Redesigning PNB Page and Production Sneak Peak | PNB Vlog 9

Hey, everyone, I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s been going on my new company Performance Nut Butter. Not surprising there’s still more issues but I’m going to talk about all the production stuff all the other issues later in this video because that’s all the stuff that it’s going to be all the stuff that the Kickstarter people want to know about so I’ll do the Kickstarter update after I talk about some of the logistical things that I’ve been doing that I know all your business minded people want to know about so this last week to be honest has kind of been a lazy one I’m going to go off on a little bit of a tangent but the main thing I got done was the home page I redesigned my home page and I’ll show a clip of what I did for my home page but before it was pretty crappy I think I’ve shown it before in previous videos it’s pretty crappy but I basically made it into a sales page including at the end I had where you could buy it right from the home page and if you go to well it’s probably not Performance Nut Butter calm yet but in the next week if you go to perform its nut butter calm you’ll get to see exactly what it looks like right now it’s still on my Shopify you know whatever performance – nut butter -whatever add at Shopify calm anyway so I did that I did the same thing with the product page I added some different little sections I worked on the SEO for it I did the pricing so I figured out how to do pricing and it’s not as straightforward is that what I thought you could get an app there is an app that does have like tiered pricing and discounts but instead I set it as an option I said it because if you want to do the typical drop-down where you select the quantity it’s like $ a month for some app you don’t need to do it that way just do it as a separate SKU so I have a  pack a  pack a  pack and the  pack has a 33% discount and then all the way to a pack and the  pack has a % discount and then the  pack has a  percent discount and you know you can see once again next week hopefully if everything goes well go to Performance Nut Butter, you’ll be able to see it so let’s see what else but also I’ve been up to I’m going to look at my notes really quick here I set up the Facebook pixel on Shopify super easy to do actually that’s what I did today one of the things I did is I set up the Facebook pixel and it only took me two minutes but I spent probably two hours trying to figure out how to record improperly on my computer so that’s actually an interesting tangent we can go into in just a second but the other thing I did was I set up Google Analytics and I’m going to be I’m going to be updating I’ve been using the e-commerce checklist right here and if you want to get that and get it for free by clicking up in this corner it’s in the e-commerce success pack you got the e-commerce checklist I’ve been going through it actually myself and checking things off and I’m going to be making some improvements to it because I’m seeing things that are missing now that I’m starting up a new business I’m seeing some little things in ways that it could be improved and I’m going to be adding links to videos explaining all these different things as I go along and as I do. It so that’s big news I want to talk about two different random tangents one of them is the first thing I just talked about which was you know I spent two hours trying to figure out how to film a two-minute video and I’ve done these videos before but there’s some syncing issues you’ll see my webcam sometimes doesn’t sing properly with the audio so whatever I did a bunch of different stuff and I finally ended up finding somewhat of a solution but it’s not as good as I would like and I don’t want to pay the $ for this certain software that I could use probably so I chipped out and I just found a free way to do it I’m using I think it’s like FF Live or a split FF split or something like that I’m forgetting on the blanking on the name right now but anyways I’m going to be using that software so point of this moral the story point of all of this is one sometimes it’s worth spending the money I’m not I don’t wish I would have spent the money because it’s actually really expensive but too sometimes it’s worth knowing when to throw in the towel and realistically I could have filmed this using my old crappy software and it would have probably made more sense because if I filmed it using my old crappy software it really would only take me two minutes sure the video would have been out of sync but nobody even really cares my most popular one of my most popular videos my the video the webcam is out of sync so it’s one of those things where you waste a lot of time on that so that’s number one number two something a lot of people don’t talk about specifically YouTubers and I want to be a little bit more honest than the average YouTuber on this site is Monday and Tuesday I was just kind of tired and I was burnt out which is surprising because I spent the weekend I took the weekend off and instead of and I always have this debate whether I push through it and I just really work really hard and even when I don’t feel like it or if I listen to myself listen to my body and say all right it’s time to take a little bit of a break so I did a little bit I took a little bit more of a break this week than I normally would and it’s just I was tired I was I didn’t feel like I had that energy and I’m fairly confident once I get the Performance Nut Butter package which I still haven’t gotten yeah it’s going to start sparking some more creativity it’s going to start sparking some more energy but right now I’m just kind of like not that excited about Performance Nut Butter really and the reason is because it’s been just so many hassles which I will talk about in the Kickstarter video that I’ll put in just a second so I just want to want to just throw that out there and be honest and remember you know sometimes it’s worth knowing when you need a week to try to recover some energy and it’s not easy to do it’s much easier to see it in other people than it is in yourself so I’m starting to do a better job of knowing when I need to just take a break but I’m still not perfect at it so I’m going to in this part of the video definitely subscribe if you want more of these updates and you want some free videos I have on how to start online stores but now let’s do the Kickstarter update I do and I’ll talk about some of the issues I’ve been having it’s all cut to that right now hey everybody so I have a few updates really quickly and the big thing I want to say is I still have not received the nut butter the good news is I know the production is finished in fact I have a little clip I will put right here it’s a low quality video of production being done so here’s some assembly of production nut butter or the pouches being produced[Applause][Applause][Music][Applause]but I still haven’t received them yet I feel like every time something can go wrong it has been going wrong hopefully it won’t continue I’m supposed to be receiving them supposed to be receiving them tomorrow but I didn’t get confirmation that the pouches were even picked up yet so today’s Thursday that I’m recording it tomorrow’s Friday I’m supposed to get it Friday my birthday is actually Saturday so I’m hoping I don’t get it on Saturday because I don’t really want to spend my birthday you know having to collect it’s going to be three pallets that are being delivered to it’s actually me delivered to my parents’ house because I don’t have a lot of space here for that so I have to go up to my parents’ house and deal with that and take the pouches put them in the boxes all that stuff and I’m hoping I don’t have to do that on my birthday hopefully it does get there on Friday but either way I’m hoping in the next week I can start sending out the boxes to everybody so the good news is like I said production is done but I feel like every time something could go wrong it has gone wrong including the production itself I sent in about approximately , pounds and nuts I might get the number a little wrong well it’s a , pounds of nuts and I only received I’m only going to be receiving approximately  pounds of nut butter now part of that is each pouch has more than I said it would it’s supposed to have about an ounce it’s actually going to have . ounce and it’s the reason for this is we’d rather overfill it then under fill it same thing I produced it a limited a very small number of jars and the jars were supposed to have eight ounce they said it’ll have a point too but they’re still lost and some of the numbers don’t perfectly add up for me likes it’s about it’s supposed to be almost close to a third a third a third of all the macadamia the coconut in the cashew but a lot of the macadamia and cashew nuts went missing so I lost a few thousand dollars in the production that’s just how business goes like I’m not I’m not trying to complain but I’m just saying trust me this whole process has been very frustrating but it’s going to get better it’s going to get better because I saw the pouches you just saw the clip I saw the pouches I’m very excited once I receive the product I know what mistakes not to make next time I know what things to avoid I now know that every time someone says that oh it’s going to get shipped out on Monday that really means it’s not going to get shipped out until next week when someone says oh it’s only going to take three days of delivery that means it’s going to take a week so I’m learning lessons I can’t thank you enough once again for your support on this project it means the world to me and very soon you should be having your nut butter and the website will be open for sales and from pretty soon when people buy Performance Nut Butter they’ll be able to get it a lot sooner than you have but I thank you for your early commitment to this this company and I’m going to do everything I can to make it up to you for this long delay but trust me it frustrates me a thousand times more than it frustrates you and I want to thank you again for all your support have a great day and soon very soon you’ll be getting the nut butter thank you again.