#27 Facebook Ads Secrets

Welcome to another episode of the Effective Ecommerce podcast and in this episode I have Facebook Ads secrets for you specifically I have different Facebook ad secrets we’re gonna go over each one of these in detail somewhat rapid-fire I want to make sure I don’t take all of your time but I’ve worked with a number of different people on Facebook Ads I’ve done Facebook Ads myself and I’ve tried to compile like what are the top tips that are actionable that you can use right away and I have about of them and I have exactly of them actually right now and some of these tips are gonna be things that you can implement today some of these things are gonna be things that save you thousands of dollars or hopefully make you make more sales so without any further ado let’s get into it I’ll have some updates later at the end of the episode as well as a favor I’d love to ask if you guys obviously optional but let’s get into the Facebook Ads secrets

1. Highly targeted interest targeting – highly targeted interest targeting and if you’re pretty familiar with Facebook Ads may not be very surprising but secret number one is it’s all about being is targeted as possible in your interest targeting you don’t want to do a bunch of random different things you want to make it very very specific and I’m use examples like this before but you wouldn’t want to do mom’s age 35 to 55 that’s not a good niche that’s not a good target interest what you should do instead is go in Mom’s age 35 to 55 who like Lululemon and like this other company and start getting your target down to about , people if it’s more than , people it’s probably too big so that’s tip number one highly targeted interest targeting

2. Remarketing – remarketing so a lot of people skip this step when you’re advertising on Facebook it’s not just about advertising on Facebook it’s about getting them to your website pixel in them meaning that you can capture them in a set in an audience and remark it to them that’s where you start to make the real money it’s not the first time they see you that they’re gonna buy it’s the second third fourth fifth time so it’s not just about getting them to your website it’s about remarketing to them same thing so remarketing to past maybe for instance my main company performance nut butter or one of my main company’s performance nut butter I know that about once a month once every two months the person’s gonna run out of nut butter and need to buy more so I have a list of people list of customers I can remark it to them not to mention in this is a little secret as well I probably this could be a whole another tip if you sell on Amazon or on any other platforms there’s ways to get the data and to remarket to them on Facebook on your own website now is this what you’re supposed to do do I do this I’m not saying that I’m just saying it’s an option out there for you so remarketing on Facebook is some of the best real remarketing period is some of the best ROI you can get so that could be from people that have been to your website non-customers or people that have purchased from you customers

3. Upload Email Lists and this is kind of related upload email lists so you have this giant list of emails hopefully that you’ve been capturing and if you haven’t yet that don’t worry about it you should start that pretty soon though so you’re gonna be capturing emails from people and you can take all these emails and you can upload it to Facebook and there’s a few different things you’re gonna do about it including what we’ll talk about in number four but one of the things you can do right off the bat is target these people now you’re not supposed to do this but some people will actually buy email lists buy targeted email lists trade email lists and I’m not saying you should email those people if you do that but one valuable tool is to put it into Facebook and mark it to those people and the cool thing about that is you’re not gonna you’re less likely to get in trouble so let’s say your friend owns a similar company and he gives you an email list of people now if you send them emails you might get a ton of unsubscribed you might get a ton of people reporting you as spam but if you advertise to those people on Facebook they don’t know how you found out about them they think that it might have just been organic typical Facebook targeting so that’s one thing you can do with that

4. Lookalike Audiences – look-alike audiences so let’s say you have a list of , people who have purchased from you well first off good job you’re doing probably pretty well already even if it’s a thousand or two hundred doesn’t really matter let’s say you have this list of a thousand people that have from you give that to Facebook and then tell Facebook to create a look-alike audience so what does it look like audience well you’d give those that email list of a thousand people to Facebook and say hey all these people have purchased from me try to figure out what these people have in common and create an audience of people that would be similar a look-alike audience to these this email list I gave to you and what Google or what Facebook will do is using all that big data all those numbers all that different metrics they have they’ll try to find people that are also likely to be customers of yours so tip number four create look-alike audiences.

5. Lead Ads – lead ads most people don’t talk about these it seems like for whatever reason but this is a definitely a huge secret and what Ali dad is is let’s say you’re on facebook on your phone I believe I think they have it on desktop as well let’s say you’re on Facebook on your phone you’re scrolling through your newsfeed you see an ad cool you click on the ad now typical ads when you click on them they’ll take you to a website with an email capture and you know let’s say maybe someone saying hey click my ad for a free ebook and click on the ad and whatever you type in for a free ebook now instead using a lead ad all people have to do is they say yes I want the lead add a little screen pops up and their email is automatically filled in and they click yes again so what does that look like that means if they can give you the advertiser and email in two clicks that’s amazing now contrast that with the typical method where they have to click on an ad type in their email and then click on the final button there’s a lot of points in there where someone could change their mind I’ve done it before I’ve clicked on an ad and I’ve thought about you know what maybe I even started to type to type my email and then I said nah I changed my mind that’s the genius of lead ads is it so easy for someone to give you their email and the easier in internet marketing period the easier you make it for someone to give you their email give you their money the more they’re going to do it the harder you make it the less likely they are to do

6. Video Views – video views’ now I believe this is still the case but for a long time and I’m still I believe video views or putting videos on Facebook and trying to get views to it it’s some of the best money some of the cheapest money you can spend you can get views so so cheap and why is this number of different reasons but you can convey a lot of information in a video that you can’t in a static image to Google or Facebook see I keep mixing the two up huh but Facebook is trying to push their videos right now and why is that they’re trying to compete with YouTube a little bit there’s some there’s some reasons behind it but they see the power in YouTube and they don’t want they want to get a little piece of that action for themselves at least that’s my hypothesis they know that videos keep people on Facebook videos are very powerful especially now is internet connections and cell phone connections and all that kind of stuff are getting stronger it used to be it was only text because that’s all our data connection could handle and then images became more popular and now it’s videos because we have a stronger internet connection that’s probably eventually gonna be d you know completely immersive type technology but right now our internet can’t really handle that and the technology isn’t there but point of the stories right now video views are very cheap you can upload a facebook video and get a bunch of videos to it for pretty cheap all right so we’re one fourth of the way no we’re a little over / away

7. Create Social Proof – I told you guys it’s gonna be kind of rapid-fire I might slow down and a little bit here to explain some of the other ones in detail but I want to get as much information to you as humanly possible so number seven great social proof this is very so the way humans work I feel like I gotta explain the whole human evolution for this one the way humans work throughout most of history has been hey there’s someone else in your tribe and if no one in your tribe says that’s a good thing you don’t think it’s a good thing because you you don’t want you know on a risk it so let’s say there’s a new like people discover a plant and you’re not gonna eat that because no has any social proof around it where if there’s you know some plant they’ve been eating for generations and generations like yeah that’s great you should try it now probably not the perfect metaphor but let’s expand it to modern days if you are about to go buy a new shoe and all your friends say yeah this is the coolest brand of shoe you should go buy it you’re more likely to purchase it because that’s it’s already been validated by your friends there’s no need for you to go out and risk buying something that’s a bad purchase in the old days you you know you’d risk eating a plant that would kill you so this is life or death nowadays you know you buy a new shooting just a waste of money so and this is true for everything I think if once again performance nut butter is a good example of this the social proof around so a performance nut butter is that it tastes good it gives you energy blah blah blah all these different things so how can you use this to your advantage few different ways one of it is by boosting posts and you want to do this in a very specific way don’t just do the typical boost post but you can actually do interest targeting using post you’ve already used and people will see wow this post has a hundred likes already it has a thousand likes already it’s got comments it’s got shares and they’ll think to themselves well all these other people like it maybe I should share it as well now contrast that with being the first person to share something are the first like how often do you share something on your facebook that doesn’t have any shares pretty rare probably because you’re not sure if people will like it but if you can already guarantee people are gonna like it you’re much more likely to share that with your friends so creating social proof is very important there’s a number of different ways to do this but one of them is continuing to promote old posts that have done well kind of saving those there’s some other ways as well we’ll talk about later so let’s see what else we got we got number

8. Don’t drive traffic to home page or sales page/use a lead magnet – now this is debatable some people have success with this kind of stuff pretty much no matter what you do not want to drive traffic from Facebook to your home page because think about it in Michelle you’re spending money for that so when someone clicks on your ad if they go to your home page basically like telling them here you go here’s my home page you figure out what to do no no you don’t want to do that at the minimum you’d want to take them to the product paid the sales page where all they have to do is click buy now Add to Cart whatever now a lot of people say not to do that and it depends on your industry depends on your niche but let’s say you shouldn’t do that either in an ideal world it would be to send someone to a lead magnet to send someone try to get someone’s email for later and that’s the big thing I think here’s to realize what you should be pushing it’s not always pushing a product sometimes it’s pushing something that’s a step before the product for instance let me start I think of a good example here maybe instead of selling people like for performance out butter maybe instead of selling them nut butter right off the bat I would give them a free keto dieting guide and in the dieting guide one of the things would be performance nut butter then I have their email on top of that and I can re advertise to them over and over again now it’s debatable I think this is something worth testing you might want to try to just get them straight to a product page but that’s really up to you

9 Don’t Need a massive daily budget, you need a 10% optin rate-is number nine secret for Facebook Ads you don’t need a massive daily budget so keep that in mind like a lot of people think oh I need to be spending a hundred dollars a day or I need to be spending XYZ amount of a day know start with five dollars that’s what I usually prefer to tell people if you’re comfortable with losing five dollars a day which most people are I mean that’s a that’s an expensive cup of coffee a day but what you’re doing is you’re learning you’re learning Facebook Ads you’re gathering data and that date is gonna help you become better at Facebook marketing kind of become better at marketing your product as a whole so number we’ve got number nine there you don’t need a massive daily budget I think five dollars a day is a great place to start if you have more money go ahead you can use it it’s that’s a totally smart and you’ll get data quicker but remember in the early days you’re gonna lose money that’s just how this kind of thing works don’t expect to be making money out of the gate by any means

10. Headline and Image are the most important – and image are the most important things well the your audience and targeting is the most important things but as far as the copy of the ad really focus on the headline and the actual image itself the the rest of it isn’t quite as important so what makes for a good headline I think we’re actually going to be talking about that later and what makes for a good image we’ll talk about later as well but keep that in the back your head or the front of your head whatever you want to do the image in the title are extremely extremely important so

11. Targetting Targeting Targetting – I just want to reiterate this secret targeting targeting targeting so even if you have the best title in the world and the best image in the world if you’re targeting the wrong people it’s not gonna sell for instance once again let’s use performance nut butter as an example if I’ve got a perfect title it’s just catchy it’s good in the perfect image but I’m targeting people in their s that like potato chips and hamburgers no matter what they’re not gonna spend the $200. for my healthy product it’s just that’s not in their realm of possibility so if you have an issue with your facebook ads the first thing I would focus on is who are you targeting then the next thing is think about the image and the headline so that’s number so we’re a little over halfway done with this already so hopefully you’ve gotten a few different little secrets that have helped you with your Facebook Ads if Matt we solve a little bit of time so I’ll have a few more tips and I’m sure one of the other ones

12. Retarget – retarget and that’s how important this is so I said remarketing at the beginning now retargeting which is basically the same thing and I think the reason I had retargeting was to split up the difference between remarketing would be people that have already purchased from you or been on your website and retargeting actually you know what I’m realizing as I say this retargeting is just targeting people that you’ve shown your ad to already but maybe haven’t clicked maybe haven’t purchased from you so you’ve targeted them once now it’s time to target them again and this happens a lot of times the first time someone sees your ad they’re not gonna click maybe takes two three four five times now be careful with this is an easy way to lose a lot of money as well but something to consider is retargeting those people until they have actually clicked just a thought not saying to do it for sure

13 Audience insights – and this is another one of my favorite secrets something that a lot of people don’t know about or don’t use for whatever reason but when you upload an email list into Facebook you can ask Facebook for some audience insights so let’s say we had an email list I’ve captured , emails and I put it in it doesn’t have to be , but that’s just whatever the number I came up with let’s say an email list of , people when we give it to Facebook Facebook will look through and try to find some commonality some common threads and it’ll say hey Travis you know what we noticed that a huge percentage of these people like way above average are fans of paleo magazine and they happen to be college-educated and they happen to be to and it’ll give me all this all this data and all these statistics so I can get a better idea of who my actual customers are and then what I can do with that data is I can go target other people similar to that or I can use my brain to start thinking of new things hey it’s said that people in my target demographic like paleo magazine they might also like these other blogs so I should target people that like these blogs so audience insights is a very powerful tool

14. Look at the data and refine targeting – look at the data and refine targeting so after you run a Facebook ad look at the data you can go in you can see the performance you can look at the metrics you can see what’s working and what’s not working and you can actually even look at okay what are the age range of people that clicked on it and maybe you see wow people to click on my ad way more than people to or whatever the different number might be and you could refine your targeting over time you can see I thought that this kind of a person would work but it’s not so don’t think you’re gonna run any of these ads the first time and make money I know a lot of YouTube especially and like guru type people out there so yeah that’s the easy it’s easy money just go out there and you’ll make money not true at all you’re gonna have to iterate and iterate and iterate so your first time assume you’re not gonna make a sale assume you’re gonna lose all your money and if you’re comfortable with that don’t do facebook ads it’s just not for you it’s it’s just not it’s not gonna work out your first time but then the second time maybe you do get a sale because you figured out what works and what doesn’t work and then the third time you actually make a profit or whatever and that that even might be a little extreme of an example so don’t expect to make money right away for sure so let’s see what we got.

15. A/B Testing – landing page and ad – and the ad copy so you might be you might have the perfect a title you might have the perfect image you might even have the perfect targeting but if you don’t have the perfect landing page unless you’re doing lead ads so let’s say you’re not doing lead ads because in lead ads you don’t need a landing page let’s say you’re just doing a regular type of trying to get them to the website it could be your landing plate page so split test your landing page and I recommend doing big different type of test don’t do like one little word that has been changed unless you’ve got thousands tens of thousands of people you’re not gonna get enough data to be statistically relevant you want to do big changes to your landing page and the ad copy to see what works so another thing you can do is target the same group of people and try two different ad copies see which one does better two different images very different images you know maybe you do one whatever is different as you can possibly think I used to split test a different button colors so I’d have a little button on there that they could click but I don’t think that’s actually different enough

16. Killer Headline – creating a killer headline in headlines as I said as far as the image copy or as far as the ad copy goes it’s the headline and the image itself that are extremely extremely important so what makes for a good headline it’s got a pop and I know that’s not a perfect thing to say because what does it mean to pop you know what when you see it so here’s actually a tip for you you know when you see it so start looking on Facebook start going through your Facebook see what ads pop to you and try to recreate them and some ideas are asking a question and I’m not saying asking question is always the best but making a statement making a bold statement that shows a benefit it could be a good thing kind of asking question making statement type things tend to work so maybe it could be something like the free is another word that works really well you could put free keto diet book or anything like that but my number one tip for both headlines and image copy is to start looking at your own Facebook feed and see what captures your attention number

18. Great Image – a great image so what makes for a great image well one thing to keep in mind on Facebook is I believe only about 80% of the image should have text on it so what makes for a great image in your ad is actually gonna be something that captures people attention keep people’s attention one example might be something that looks like it’s native to the platform something that looks like one of their friends posted it so instead of using a high resolution camera and taking the perfect shot maybe try taking something using an iPhone I mean still take your time so make it look good but make it look like it’s something that one of their friends would post that’s an idea it’s worth split-testing I know a lot of people that have had a lot of success with that and maybe don’t even put any text on there try it out you know you don’t know what’s gonna work but remember if it looks like an ad people will scroll past it so we got that number number I think the last one I said it was actually

17. Create Engagement – create engagement how do you do this what does this mean well when you see a post on Facebook you see people have liked it you see people have commented on it and you see people have shared it that’s quote-unquote engagement so you want people to engage with your ads when you post an ad you want people to like it you want people to comment on it and you want people to share it how do you do that you ask them you say hey can you share this share this on your website if you would ever share this to enter to win all that kind of fun stuff right there so the moral of the story is you want people to share it and the best way to do it is you ask them to share it if they share it on their page for a chance to win all that kind of stuff like it please like this post that’s a little bit more ask a little little weird another thing you can do is say ask them a question like what’s your favorite type of what’s your favorite recipe with performance nut butter I might do leave a comment down below how would you eat performance nut butter would you eat it on the run whatever and then that creates people that starts to get people to comment and not everyone is going to to be honest I probably wouldn’t if someone if I see a facebook ad I’m not gonna do it but remember you’re not the typical person there’s a lot of people that are bored at home scrolling through Facebook and they always even get asked a question and they want to respond to it so keep that in mind you want to try to create some engagement on your facebook at number

19 Test Give it away for free or Get the Email – test especially if you have a digital product test giving it away for free I just try to get the email do whatever you can to get the email I think a lot of people want to sell a course using Facebook ads or they want to sell whatever kind of product see if you could give it away in exchange and maybe that’s in the case of I don’t know if you can actually do this anymore but maybe you do some kind of a raffle you say hey enter your email for a chance to win see if anyone bites you know it’s just an option to test out I’m not saying this is the perfect thing but test giving it away for free in exchange for an email so finally secret

20. The Sale doesn’t happen today – the sale does not happen today what do I mean by this don’t expect to get someone to your website and for them to purchase the first time they see your ad when’s the last time you saw an ad for something on facebook on Google whatever it is and bought it on the spot probably almost never so know that people are gonna go to your website they’re gonna poke around and they’re gonna leave retarget those people know that you might have to get the email and you might have to email them a few times before they purchase so don’t get all upset when when you’re you think your Facebook ads aren’t working because no one’s buying on the first time they go to your website it’s just not the case that’s just not how this works so with all this being said those are the Facebook ads and I’ll reread them in just a second I do want to mention I think at the time yeah of releasing this podcast my facebook ads course is for sale and it’s usually pretty reasonably priced anyways the good Effective Ecommerce com you click up at the top it’ll say buy courses you can check it out the time of recording this it’s very cheap I don’t even want to say how cheap it is because it’s only gonna be that price until this coming Friday which is let me see the date here which is January I think let’s see January 9th so I’m gonna raise the price after January 9th but it’s still gonna be reasonably priced probably after that it’s probably gonna double in price so if you’re interested in a complete beginners Facebook Ads course you can go to Effective Ecommerce com poke around you’ll find it it’s the Facebook Ads course there and it’s super helpful and it comes with a free -minute one-on-one consultation so not only are you getting the course but you’ll also get a free one-on-one session for me and right now the course is cheaper than it would be to hire me for minutes anyways so check that out so here’s all of the tips all of the secrets so number one highly targeted interest targeting number two remarketing number three upload an email list number four look like audiences number five lead ads number six video views number seven create social proof number eight dough drive traffic to a home page probably don’t even drive traffic to a product page or a sales page you should probably use a lead magnet number nine don’t you don’t need a massive budget you only need five dollars a day number ten headline and image are the most important number eleven targeting targeting targeting so actually targeting is the most important but of the ad copy the headlining image are the most important now we’re twelve retarget we target people that you’ve targeted before people that have interacted and I didn’t say this before you can actually retarget people that have watched a certain percentage of your video so if you put up a video you want to retarget anyone that’s gone past fifty percent of that video that means they’re pretty engaged number thirteen audience insights look at your audience insights upload email list and try to look at the audience insights for better targeting number fourteen when you run an ad look at the data and refine the targeting run better ads learn from your mistakes and learn from the money you’re spending number fifteen a be testing split test your landing page split test the ad copy sixteen create a killer headline and we had some tips earlier on how to do that create a great image and we get some tips on how to do that as well number create engagement create engagement within your posts try to get people to comment like and share with it number test giving away your product for free test raffles test giveaways try anything you can to get the email just to see if people even care about your product or what you’re doing and then finally number the secret is remembering that the sale does not happen right away it does not happen today so don’t forget check out the course that I have the beginners Facebook Ads course and if you’re advanced the course is not for you this is for people it’s specifically designed for beginners someone that’s not had any success with Facebook Ads and looking to create success or some of us never even ran a Facebook ad it takes you from pretty much zero to sixty on how to do Facebook Ads very very reasonably priced the last thing I want to say is last year the in the last year I was doing two podcast episodes a week I’m gonna cut that down I’m only gonna do one episode a week just on Mondays and the reason is I’ve got a lot going on with performance nut butter now be dance we’re still and all the other stuff I’m gonna do for Effective Ecommerce I don’t want to overwhelm myself so we’re gonna go every Monday there will be a new podcast episode out so thank you guys so much for listening if you haven’t yet go to iTunes leave a five star review and I’ll enter you in a chance to win a free one-on-one consulting session with me a new winner is picked every month I pick him out random so the earlier you enter the more likely you have that means the more months you have to win the free one-on-one consulting session so but iTunes for that but guys like I said the beginners Facebook Ads course is on sale until Friday this week of January and then the price will go back up to the regular price which is still fairly reasonable but check that out thank you guys all so much for listening this episode and I will talk to you again next week

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