How to Get Reviews for Your Products on Your Website and Amazon


A question I get all the time is How to Get Reviews for Your Product. There are several different ways that you can go about getting reviews for your product. One honest one – Well, there are a few different honest ones we will talk about. We will talk about some more sneaky ones to do at a later time. One of them is asking your friends and family -very normal and obvious. With Amazon there are rules about this.. You are not really supposed to do this but as long as Amazon does not know, you know, whatever, it is fine. Same thing with your website – You can ask friends and family to write reviews recommending your product. I recommend that if you are going to do this that you send the friends or family what you want them to copy and paste in there. There’s a once again the different ways to do that as well.

Another idea for getting reviews for your product is to give it away at a discount tell you this works really well on Amazon and on your website. You can say here is a coupon. Do you mind leaving a review. Or, you can have some kind of offer beforehand saying yeah, sure, I will give you a coupon 0r maybe five dollars off, if you leave reviews about my product. That is up to you to figure out how you want to do that.

Another way, and kind of a sneaky way to do it, is you can work with Amazon reviews, you can work with podcast reviews. That is actually how I found out about it with podcast reviews. Go down to a busy street corner, especially if you live in a big city somewhere really busy and hand out especially if (more…)

How to Edit and Upload a Podcast to Libsyn using Audacity

On this video, I am going to show you how to edit podcasts, how to download Audacity and how to make it so that you can export it to MP3s. A lot of people get hung up on exporting MP3s so I am going to show you the whole process. This is a new computer, so I do not even have Audacity so we are going to have to start from scratch which is perfect. Let’s just go ahead and type in Audacity and go to the Download and the Installer.


This should just take a second. Let’s go ahead and open that up. It is a little bit tricky actually importing the MP3s. I am going to show you the process. “Next, Next, Next, Desktop, Install.” Pretty straight forward. I am sure you know how to do this. Audacity is like the best free software you can use. Next, Launch Audacity. So, you should get this window here. I have multiple monitors so on my desktop. I have the file that I want to edit so I am just going to drag that in. Or, of course, you could just open up a Windows Finder and a Windows Explorer menu. Take it and drag it on in. This should only take a second. There we go. So, the next step is editing. I like to have it start recording before I actually want the podcast episode to start. And the same thing – a lot of the times I have to edit the actual – What you have to do is find the point where you where you want it to start. It is probably around here somewhere. I am going to take a moment to listen. I am going to listen in just a moment and figure it out. But, (more…)

AdWords Tutorial and Overview for Your Online Store

In this module we are going to talk about AdWords. AdWords is one of my favorite ways to get traffic to my website. It is what I have used with a lot of success for my website. We will talk about why in this lesson. This general module is all going to be about AdWords. I am really pumped about it. So, why use AdWords you might be asking yourself? The reason is “instant traffic.” There are very few if no other source of hidden traffic that provides instant traffic like AdWords or other forms of TPC do. You will want to use AdWords of you want instant traffic to your website. SEO by comparison takes a long time. If you use SEO it takes a long time for the momentum. Social media takes a long time for the momentum. Paid ads, AdWords – instantaneous.

The next reason is that you can get people who are ready to buy. The problem with some SEOs and a lot of social media traffic, especially social media, is that they are not ready to buy. They are just sort of browsing. You get the window shoppers. But with PPC, and specifically AdWords, you will get people who are ready to buy get them right from the point that they search something in Google to your website.

Another reason is you can figure out what works. There are so many reasons why you might want to use AdWords. One is that you can test it. You can see does this work? And what kind of messages do you want to give to your audience. What kind of messages work with your audience. What I mean by that is you can pick what is on the ads in AdWords. We will talk about what AdWords are in just (more…)

eCommerce Inspirations: 6 Ways Large eCommerce Sites Convert Millions of Customers

Few things are more frustrating for an online retailer than realizing that their traffic isn’t converting. How do larger eCommerce stores manage to get so many conversions?

Many marketers will tell you that the answer is simple; big stores have bigger marketing budgets. While that is certainly true, there are some conversion tactics that these large eCommerce stores use that you can adopt as well.

Ready for some eCommerce inspiration? Here are six key strategies that large eCommerce sites use to attract and convert millions of customers:

  1. They Build Customer Trust

If you want shoppers to buy from your online store, it’s essential that you build their trust. A customer isn’t going to make a purchase or willingly give away their information if they don’t think your store is trustworthy.

Large eCommerce sites know this, which is why most them won’t be seen without the following on their site:

Trust signals: Most online shoppers look for visual cues to tell them whether your site is trustworthy. If you look at any of your favorite big name brands, they will have trust signals all over their site to help reassure consumers.

Reputable payment options: PayPal is a reputable payment option, but you should give your customers more than one option. Stripe,, and Google Wallet are all options to consider.

Online reviews and testimonials: Statistics show that 88 percent of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Make sure that your reviews and testimonials are current so that they will inspire trust in your customers.

2. They Constantly Test Their Site

Big online retailers all have digital marketing tools that help them maximize their eCommerce site’s performance. In today’s competitive online space, you need to be taking advantage of data and testing tools if you want your eCommerce site to reach its full potential.

This doesn’t mean that you need (more…)

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Using Part 3

Okay. I have had a whole bunch of responses. Here are about 25 unread responses. That is not even including, obviously, the ones that I have already read. These are the responses to all the letters I have already written out – the messages I have sent.

That being said, what I am going to do is I am going into my Jobs Posted and I am going to change this up. So, initially I just posted this very basic thing. But, I am going to add a sentence at the bottom of the Job Description “To apply for the job: 1. Send me a message with a few sentences on why you would like this position. Then, 2. Change the subject line to ‘I want to work with you.’” That will eliminate some of the riff raff.
So, let’s go back to the messages. Let’s look at this. As you can see, a bunch of these people have no subject line. I think if they have no subject line, I am probably just going to delete it. They are probably not that good of a candidate. But I have been interviewing people. What I am probably going to do is go through here and see who I should send my Skype message to.
Another thing I thought about and I may implement in the future is instead of saying, “Hey, would one of these times work for you?” is sending them to a link to like a calendar so they could pick which time works best for them because right now, the scheduling has been kind of a pain in the butt. So, that is where I am at right now.
I just want to update you that I should probably change the posting and have some kind of qualifying factors. Make them answer (more…)

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Using Part 2

All right. So, we started getting some messages for our posting. I am going to look at them. I am going to show you basically what message I usually send and what you need to look for at when trying to hire someone. Just so you know, some of the messages got sent here and some of the messages went to my email. I do not know if this is a bug with or what. But the people I messaged in the earlier part of this video, they responded to my emails. Anyway, let’s look start with these here.

All of these of the top are new and have not yet been responded to as you can see by the date. So, let’s see what they have to say. Now, I am just going to look at a lot of their profiles.  This person – assistant, writing, data entry  – she would probably be okay. I do not know if she has video editing experience. No, she does not really have any video editing experience. I will still interview her. At this point, I am all about let’s just interview via Skype as many people as possible. So, let’s go to the Reply Message. So, I have this one copy and pasted. It just says, “Hi. I want to interview you tomorrow. Could you do an interview tomorrow sometime between 9 am and 9 pm Pacific time ( PST) via Skype? If so, please let me know what time and send me your Skype ID. My ID is Travis.Marziani.” I just find this the easiest way but I may change it in the future. But that way it gives them an option and also it kind of tests their knowledge of how to figure out what time zone they – what (more…)

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Using Part 1

In this video, I am going to show you how to get a virtual assistant from About two years ago, I hired a virtual assistant (VA) from but she recently had to quit. She said it had to do with some internet trouble. I am not exactly sure exactly what happened but I know I had to find a second VA. So, two years with the same employee is pretty good. I am pretty happy with it and I used back then so I am going to go back to them and try to use it again. I am going to document this entire process so you guys can see exactly what I am doing to get a VA from start to finish. In addition to that, I have a link down below in the Show More and there should be a link up here in the corner to That is my affiliate link and I make a small bit of commission. If you use it, I will help you – I will give you a quick one on one session helping you find your own virtual assistant. But, I am going to document the entire process so this should be pretty easy. ­­­

So, let’s get started. As you can see, I did have an account about two years ago. If you do not have an account, you will have to sign up for one now. You can sign up for free, but ultimately you will want to pay the $50 per month for an ongoing account. You will only need it for one month. The cool thing about it is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or you will get your money back. So, originally when I signed up for this, I was planning on saying I was not (more…)

Launching a Kickstarter/Online Store in 30 Days – Day 5

This is Day 5 of my 30 Day Challenge to start a successful business. I am going to be using Kickstarter, I am going to put it on Shopify store. I am going to do all of that fun stuff. So, if you have not already watched days 1 through 4, check those out, too. In Day 4, I talked about my marketing idea I have for the Kickstarter of reaching out to Influencers in the health, nutrition, fitness space. So far, I have only been reaching out to people that have podcasts and as of this update, I have actually interviewed a few people which has been great. I have interviewed, I believe, so far three people and I am a little bit nervous about announcing this, but I am extremely excited because the ideal person I could interview on my show just confirmed. He has not come on yet. That will be early to mid-January. Dom D’Agostino who is has been on the Tim Ferriss podcast agreed to come on.

So let me tell you the story about how I got Dom D’Agostino to agree to com on my podcast. He has been on the Tim Ferriss. He has been on a lot of very big podcasts. So for him to come on my podcast is a huge honor. So I am going to be spending hours and hours making sure I have great questions to ask him and making sure we have a good back and forth. My hope is that when I tell him the idea of my product, he likes it. And, obviously, if he likes it, in an ideal world, I could get him, or someone like him, an authority figure to do – it does not have to be a testimonial on the product, but (more…)

Launching a Kickstarter/Online Store in 30 Days – Day 4

This is Day 4 of my 30 Day Challenge to start a new company, start a Kickstarter, start a Shopify store. It is a whole new business that I am starting and I am really excited about it. If you have not already viewed the videos on the first three days, I highly recommend doing that. I am a little behind in filming the videos. I have been very busy. Let me give you some updates on what I have been doing. I have got some good news. A lot of really exciting things are going on.

So, the first thing I want to talk about is the marketing strategy I have. Now, a lot of people, I think, when launching a Kickstarter they reach out to Influencers and they say, “Hey, will you support my product? Will you send a Tweet out about it? Will you do this and do that and this other thing for me?” Now, I am flipping this around. Instead, I am asking people if I can help promote then. And the way I am doing this is kind of interesting. I have a personal podcast on How to do Your 20’s. It is a purely fun thing that I currently do on the side. I do not really make any money from it. I just enjoy good conversations. So, what I have been doing is reaching out to Influencers specifically in the health, fitness, nutrition space and asking them, “Hey, do you want to come on my Podcast.” Now, what this does is we end up having an hour long conversation and hopefully if everything goes well, I will develop a decent relationship with this person. Then, at the end of the episode I just mention to them this idea I have. Then, I judge from (more…)

Launching a Kickstarter/Online Store in 30 Days – Day 3

This is Day 3 of my 30 Day Challenge.  I have a bunch of new updates. Obviously, we are only on day three so I do not know how far along I should be, but I am pretty happy. I am pretty happy with what is going on.

So, the first little tidbit – I whipped up two new batches right here. This is the first one. I changed up the formula. It is a little bit creamier in texture. It is a little bit hard to see with all of the lighting. This second one – you can see the little speckles in there – I tried playing around with chia seeds. The problem is my food processor could not grind them because the chia seeds are too small. ­I wonder if I put them in first if I would be able to do it. I might try out chia powder instead. That is a whole new conversation.

So, what else did I do. I had lunch with a friend that happens to own – it is a company called Barnana which does very well. There are in a lot of Whole Foods stores. It is in a space that is kind of similar to what I am in, a food space. Not only does he own this company but he is someone who is in my target demographic. This is huge. I think a lot of people think a lot of people who own companies do not meet with people who are in their target demographic. He is the type of person who would buy my product. He is very healthy, into the ketogenic diet, into hiking and camping and hunting and doing all of this stuff where my product would work perfectly for him. We had a great conversation and (more…)