getting the course and the con stationed in this package. So it really is a pretty good deal it’s the new year’s I know a lot of people have new year’s resolutions to create Facebook ads or to grow their e-commerce business and I want to help you out. So that’s why I’m reducing the price of the course. So check it out effective e-commerce calm thanks for listening to this episode and like I said next week we’ll have a new episode about more Facebook Ads secrets thank you guys and I’ll talk to you next week

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